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Hi. I'm Ready Steady Yeti. I have always loved speedruns and TASes, and there's this game I've been obsessed with since age 7 (I'm 16, almost 17 now). The game is called Donkey Kong Country 3 for the GBA. I've discovered most tricks and glitches in the game myself, and have made many, many test TASes of the game and have also been doing "dry speedruns" as I call them (speedruns that were not recorded and were done for fun, without ever necessarily intending to ever record them at the time).

Anyway, so now I want to record a 103% speedrun of the game. Technically, the WR right now is 3 hours and 21 minutes by Avanor, but when I timed myself doing a "dry speedrun" the other day I got 3 hours and 5 minutes because of the extra glitches and such that were used. I really want to record it so I can prove my skills and stuff to people.

But there's just one issue. I have looked everywhere online and cannot find a direct GBA capture device. I've tried just using an emulator to non-TAS speedrun it (don't know if that's even allowed here anyway), but I was messing up on a lot of stuff there that I'd NEVER mess up on on the console. I have two GBA SPs, and three copies of the US version of the game, which is the fastest version anyway. I also tried recording it with a webcam (since I don't have any kind of real camera, except on my phone which definitely wouldn't work), but you could barely if at all see what was going on in the game and the sound was out of sync by a hair.

Anyway, so is there even ANYTHING that any one hacker has done to be able to just record straight off of the console? This would be incredibly useful for me because I've always done "dry speedruns" on the console, and clearly doing it anywhere else isn't working for me. Can anyone please help me?
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Short answer: Get a Gamecube with a Game Boy Player. You can use the GBA SP as a controller with a connecting cable to the console.

Your other way more expensive option is to get a original DS modded to have a capture card installed and play it off of that.
Thank you very much. I've seen this, but my question is, are you still able to see what is going on on the original GBA screen as well as on the television screen, or only on the TV screen?
It's off of the TV screen only with the Game Boy Player.
What does that really mean? I don't really understand
When you play a game on the Game Boy Player, you are playing the GBA game off of your Television. You cannot play the game off of your GBA. You can use your GBA as a controller to control the GBA game instead of a Gamecube controller if you so wish.
The Game Boy Player is an add-on to the Game Cube.

It's basically the successor to the Super Game Boy.
I believe you could alternatively get direct GBA capture but I don't think it works for SP, just original GBA. Not really sure on the details of that though.

You could also use ds capture which is a mod for the DS phat that allows for capture.