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Darnok_PL: 2018-02-14 03:49:45 am
I believe I have found an alternative for Stone & Fire 2 skip, which looks promising with consistency (better than my previous oob skip), but requires more investigation.
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
I recorded audio commentary for my 100% run:

Quote from Darnok_PL:
I have found a timesaver in Top of the World 2 by simply going out of your way for short to activate platform cycle earlier.

Saves ~9s + 1 extra lum

Nice find. I was using that in 100% for a while, but I stopped because I think it actually loses time in 100%. It looks like it saves time in any%, though.
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Darnok_PL: 2018-02-26 01:41:51 am
Mano, this Top of the World timesaver is like "go out of you way to enter platform trigger earlier, come back and rush with barrel" - it is faster, because you don't have to wait for platform, instead you walk with barrel when platform is moving. In 100% you have begun with a normal any% strat and you had to wait, then you deathwarped and went for the rest of lums. So my strat would actually save time, I guess.

Good that you have added commentary, I like the idea, you did it after run. Commentary while run makes it harder to focus, at least to me Wink
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
The run is now on the site with my comments:
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
The quest for sub-2 has begun! After taking a break and playing other games for a while, I'm ready to work on Rayman 2 again. I've been playing through the game a few times over the past week to refresh my memory. Now, I plan on taking a hard look at all the lums in the game to see which 550 are the fastest.

Darnok, I saw your Iron Mountains timesaver today:

I tested it on N64 and found that it works there too. I also found that it's possible to jump from the pipe instead of the wooden platform, but jumping from the wooden platform seems easier. Here's a video:

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Darnok_PL: 2018-07-15 12:24:03 am
Well Manocheese, for N64 your lum-route might be way difference, since most of PC skips (especially OOBs) will probably not work. If you get sub 2 on N64 - respekt (on PC sub 1:50 is possible with perfekt run and hardest skips (like Jano skip, Canopy pirate skip) included).

On PC version we have found a cheat-code "nomovies" which allows you to skip every single cutscene in game. We're going to use it for PC, because it makes run by 30 min faster and cutscenes do not really add anything to run. I don't know, if there is sth similar on N64, if you were interested.
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Darnok_PL: 2018-07-15 03:29:40 am
Darnok_PL: 2018-07-15 03:23:51 am
Darnok_PL: 2018-07-15 03:23:44 am
Darnok_PL: 2018-07-15 03:23:36 am
I am presenting new setup for a little timesaver in Menhir Hills 2 - oob with barrels:

I get this on PC, with Windows 8.1, nGlide 1.05, vsync ON, fps set 120 Hz (in game its 60 Hz though - an internal limitation).
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
A few tricks:

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Darnok_PL: 2018-07-29 11:46:21 pm
#1, #2, #6, #8 are nice movement optimizations, I wouldn't think about, unless I would prepare a TAS. Nice job!
A couple of tricks were known before (at least to me), but not implemented and therefore forgotten.
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
I haven't been posting because I haven't found much in the way of tricks, but the hunt continues. I did a run in 2:01:16 just now.
Good to hear, because I need a motivation to come back into runs Tongue How much timesave else you have?
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
There were definitely enough mistakes in the run that sub-2 is very doable.
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Manocheese: 2018-11-12 06:51:02 pm
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
2:00:21. I'm getting there...
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Darnok_PL: 2018-11-12 11:00:58 am
Nice, not wanna upload this before you get sub 2, right?
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Yeah, I figure I'm close enough to sub-2 that I'll keep you all in suspense until then. Wink
Andre (Captain_Awes0me) has recently found a cool and much easier way to skip Stone & Fire 2 by getting OoB at very beginning (easier than my previous two finds):
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
A small timesaver and a useless out-of-bounds trick in Whale Bay:

Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
2:00:07. Almost there...
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
A few small timesavers:

While I was messing around with the out-of-bounds trick in the last room of Whale Bay, I noticed that that room and the big underwater area are right next to each other:

I wonder if it's possible to clip through the wall on PC to get to the final room sooner.
I was trying to clip through the wall to get to the final room faster (with a lot of jingles) and I believe I got it once somewhere (very inconsistent though). However it would require breaking Teensie's cage and flying far enough to make the portal activate itself (not sure, if this would even work). Also you miss many lums that way, so timesave for route would be way smaller.

Also nice video - like always!
There were many people (Andre, Robin, Kirby) having an idea to use damage boost in Stone & Fire 1 in order to skip it. I spent a long time trying this and... this worked out. Here is a video of the skip - might save over 1 min depending on your skill.
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Manocheese: 2018-12-16 11:41:27 pm
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Awesome find!

Sadly, those two areas are separate on N64, though. Sad But perhaps you can get out of bounds, then shoot the cage under the net to skip going through the cave near the beginning in 100%.
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Darnok_PL: 2018-12-19 04:20:45 pm
Darnok_PL: 2018-12-19 11:45:33 am
Robin has found an amazing way to skip Jano Skip. This is frame perfect, but looks more reliable, and definitely faster. Not sure, if useful for N64 though.

EDIT: If you spam menu input, "frame perfect" is not a problem really.
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
Nice! This looks like it could potentially be much easier than the usual method.
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Manocheese: 2018-12-19 10:41:45 pm
Manocheese: 2018-12-19 10:41:22 pm
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
I wasn't able to prevent Jano from spawning on N64. Perhaps his spawning works differently. However, I was able to do the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire out-of-bounds trick and I confirmed that it lets you skip the cavern at the beginning in 100%:

The video also shows a bizarre glitch where I got stuck on the purple lum and was able to shoot, helicopter, and clip through a wall.