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Rhythm Heaven Fever (Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise) (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Audio/Video: good. it is Wii capture with standard cables but this is a simple game so it looks good. there's a bit of shaking but i expect that to be fixed in the final encode.

Gameplay: pretty good. most levels were error-free but there were a few missed beats. given how this game progresses, there's no time loss from missing beats.
one thing i did notice is that getting OK at the minigames looks to be faster than getting the medal since you can pick the next game right away (notice the transition after the Chair Spinning minigame to the next). this would cut several seconds if all the levels were OK rating. this reminds me of GP runs in F-Zero Maximum Velocity where getting 2nd place on purpose is faster than winning when using RTA and, since this game doesn't have a timer, missing the final beats to get OK would be faster.
it is a pretty weird situation since the run was almost fully perfect save for those 2 minigames that didn't get a medal. i'd say go for perfect in all levels or use the OK rating strat to save time. i calculated about 1-2 seconds saved in the OK rating transition compared to a medal transition.
i don't know how the other verifiers feel but i think another attempt would be good. i'll stay neutral just in case the others like it and are ok with having this run up for now until the runner makes a new one.

I'm not sure whether this should be accepted at all, just because of the kind of game this is. If the game is eligible, it's actually pretty poor as a speedrun. For time lost: each superb ranking costs ~3 seconds (and the runner gets more superbs than not), plus the time spent on perfect offers (which you wouldn't get if you didn't get any superbs). For a game with so little variance in how much time things take, that's pretty huge.

AV- I don't know if it's just me, but at many points the capture shook violently up and down, and it was quite painful to look at. No cheating though.

Honestly after watching this it feels silly to call it a speedrun. Every level is for a set amount of time, so apart from menu navigation there's no reason anyone in this group of verifiers couldn't get a near identical time.

It kinda boggles my mind it made it INTO verification. To quote the FAQ of this site:

"What types of games do you accept runs on?
Not every game is fit for speedrunning.(...)[W]e will accept any game where the speed of a speedrun is faster than that of experienced, normal play. This means that games such as fixed autoscrollers or rhythm games are generally not acceptable."

I think one other major thing I have is that on some levels the runner got the lowest possible passing mark (fork lift, board meeting) which I think is ridiculous given that doing so saves no time and just looks sloppy.

So I'm going to refuse this run.

Decision: Reject

Reason: This is a rhythm game, and playing it well (as is done here) is actually SLOWER.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Vanilla H is mai waifu
This is a rhythm game, and playing it well (as is done here) is actually SLOWER.

playing it well can be a category.
Arbitrary forum emu
Not really for this site, I'd say.

This game has too many fixed length stages, and it's too easy to medal every stage on the first try if you've had any experience with the game. So regardless of whether you get straight OK or SUPERB, it's not going to be entertaining as a speedrun.

As much as I love this game, I really have to agree with the verifiers: it doesn't fit in with the context of this site.