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Klasida: 2013-01-20 10:20:33 pm
one sec, let me record it quickly

The monsters gave me a little bit of a hard time but this is the idea. 
Yeah I found if you do a side flip right after your stretch jump the big axe guys don't hit you.  But yeah that's fairly quick.  I still don't know if it's faster or slower than backtracking.  I'm leaning towards thinking it's faster not to backtrack
I am not used to fighting most of the monsters in the game lol.  I forgot that there were so many of the big guys and was kinda worried i wasn't gonna make it.  Jumping over that axe at the end felt pretty great though.
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Orchisawesome: 2013-01-21 01:14:20 pm
I like the heli-pad route, because Eudora monsters drop A LOT of bolts, like, almost all dark gray bolts. So, I think that it'd be better to not backtrack and kill monsters to contribute to bolt collection.

About my ongoing process of Quartu door skip without decoy gloves. Gold blast glove works. It appears that only a specific area at specific angle works, with guard at specific area.
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Orchisawesome: 2013-01-22 07:26:09 pm
Orchisawesome: 2013-01-22 07:25:48 pm
Hmm, I have a new idea for Orxon 1 (clank portion). Goodies menu works and behaves as if it was Ratchet. It might be possible for Clank to clip through some stuff with it! Just putting in an idea to investigate.

Just got a 1:03:17.73 NG+ run, with 0:58 ingame timer and I fucking wasted a good 6 mins or so at Veldin 2 by trying to make that long jump... I made probably other 3-5 mins of assorted mistakes too.

Nonetheless, first s1 ingame of Ratchet and Clank that I'm aware of. *Note, subract 1:00 by :02, due to race file's initial time*

Totally Radical Awesome Game
I've been messing around with Orxon 1 as well. I found a weird glitch where if you enter your ship as clank, start taking off to another planet, and the instantly start mashing to skip the taking off cutscene, it will stop sooner than usual, replay the clank entering the ship cutscene, and then put a clone of ratchet and clank on top of the ship. It dosn't make any sense. The idea was that I would make enough copies of my self to generate enough lag so I could walk through walls or something. So far the results have been less than useful. I've been able to make my ship hover, make clank invisible while he's near the ship, and crash the game. Maybe someone can find a use for this, but I haven't figured anything out.

Also, I have a 58:09 NG+ run. I can probably improve it by 2 or so minutes. I'll start recording attempts and get back to you if that goes anywhere.
Just got 58:00 NG+ run, 53 ingame (55-2). I can improve by other 3 mins. I think I'll start routing/doing 100% now. I'm still somewhat unsatisfied with my time though. iLLixiR, have you completed the routing yet?
Totally Radical Awesome Game
Welp, I ended up improving it by more than 2 or so minutes. 52:40 (sda timing, idk what the ingame would be)
I feel like with perfect movement, a good drek pattern, and not dying like an idiot, a 50 minute run is possible, but I don't realistically see it going much lower.
Still, i'm pretty happy with this, beat my target time of 55. Unless someone beats this, I'm gonna work on something else.

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Orchisawesome: 2013-01-27 05:24:17 pm
wow, really nice time. atm, i'm comparing my run to yours. On veldin 1, you had 1-2 seconds lead, then you lost it Kerwan, where I picked up like, a 5 seconds lead. I maintained the lead until the 2 aliens in glass tube thing, which you managed to overcome my lead by using blast gloves. I need to look into that!

On other note, it seems like ps2/hd collection doesn't have any speed difference.

e: just watched it fully. Klasida's hoven+veldin 2 "time savers" are ballsy as hell, and honestly, shouldn't be used in rta/ss runs.
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CavemanDCJ: 2013-01-27 07:13:43 pm
Totally Radical Awesome Game
I think save loading actually takes more time on hd collection. i havnt timed it though, so I may be wrong.

And klasida's strats will yield the fastest time, so I never won't do them.

The run in general is garbage, i just wanted to finish a run and get a time to work with
I will admit that that branch jump on veldin isn't easy, but it's so satisfying to hit it.  As for the second part of Veldin, i find it easier to do this than to try to jump around all those damn guys with guns and tanks on the platforms (ofc i guess this isn't as much of a problem in ng+ as it is in regular any%).  I'm just happy to see that i helped =)  good job with the runs guys, they are impressive.

I think i said this before, when i introduced it, but the best success on the branch jump is just good jump mechanics.  If you are hitting the boost at the right time in the flip, you have a great chance of landing it. 
Totally Radical Awesome Game
yeah I still think it's worth it, and continue to go for it. I'm actually very consistent at getting the distance, and I have found that if you do a sideflip upon landing, you eliminate all chances of crashing into a wall.

Still, even though I'm a big fan of your strats, any chance of coming up with some time savers that don't result in deaths if you mess them up Smiley
Hey guys, sorry I still haven't nailed down an exact 100% route.  It will take a few playthroughs to determine what is a realistic number of bolts to have at certain times and when to farm bolts etc.  Bolt management is one of the trickiest things in planning. 

On another slightly-related note, I've been working on improving all of my R+C:UYA vidcomic runs that are currently on the site from 2007.  So far things have been going great!  I don't have recorded runs yet, but I've managed to improve my Stage 1 from a 1:38 to a 1:36.9 and my Stage 2 from a 1:49 to a 1:41.1.  (For some reason I didn't include the decimal place that the in-game timer gives you when I submitted them previously.)  Both of these I could probably push even lower.  According to (A high-score/fastest time site, and the only place I could find other fastest times for vidcomics), both of these are WR's.  Idk if you all have any interest in UYA runs, but it's my goal to update the IL table.  In doing so, this will hopefully help UYA runners (maybe myself included if I get around to it) in the vidcomic sections of the run.  If there is enough interest in these runs/any competition whatsoever, I may create a new thread.  Thoughts?
Uh what happened? How/why did I get eaten by the shark?
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Orchisawesome: 2013-02-09 03:26:37 am
Orchisawesome: 2013-02-08 08:01:34 pm
I'm working on Orxon. Clipping is notoriously difficult, but doable. ATM, it's useless but I'll find useful one sooner or later. Enjoy the view of Orxon from below.

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Linkinito: 2013-02-11 04:22:57 pm
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Orchisawesome: Wow. I knew something could be done with Clank. Let's just see if something useful can be found!

Anyway, I don't think skipping the Trespasser in an NG SS run would be a good idea. Doing the first barrier skip on Veldin is waaaaay too risky because of the ship that shoots you even if you are behind it. You don't have the time to slope-intercept, and the range of the explosion is soooo big (even bigger than the 3D explosion sprite) that even if you manage to nail it, you'd still get hit and the jump would be cancelled. I think getting the trick would be a 1 on 1000 chance so...

Also I consider strongly taking the Suck Cannon too, as the time lost taking it on Eudora should bring additional bolts and also it would be taken back on Pokitaru, as sucking the spiky creatures would increase the speed definitely and would give more firepower in late battles.

About the HD collection, I wouldn't recommend doing runs on HD versions, as they suffer from slowdowns in intense action. The framerate goes down but it slows down the game with them, making them definitely unsuitable for a speedrun. Anyway it happens in 1080p, maybe it doesn't in 720p.
Hi all! I just want to inform you that I have started to speedrun this game and I’m doing pretty good. I have found some new routes and hopefully I can post some videos when I get my capturing card.

And I also got NG+ WR time 51:29. I think sub 50 is possible.
Throw a bunch of decoys. Problem solved >_>

I definitely notice the decrease in frames while running NG+ (in 480i), maybe that's how CavemanDCJ and Inffi are getting the edge over me Tongue

Can you elaborate your "new routes"? Are there glitches that we're unaware about? I thought that CavemanDCJ's video had the most optimized route by now, with about 1 min lost due to failing Hoven S-I.
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Well, I wouldn't trust Inffi's statement, he registered today. No video proof as he doesn't have any capture card. My $0.02 anyway. Except he has some awesome strats that we aren't aware of.

But well... How can you throw decoys with Clank? Nonsense!
Theres a faster way in Gemlik base where you can jump over the fence and go straight to elevator that takes you to the “arena”, and theres no need to kill every enemy, just decoy through the wall. It seems that you can only jump over the fence when playing in 50hz.

In nebula G34 you can decoy and inlevel movie through the door and take the infobot, then just load the game.

Clank level has small skip where you can clip through door with a “little bot” and inlevel movie. I’m still working on this and I have found some other skips too, but they are currently way too hard to use in rta.

There are some other minor things too. Hopefully I get my capture card next week so you can learn some tricks and beat my time. Smiley
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Damn, that inlevel movie trick gives so much opportunities. However they are not applicable to an NG run Sad
I was referring to your comment about trespasser in any%. The ship will target the decoys and gives you enough time to do the trespasser skip S-I. Tongue

amazing. I never thought about the g34 thing and gemlik. holy shit. it's so obvious lol.
clank- where is this? i would really like to know about this asap if you could give me an accurate description. I tried for AGES to find clip through bot doors and gave up due to the flat surface. we could collaborate on orxon 1 skips together.
Clank thing is the door after the minefield things and stuff. Just  take the first bot, run to the door, place bot left of the entrance thing and push it door. Then go top of entrance thing and jump between it and the bot, while midair go to inlevel movie. After this you hopefully are inside of the entrance thing and just make fast jump and hover and you should go through the door.

hope that you can understand something of that messy description. Smiley
Totally Radical Awesome Game
Some videos of the new strats would deff help.
However, I am glad someone beat my time, so now I have motivation to take my records back.
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Orchisawesome: 2013-02-12 07:46:45 pm
Orchisawesome: 2013-02-12 07:46:42 pm
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Orchisawesome: 2013-02-12 05:24:42 pm
Orchisawesome: 2013-02-12 05:24:42 pm
I have no problem with clipping into the entrance thing, but what the hell is fast jump and hover? spam X twice quickly?

e: nvm, got it.
e2: Caveman and me were able to confirm 3/4 glitches. Can you elaborate upon fence thing on gemlik please?