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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I've been thinking of attempting a 100% run of Ratchet and Clank 3.

The current single-segment run is 2:22:38. Sub-4 hours might be a conservative but realistic goal for a segmented 100% run, depending on what a 100% run would involve. These are the possible things it could include:

* Getting all the trophies is almost certainly out because it would add hours of weapon upgrading to the run and require you to play Challenge Mode. Perhaps just all the character trophies?
* Getting all the Titanium Bolts shouldn't be a problem.
* Getting all the Skill Points might be difficult (Turn Up the Heat and Bugs to Birds both require a lot of bolts, while Hit the Motherload would be a big section of the run).
* Getting all the optional items. This would require the PDA.
* Completing all the Galactic Rangers missions. You need to complete most of them anyway - only Tyhrranosis is completely optional in an all Titanium Bolts run.
* Completing all the Annihilation Nation challenges. All the Gauntlets are required for a Skill Point, but other matches require specific weapons.

I'd assume 100% would be all Skill Points and all Titanium Bolts at least.
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This would be a pretty difficult decision actually.

Obscure games ftw
I'd say 100% would be all trophies, anything else would be too arbitrary.  Of course, all trophies, except the ones you can only get in challenge mode (the 2 that require HOURS of grinding) would probably be the best way.  So, Max % w/out challenge mode?

Quote from FlamingMage:
This would be a pretty difficult decision actually.


6 skill points involve them, and so do 5 titanium bolts.  So if the above definition is allowed, the vid-comics would be forced, twice each, once for speed and once for everything.

Good luck on this, I'd guess final time would be closer to 6-7 hours, with all the weapon specific skill points/stay squeaky clean (path of death with no hits: almost impossible!).
The currently hosted SDA run gets it...

I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
It's not too difficult if you can figure out the patterns the flame jets use.

Playing through normally, I was just short of the bolts required for Turn Up the Heat by the time I reached Dr. Nefarious. That run was around 22:43 (at least an hour of which was spent trying to figure out how to get Break the Dan) and was the first time I got everything it's possible to get on a first run. I bought all the weapons and armour upgrades; a 100% run could perhaps omit the first three armour upgrades.

I think Deja Q All Over Again might be possible in one attempt. I've been able to get sub-3:30 with most of the tokens and without using the punch-jump.

I know the Spitting Hydra, Rift Inducer, Plasma Whip and Disc Blade Gun are required for Annihilation Nation challenges. The Infector and Flux Rifle are needed for Skill Points, and the Quack-O-Ray and Suck Cannon are required for both. Are there any others?
IDK about weapons off the top of my head, but I do think that armor is sequential and must be purchased as such, so getting all suits is required (I think?)

I'll be more helpful with routing and such once I get some more free time. This is actually a really interesting category.
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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I seem to remember two types of armour being available at once, but I'm not sure if there's a specific order to them.

How effective is the Disc Blade Gun against Dr. Nefarious? I'm thinking the best strategy for him might be to use that and the Flux Rifle.
Obscure games ftw
Quote from FlamingMage:
IDK about weapons off the top of my head, but I do think that armor is sequential and must be purchased as such, so getting all suits is required (I think?)

Actaully, you can get any armor once it's available.  The armors become available after certain planets, so if a runner was crazy enough (or good enough) to skip an armor to go straight to the next one, they could save 25000, 50000 or even 250000 bolts.  Or just skip all armor until Infernox, which would save over 300,000 bolts.
Will the run be using (abusing Wink ) Gadgetron Employee discount from the first game/Free weapons from Slim through the second game?
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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Well, there's the thing. That would presumably be a separate category were it permitted. I'm not sure whether pre-run preparation counts against your time if it's on another game. I don't think it would be permitted; it would be a bit like doing a Pokemon run using Pokemon trained up on another game and traded across in the actual run.
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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
This is a general outline for a 100% run.

Segment 1:
- Not much different to a normal run.

Segment 2:
- Get the Titanium Bolt [1/40] and the Ratchet Trophy.
- Get the Titanium Bolt from the PATH! OF! DEATH! [2/40] and the 'Stay Squeaky Clean' Skill Point [1/30].

Segment 3:
- Not much to do.
- Complete the main mission, getting a Titanium Bolt [3/40].
- Complete the Rangers missions.
- Complete the defence facility mission and get the 'Reflect on How to Score' Skill Point [2/30].

Segment 4:
- Complete Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder with all tokens for a Titanium Bolt [4/40].
Annihilation Nation
- Grab the Titanium Bolt [5/40], plus the 'Lights, Camera, Action!' and 'Flee Flawlessly' Skill Points in the same go [4/30].
- Nothing much.

Segment 5:
- Complete the main missions and get two Titanium Bolts [7/40] and the 'Search for Sunken Treasure' Skill Point [5/30].
- More cutscenes and the 'Monkeying Around' Skill Point [6/30].

Segment 6:
- Buy the Flux Rifle.
- Complete the main missions, get a Titanium Bolt [8/40], the 'Be a Sharpshooter' Skill Point [7/30] and the Al Trophy.

Segment 7:
- Complete the Rangers missions.
- Complete the VR training twice for a Titanium Bolt [9/40] and the 'Beat Helga's Best Time' Skill Point [8/30].
- Just get the second Titanium Bolt [10/40].

Segment 8:
- Grab the Charge Boots and Plumber trophy.
- Defeat the gunship and get a Titanium Bolt [11/40].

Segment 9:
- Complete the last mission, getting a Titanium Bolt [12/40].

Segment 10:
Obani Gemini
- Buy the Rift Inducer.
- Get the 'Get to the Belt' Skill Point [9/30] and both Titanium Bolts [14/40].

Segment 11:
- Complete all missions and get the 'Bash the Party' Skill Point [10/30].

Segment 12:
Annihilation Nation
- As normal except for the Scorpio fight; get the 'Bash the Bug' Skill Point [11/30].

Segment 13:
Holostar Studios
- Get the 'Feeling Lucky?' Skill Point [12/30] and defeat the Terror of Talos.
- Get all Titanium Bolts [17/40] and the Clank Trophy.

Segment 14:
Obani Draco
- Give that Flux Rifle some levelling fighting Courtney Gears.

Segment 15:
- Not much.
Zeldrin Starport
- Get both Titanium Bolts [19/40].
- Complete the normal mission.

Segment 16:
- Play Qwark Comics 2-4 and get Titanium Bolts on all [22/40], and a Skill Point on the fourth [13/30].

Segment 17:
- Buy the Suck Cannon.
- Try to level up the Suck Cannon fighting smaller Tyhrranoids.
- Get two Titanium Bolts [24/40] and the Skrunch Trophy.
- Defeat Giant Klunk with the Flux Rifle.
- Get the '2002 Was a Good Year in the City' Skill Point [14/30].
- Complete the Rangers missions and get a Titanium Bolt [25/40].

Segment 18:
- Get the 'Aim High' Skill Point [15/30].
- Get the Titanium Bolt [26/40] and Dr. Nefarious Trophy and complete the main mission, plus the 'Suck It Up!' Skill Point [16/30].

Segment 19:
- Complete all missions for the Friend of the Rangers Trophy, get both Titanium Bolts [28/40] and the 'Go For Hang Time' and 'Zap Back At Ya' Skill Points [18/30].

Segment 20:
- Win all the arena challenges for a Titanium Bolt [29/40].
- Play 'The Shaming of the Q' for the Titanium Bolt [30/40].
- Get the 'Strive For Arcade Perfection' Skill Point [19/30].
- Play through Vidcomics 1, 2, 3 and 5 for the Skill Points [23/30].

Segment 21:
Thran Asteroid
- Get the Titanium Bolt [31/40].
- Complete the main goal, getting the 'Break the Dan' Skill Point [24/30] and the Qwark Trophy.

Segment 22:
- Get the 'You Break it, You Win It' Skill Point [25/30], two Titanium Bolts [33/40] and the Courtney Gears Trophy.

Segment 23:
- Get the two remaining Titanium Bolts [35/40].
- Buy the Disc Blade Gun, Plasma Whip, Infector, Spitting Hydra and Qwack-O-Ray.
- Get the 'Bugs to Birds' Skill Point [26/30].
- Get the Titanium Bolt on the main path [37/40].

Segment 24:
- Get the 'Hit the Motherload' Skill Point [27/30] and two Titanium Bolts [38/40].

Segments 25-27:
Annihilation Nation
- Complete all challenges getting the 'Be an Eight-Time Champ' Skill Point [28/30], a Titanium Bolt [39/40] and the Annihilation Nation Trophy.

Segment 28:
- Get the 'Turn Up the Heat' Skill Point [29/30].
Command Centre
- Get the Titanium Bolt [40/40] for the Titanium Collector Trophy, the Lawrence Trophy and the 'Spread Your Germs' Skill Point [30/30] for the Skill Master Trophy.

Segment 29:
Command Centre
- Defeat both Nefarious and the Biobliterator.

A few points:

* Segment 24 could be split. Apart from the length and difficulty, if you try to get all the sewer crystals in one run and you don't kill all amoeboids (amoeba?), you can get dozens of 'active' opponents slowing the frame rate.

*Segments 25-27 are just a guideline. Three segments seems doable for all the challenges.

* Four of the Qwark vidcomics are revisited for their Skill Points after all the upgrades have been achieved. This means you can be hit more on a run, and it's nice to have a comical segment (I would do these after Aquatos and Annihilation Nation if it didn't require 30 seconds of travelling through the ship).
This looks very nice. So you are doing everything except weapons up to v8? All armor and all weapons up to v5? or just not worrying about upgrading weapons at all?
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
The requirement is all the trophies you can get without playing Challenge Mode, which means all of them except Nano Finder and Omega Arsenal.
Awesome, can't wait to see this.  I pretty much have postponed my UYA NG run until maybe winter break. I just don't have time for it at school :/
Obscure games ftw
Are you getting the Bolt Grabber V2 on the Zeldrin starport?  It makes a skill points easier (You Break It, You Win It) and IIRC, doesn't cost too much time to get.  Not sure if time saved is greater than time spent though.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I wasn't sure. Both of the Titanium Bolts are on that path anyway, and if the run doesn't use death abuse that's probably the best way to get back to the ship. You Break it, You Win It could be done with the Nitro Eruptor, but it would be more difficult with no armour upgrades.
Time it out.
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Obscure games ftw
Quote from HalfMillennium:
I wasn't sure. Both of the Titanium Bolts are on that path anyway, and if the run doesn't use death abuse that's probably the best way to get back to the ship. You Break it, You Win It could be done with the Nitro Eruptor, but it would be more difficult with no armour upgrades.

But there's a skill point for Infernox you're going through the whole game no armor then buying Infernox right near the end.  If you had the spare bolts I'd suggest getting the third to last armor though, but I doubt you will.
Also, you'd likely run out of Nitro Eruptor ammo several times.
Quote from FlamingMage:
Time it out.

With both TItanium Bolts along that path, it would have to be gone on.  That means (I think, been a while since I've played the game) <30s-1m extra is spent as opposed to: saving the game there, re-loading at ship or death warping.  I'd definitely guess it would speed up 'You Break It, You Win It' by more than that, and also be helpful for getting bolts from boxes faster.