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Resident Evil 5 (Any %) (Single Segment) (Amateur) [RE5: Escape DLC, Resident Evil: Jill]
Resident Evil 5 (Any %) (Single Segment) (Amateur) [Resident Evil: Chris, RE5: Nightmares DLC]

Verifier Responses

I can't make any sense of the comments since it's Japanese. I've looked at the LiN video and what the runner has done is include everything. This means successful segments and unsuccessful attempts are included. You'd have to run it by nate or bos if editing out the failed segments from the HD video is adequate because if not the runner will need to reedit the source files. The run should also be renamed to being segmented as explained above.

I don't know if it is much of an issue but the Piano grenade skip is not used: (1 minute into the video)

However it really saves no time in single player so I don't hold it against the runner especially as he tries for a hand grenade in the first pot. This is an accept for LiN if the video segments can be edited. I don't know much about DE.

OK Flip, let me explain something.

Most RE5 leaderboard attackers use the reset function to rewind the timer back to a checkpoint and keep retrying. This is not a 'single segment' in the strictest fashion, but a 'segmented IL'. This is an oddity as far as SDA categories are concerned, because the restarts are not tactical. It's your call whether you want to allow this type of run on the site for the rest of the RE5 ILs, but I would suggest doing so. However, I think we need to clarify that if ppl are going to send it into SDA, they need to at least specify which sections of video are successful attempts.

MEANWHILE... To anyone else verifying, I would suggest watching the run in reverse and skip backward between checkpoints if you want to bother watching all of it. Through this reset-based IL type, there is only one successful attempt. He can't just grind it out and run the same segment three times (and pick his best attempt), because once that checkpoint hits, it's set in stone and he's forced to move on. He already knows his route, and he can keep resetting until he gets to said checkpoint, so that's really all this run is about.

Either way...

EDIT THE DAMN VIDEOS. I don't even have to watch the video to know to accept the 'play quality', because it's a 3 hour blob of attempts, all of which are heavy RNG attacking a la segmentation. He grinded out the best possible outcome and resets until every angle of every corner is correct.

This is Nap-Pe, he's probably the best runner who still plays. While you would be crazy not to accept this (provided it gets edited down first) I really do not want to verify a run like this again.

I accept the play quality, but not the video. Somebody fix it, or hand me the original file so I can re-encode it myself.

I have checked the runs now.
As the others explained allready, this has nothing to do with SS. He is playing in one session of course (he has no other choice cause the game cant be saved) but since he retries every checkpoint over and over again, its not a single segment run. Sadly the runner didnt do any editing and we have to check the whole footage including hours of mistakes. Sure we can skip that and search for the successfull attempts but next time please let him edit the video. I assume he just wanted to make sure that we can verify theres no cheating or editing of different videos involved.
Video Quality: Awfull. I hope its because of the high compression. If the original files look better and the encoding will be done properly theres no problem, but you cant leave it like that.
The runs (the successfull parts) are pretty much maxed out. He restarts till he hits everything right and till the AI does exactly what he want. Nothing to complain.
He also used the pause trick at dialoges which manipulates the ingame timer. Its not nice to watch and the video takes longer, but it positively effects the result ingame timer. If that trick is allowed (and i think it is), the runs look solid.
Theres no cheating involved and the result is pushed to the limit.
At Lost in Nightmare he obviously decided to play the game under real start conditions. There is a weapon glitch that allows him to start with more grenades and guns. That saves some time. It explains why he doesnt use the grenade through wall glitch in piano room. Restart the game for 1 hour to finally find a grenade and then try to hit that glitch with that one grenade ? I wouldnt try that either. With weapon glitch its no problem but without like he plays, no way.
Anyways, his running skills are excellent, he uses the AI very well and he uses all the other tricks.
So again, if pause trick is allowed and if the video will be edited and encoded properly this is definately an ACCEPT for both runs.
Best regards

I watched LiN and I have to say the finished stuff is crazy, but the stuff inbetween is a lot of "failed"

but this game has a game timer that is accurate and there are different enough strats between Game time and real time, i can see there being a point to it...
but only for DLC. The main game 'chapters' are basically saveable while the DLC is 1 shot 1 go.

Quote from Verifier 3:
There was a big discussion about how to handle a run of this game. Decision from Mike was that the restart abusing is accepted as IL run.
I am also sure that the pause trick is allowed. It was used in another game too and got accepted.
Far as I know there is nothing in the run going on thats not verified allready.
Only thing that needs a decision is the quality of the video. Please check the original material to do that. Well and it needs to be edited.
Everything else is a clearly accepted run in my opinion.

Decision: Accept, pending re-encoding.

Congratulations to NaP-Pe!
Thread title:  
just tell me the trim points and i can extract the segments.
Okay, I will list the parts you must trim. Everything else can be cut out.
RE5 - Desperate Escape:
0:00:00 - 0:00:13
0:09:00 - 0:09:28
0:12:18 - 0:12:56
0:19:24 - 0:20:03
0:20:18 - 0:20:21
1:58:20 - 1:59:55
2:12:56 - 2:13:39
2:23:43 - 2:24:38
2:24:48 - 2:24:54
2:51:06 - 2:59:55

I dont have time to go on with Lost in Nightmares, so if someone else could do that it would be nice. Otherwise I will try to find the time for that tomorrow.
I actually forgot to say Mat, there is an easier way to do the piano and locked door skip but it doesn't really matter now.

Here is the LiN segments.

0:34:08 - 0:36:18
0:56:04 - 0:59:12
01:01:33 - 01:02:19
01:19:26 - 01:20:01
01:22:21 - 01:23:29
01:43:52 - 01:44:55
01:45:07 - 01:45:25
02:50:48 - 02:51:32