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UraniumAnchor: 2014-08-08 10:57:51 pm
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Resident Evil 4 (Any %) (Segmented) (pal) (xb360) [New Game+]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Robert 'Sunblade' Brandl!
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UraniumAnchor: 2014-08-08 10:59:05 pm
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Resident Evil 4 (Any %) (Segmented) (pal) (xb360) [New Game+]

Verification Files

Please refer to the Verification Guidelines before posting. Verifications are due ASAP.

Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). This is not a contest where the majority wins - I will judge each verification on its content. Please keep your verification brief unless you have a good reason otherwise.

After 2 weeks I will read all of the verifications and move this thread to the main verification board and post my verdict.
Not a walrus
This run was stuck in private verification for a very long time with only one response. Please prioritize this one so I can approve it quickly.
I notice some video issues (for me at least) I'll list them here:

1-2: at the beginning there's some issues with some visual tearing (I believe is the proper terminology) in the first few seconds. Could probably be solved by chopping that section out.
3-3/3-4: same issue as above
4-1: same thing (also xbox live notification here, just to note to sign off when recording to prevent those popups, not a big deal though)
4-3: again
4-4: a few frames at the beginning the playback seems to be experiencing issues
5-4/6-1: same as 4-4

Other than that final IGT displays 1:26:23 which is the standard RE timing method.

No cheating

Run is solid and well done. So long as video issues are remedied (which should be easy) I have no other verdict than accept.
(other note; this run is also on YT under sunblade)
I think I was that 1 response, but I will say approved again if need be  thumbsup
yeah, it looks good.  I approve it.
Approved! looks really good quality nothing bad for me
Aproved! I had already watched this one long time ago, strange still wasnt accepted here.
Decision posted.
Not a walrus
Apologies to Sunblade for this taking so long! I should have kicked it out to public verification sooner after having issues with the private verifiers (not all of them the verifiers' fault, either).
Only Offense Will Survive
No problem. Thanks for the help everyone. See you at AGDQ, UA. Smiley
Wake up and be awesome
Oh God, I'm so sorry Sunblade. I was one of the verifiers for this run, and for some reason never got around to it. So sorry for essentialy not giving a damn about my duties Undecided

Hopefully no hard feelings
Only Offense Will Survive
Of course not. Dont sweat it. I was just irritated that this process took so Long since this is my third submission ever. Thank you guys for the support! Its nice to see that some great times are heading to SDA. Shoutouts to Auddy07 and Blaze8876!
Not a walrus
When I see 5 people sign up and I can only get one response after however many months of prodding I get pretty irritated too. Wink
Only Offense Will Survive
Just a heads up for the staff that you may delete my 1:34:26 (New Game+, Wii) once the new record is up. My latest run makes that time obsolete. That should come in handy for you aswell.