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Use \ before commas in usernames
My feelings on The Demon Rush
When Making a topic, specify whether you're buying, selling or trading. It is very annoying to force people to click on your topic to figure out whether you are buying or selling. You can use the acronyms below if you're running out of space.

WTB = Want To Buy
FS = For Sale

Also, specify the region your games are from, or if it's a Japanese import.

NTSC = US, Canada, Japan, and a couple of other countries
PAL = Europe, Australia, Africa, and some other countries
J = Japanese

You don't have to say NTSC J, because all J games are NTSC.

There might be more later, but this is what has stuck out recently.
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I'd like to add a few things that have become relevant.

1) If you start a thread, PLEASE keep it updated.  If you buy or sell locally or find what you're looking for on amazon/eBay, please edit your first post and topic title, if applicable.

2) Always bump your old thread instead of starting a new one.  From an organizational standpoint, this is ideal.  If you want to buy/sell something new, bump your existing topic and edit your first post accordingly.  This also forces you to keep your topic updated instead of letting it fall by the wayside with inaccurate information.  If for some reason you feel like you need to make a new thread, contact me and have me lock your old thread.

3) This is NOT the place to advertise your eBay auction, or anything similar.  This board is for SDA users to buy, sell, and trade with each other.