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Resident Evil 2 (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscus) (gcn) [Character: Claire, Scenario A]

Verifier Responses

Quote from Carcinogen:
Basketball Court - Never seen it done quite like that. I like it! That is actually a great way to compensate for the pattern where the zombies rattle the cage. I knew the zombies bust out after they stop rattling the cage, but I didn't realize the invisible line would trigger it no matter what as long as you weren't in the same frame as they were before they bust out. Learn something new every day.

Bus zombies - Sucks you had to shoot the female zombie on the ground 4 times. Usually winds up being 3 or less, but sometimes the RNG likes to jenk you that way. Probably threw you off a bit too since you put an unnecessary bullet into the zombie afterward.

Immediately afterward, however, you deviated a little too far when weaving through the zombies before the police courtyard. Leading up to the police station wasn't too bad, but I would like to say you should rework your dodging pattern to where you hug the south side of the room, between the first two zombies, then cut right as soon as you enter the frame. I always avoid the last two police officer zombies because of the way I'm lined up. Watch my PSP Leon A run and you'll get it.

Overall, minus a couple of seconds or so up to the police station. Could be better, but given the consistency of the first sections it's not unacceptable. Just some food for thought if you want to come back to it later.

After your first encounter with Marvin, it's still debatable whether either direction actually saves time when I consider how much turning is actually involved vs. how quickly you start running, but I think turning right is correct. I'll review the TAS later.

Let's skip around now, since we're at the section of the run where things are pretty streamlined. Interesting that you decided to wait until later to pick up the Crank. The only difference between picking up the crank now/later is obviously where the crank will be in your inventory when you go to use it, so there is literally no difference in framecount. If anything, you actually save real-life time because you can negotiate Misty #1 earlier. I should do that. lol.

A down + right with the D-Pad will immediately put you into Slot 6 in case you didn't know. You did waste time on the Chief Irons event trigger. If you examine the Mayor's Daughter on the desk, it's maybe half a second faster. It is also faster to backpedal Left-Down after you turn the light switch on.

On the way out of the basement was pretty clinch. I thought you were going to get bit in the East Office for a second. The Zombie toward the Gold Cog was pretty s;alhdsa;lh as well. Not gonna lie though, you fell apart a little bit in the Gold Cog room itself. That Licker can be dodged and you could've run back to the furnace, two seconds lost, but that's OK given that you've taken no damage so far. Good job not getting bit by any zombies btw.

OK, you missed one shot on G-Embryo. If you just stay in place, hammer A then let go of R and start jiggling the stick as soon as you shoot shot #5, all the shots will hit and you'll shake them off. If you hesitate, then one of those niggly-tiggly shitty little tag-nuts will jump in the way of your grenade. Compensating with the Flame Rounds later kiiiiiinda sucks. But hey, what choice do you have?

At the lab, item box? You didn't need to visit it, really. You weren't moving correctly through central hub either. Your grenade pickups were also very excessive.

WAITAMINUTE. You didn't use the club key. I can't believe I missed that detail. That's why you needed to free up so many slots. If you nixed the green herb and used the club key completely, you wouldn't have needed to use the chest there. You were really slow in putting those items away too, you could've mashed R if you were going to use the chest. I do not think it's faster to use the chest again though, by any stretch of the imagination.

This run could've gone a lot better, honestly. It wasn't bad, you didn't fall apart in the damage department, but you did a little bit in other places. It's almost certainly slower to put away those 3 items in the box there, too, because the animation and loading times would time slower than using the Club Key on the barracks door.

-I liked the basketball court dodge. It taught me something about that particular event flag that I didn't know before.
-EXCELLENT fucking police station. The rest of the run leading up to the laboratory was really good too.

-One or two less grenade pickups.
-Use the club key instead of using the chest later.

It's funny though, I spent all this time verifying your video without checking the wiki first

Upon checking the wiki, you got 1:09:40. I think you should submit a better one if you have it, since I know you can produce a cleaner video. If you don't have one, make it happen, d00der!

For now, this is a reject. Not a bad reject, but a "yo dogg, this was kind-of a premature submission" reject. I'm not going to lie though, I enjoyed watching the video because you did a few things differently which I liked.


Audio and video are okay. I didn't see any cheating. The run was good; I didn't see any major mistakes only small ones that really didn't make much of a difference.


My review of the run.  Its a solid run, the video and audio quality is decent.  The routing used is excellent, I think.  Runner makes good use of necessary hesitation to avoid monsters.  Monster avoidance altogether was pretty good. 

The Police Station was excellent, only a couple very small mistakes in that area taking away a handful of seconds.  Example, trying to use the valve handle instead of the lighter on the painting cost a tiny bit of time.  Another small mistake not being in the right place to use the crank and needing to adjust slightly to the left cost another 3 seconds.  The segment controlling Sherry was done very well, getting hit by the dog didn't cost any time.  Another couple seconds were lost moving Clair over the club key though.  Still, a great run through the Police Station.

The run to Umbrella was also excellent, I didn't notice any mistakes.

I think the run slightly comes apart at Umbrella however.  Slow use of the Item chest in the first room which confuses me a bit as the runner did an excellent item dump at the Police Station chest.  Fuse room, the FA spray could possibly be left behind to save a second, especially considering the skill the runner uses to avoid damage to this point.  At 46:10 on the video timer the runner gets pretty unlucky against the 3 lickers, maybe try hitting all 3 them with a grenade and sprinting past while they are stunned, though I know they flip back over pretty fast, it may save 5 seconds compared to getting hit 3 times.  I'm not sure what to think about the weapon key/locker.  I wonder if only one box was needed, or none of them in fact.  Personally I dont pick up the weapon locker key at all and hope for the best but its not reliable.  Cutting that whole key thing out can save 20 to 25 seconds though.  There was a small hesitation going for the MO disk, not major though.  The last major mistake was the attempt to use the MO disk.  Runner didnt turn left enough and after a few seconds of fiddling with the inventory, had to exit inv and reposition to retry.  Finally, decent fight against William at the end.  Wasn't perfect but was at least quick.

So in short summary.  The routing was excellent, damage avoidance was mostly excellent.  A great run.  However, I think there were too many small hang-ups on corners and occasional bad positioning to use certain items.  Also a couple small mistakes made with the inventory and possibly a couple too many item pick ups.

I'm going to reject this run.(sadly)  But to the runner, do try again.  You have it all down, its a great run, just need to clean up some spots.  I think using this exact route the run could be up to 2 minutes faster, certainly an easy minute at least. 

Decision: Reject

Reason: This run needs just a little more work to be acceptable.

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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