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you are allowed to edit it.

regarding borders, the only real hard criterion is that if the border is not game-specific, it should be cropped off, because it adds nothing and frustrates people who want to fullscreen the video. anri or yua makes it very easy to do this. the reason game-specific borders (such as mmv's) are allowed to stay is that they are "part of the game." an argument can be made that cropping a border like that would be like cropping part of a console or pc game's hud - totally unacceptable. i know it's not a perfect analogy and that's why game-specific borders are not required - just you're allowed to leave them in if you want (which a lot of people do).
I added a short "required settings" section.

On a side note: My edits do not have any comment, because "cancelling" the preview results in publishing (tested using recent Firefox/win32). On the otherhand pressing publish does nothing...
cute. thanks though.
I've been a fan of this website for a long time. I have one published TAS and now I want to do a published speedrun for Sega Genesis. I've been practicing on an emulator and decided I could do it. I went and bought the game, the console, and I borrowed a friend's DVD recorder.

I'm just now reading all this setup to record the damn thing and I think I've wasted my time and money because it's so damn complicated.

I'd appreciate if anyone could help. I have a Samsung plasma display TV (model # pn43d430a3d), a Magnavox DVD recorder (# MSR90D6), and of course the Sega Genesis. Tell me how to set this bad boy up. PLEASE!
That was me by the way ^^

I went ahead and made an account and a thread about the issue.
You may have trouble playing on the plasma TV, but:

Get 3 Y cables or a powered splitter.  Use them to run the output of the Genesis into the DVD recorder and into the TV separately.
Quote from presjpolk:
You may have trouble playing on the plasma TV, but:

Get 3 Y cables or a powered splitter.  Use them to run the output of the Genesis into the DVD recorder and into the TV separately.

I got it figured out, but thank you for your response.
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djcj: 2013-10-20 11:13:02 pm
It might still be a niche but there actually is software available to record PC games on Linux. But I don't know where I should mention it? Should I start a topic or just edit the KB? Or is there not enough interrest in this anyway?

For OpenGL games:
glc - guide 1, guide 2

Desktop recording (i.e. for flash games):
Kazam, Istanbul, Cankiri, FFmpeg, recordMyDesktop, RecordItNow, XVidCap, VLC Media Player

AviDemux, others...

I don't know if this is still relevant but I updated the FRAPS section since no one had touched that thing for almost 4 years. It should now be up-to-date as of FRAPS version 3.5.99.
Speaking of the FRAPS article. It would be awesome if someone with Windows 8 could mess around with FRAPS on that OS and fill out the gaps in the article as necessary as I don't have Windows 8 myself.
I do tend to avoid Fraps generally since it uses only one core for encoding, which is a huge bottleneck since it means that no matter how good hardware you have, it will just fail to record some stuff properly at 1080p60. Maybe it should be mentioned? Dunno about DWM, but it should work on 8 and 8.1, too. I didn't see the fps counter with a quick test, though (Windows 8).

Also, for those who have relatively recent hardware and an nVidia card, there is nVidia Shadowplay. This is awesome because it produces good quality and the encoding is done by the hardware (by a chip, no less), so you can dedicate all your hardware resources to, you know, actually playing the game. I've had no problems whatsoever capturing 1080p60. This is just in case someone is curious and/or wants to write something about it. I'm too lazy to do it myself. Drawback: only works with fullscreen games. No windowed.
We will have to do some research on exactly when FRAPS starts to become a bottleneck. I recently got back to encoding some footage from a Serious Sam run and that series is quite extreme in terms of capturing and encoding videos. On occasion you have almost 100 enemies on screen at the same time, happy colours everywhere and extreme texture detail (that puts the vast majority of modern games to shame), a real nightmare for video makers. Even under these circumstances FRAPS is still not a bottleneck when recording 1280x960 at 60 fps and these recordings use bitrates of ~70 MiB/s.
For Linux gamers there is now SimpleScreenRecorder available. It's easy to handle, feature-rich and runs reliably. It supports OpenGL capturing too. I was able to record some videos with it.
DS Dictator

DS capture article has been updated regarding the recent announcement of Wii U VC re-releases.
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DS Dictator

Game Gear article has been updated with a GGTV modding service found in the UK. Dave the modder might be able to do Worldwide shipping.
An optional extra includes Cap Kit Replacement which fixes GG's infamous flaws.
The electrochemical capacitors of the Game Gear, which age badly and are often responsible of these problems : very weak or absent sound, bad contrast (you need to bend the console to see the image), the console works a few seconds then turns off…

The chip used is very likely based on etim's which means it may have a switch which supports Master System video output to the big screen while disabling the display on the GG.