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I'm getting a hold of my ps2 in the next couple days.  When I do, I think I might just play through casually looking for 100% skips and write up a basic route.
I went ahead and optimized Klasida's veldin major break. The glitch is similar as Drek's fleet no decoy glove method. I believe, it's original and HD collection only.

I like your change and i'm trying it myself just to make sure it was a version issue.  Seems like it is though, both tricks that involved the magneboots on the greatest hits version are not working.
Found a crash

If you try to transform the guard behind closed door to a chicken... Bad things happen.

I'm still getting re-familiar with the latest tricks and skips with this game.  That having been said, would the ps2 and the HD collections version be different run categories because of trick differences?
there's no known trick that is exclusive to HD collection version afiak. Magnet boots related glitches are also found on original game.
Gotcha.  I'm watching the R+C VOD from AGDQ.  Didn't realize I got a shoutout for discovering the river skip on Novalis ^_^ "tenfoLd" was my old forum name.
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So this is a thing
Nice! I assume it only works with the rocket pack?  There was a similar tactic in R+C:UYA online called lag jumping involving the charge boots and side-hops.  I never thought to test it in the original. Good find

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It actually does kinda work with the helipack, it's just slower than regular stretch jumping. Looking at the video, I'm pretty sure it's exactly the same trick as lag jumping. My jump works in going commando and up your arsenal (and probably size matters) as well, so I have a feeling it's just an engine quirk. When you crouch after moving, you slide a little in all the games, so I have a feeling that is what allows it.
Yeah I just tried it with the helipack.  It's definitely slower than stretch jumping, but I wonder if, before the thruster pack is acquired, if it would be faster to stretch-jump, sideflip, stretch-jump, sideflip, etc., etc. when only the helipack is available.  Normally you're required to wait a small split second before you can stretch-jump again, therefore, doing a sideflip in between each stretch jump could perhaps optimize helipack movement?  I don't know for certain.  Comparison timing would have to be done.
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I remember in UYA online you could turn while lag jumping so you wouldn't have to setup again. The timing is definitely only a few frames.
So can we get a more authoritative/community agreement on what exactly constitutes 100%?

Options as I see them:

A. All Gold Bolts and Skill Points
B. All Gold Bolts, Skill Points, Items, and Gadgets (This includes Ultra Nanotech upgrade which may necessitate some grinding/extra bolt grabbing, but shouldn't be too bad)
C. All Gold Bolts, Skill Points, Items, Gadgets, and Weapons except for the R.Y.N.O.  (The reason being, the R.Y.N.O. costs 1 million bolts and isn't really meant to be bought in the first playthrough)
D. All Gold Bolts, Skill Points, Items, Gadgets, and Weapons. Period.

Option D. is the most complete definition of 100% as this is literally everything there is to do in the game.  However, such mindless bolt grinding would be tedious and boring plus the argument can be made that the R.Y.N.O. is not meant to be purchased in the first playthrough.

Option C. would also contain grinding, just not as much, but still would be slightly boring.  Also if you're gonna leave out the R.Y.N.O., why not leave out other unnecessary weapons.

Option B. seems like the most reasonable explanation.  There are definitely extra bolts needed to be sure, but it seems more complete than Option A.

Option A. leaves out a number of "side quests" if you will and doesn't even include the two "health upgrades" which seem pretty key to a 100% run.

What do you guys think?  I vote B.  Could we get a mod to answer for SDA's standards or should we let the community decide?
Id say B.  I always figured a 100% run would involve making sure all the checklists for each planet was finished and having all gold bolts and skill points
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RYNO is only 150,000 in this game, the RYNO 2 in the sequel costs 1,000,000.
You never mentioned having the Gold Weapons either, but again, more bolt grinding.

I thought getting the RYNO was a checkbox on Rilgar?
I'm not sure about that, i have not done all of Rilgar in a really long time.  I would think the just gold bolts are good enough for 100%.  I am not sure that it is possible to farm all the bolts to get everything and its upgraded version in one playthrough without just a huge portion of time devoted to the infinite bolt trick (and that would be no fun at all to watch).  Then of course the question is, is 100% limited to one playthrough?  if we have that much bolt farming to do, it might be easier to make it so you have to kill Drek once, but can go back to get things a second time through.
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Orchisawesome: 2013-01-20 07:26:31 am
I prefer B. I'd like to add that gold weapons aren't even meant to be completed on 1st play through anyways. You only can access Gemlik base gold room in 1st playthrough (without glitch) which only provides gold pyro, blaster, bomb, sucker, or something. Most of time, when I play R&C casually, I usually don't even have all weapons until 2nd or 3rd play through, then many more for RYNO/fully upgraded. I think that, B is the best compromise between completeness and entertainment. 

Alternatively, we could agree on something similar to SM64 community and stars. We could do categories such as "all gold bolts", "all skill points and gold bolts", "all items, skill points, and gold bolts", etc
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The RYNO does in fact not have a mission checkbox. Oddly enough, as far as I can tell, neither does ultra nanotech, just premium. I think the most logical 100% would be all missions, all gold bolts, and all skill points.
Hmm that makes the most sense actually.  I will verify what all the checklists include, but that seems fairly complete.  All missions, all gold bolts, all skill points.
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Klasida: 2013-01-20 04:23:15 pm
Klasida: 2013-01-20 04:19:22 pm
I posted about a few tricks a few pages ago and i finally got around to making a video for anyone interested in 100%.

This one is the ultra/premium nanotech high jump pound cancel on Orxon. 

This one is the Bolt grabber on Quartu.  This can be used in a regular any% if you come a few bolts short.  Its a easy and fast move with about 400 bolts in the bolt grabber room, and you get the bolt grabber so that helps too.

and this last one is a little Hoven jump trick that saves a few seconds and having to jump across those 3 platforms.  This can be used in regular runs ofc.

As with all my videos, as far as i know i found these tricks.  If someone else got them before me, sorry for taking credit but i have not seen them done by anyone except myself. 

About that Pokitaru stuff before, it is not worth it at all.  Even if you do get on to the last area, decoy clip into the thruster pack shop, decoy out again, and then do the jet fight, you do not get the 02 mask until the escort mission is done.  Seems he can't give you the mask unless he is actually near you.  I was hoping the game assumed he was, but it doesn't =(

Last for this post, i tried the Quartu door with the standard devastator as requested by orch and its aoe is not large enough to hit the robot on the other side. 
Nice finds Smiley

I've just been going through the game casually, but I did notice that "Exploring the Mills" AKA, getting the suck cannon, is in fact a mission on Eudora.  I haven't messed around with it too much, but I'm sure there's some tricks to getting to the suck cannon faster for a 100% run.
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Orchisawesome: 2013-01-20 09:21:47 pm
Orchisawesome: 2013-01-20 09:21:46 pm
Orchisawesome: 2013-01-20 09:05:44 pm
All missions is interesting. Although, it would require you to get suck cannon on Eudora, and actually kill snarglebeast on Umbris. I think that we should use B and include "all mission" for the most complete definition without excessive grind (the goal we want I presume). I don't think that the exclusion of items/gadgets is fair. What about gadget PDA (not a mission), perusador (not sure, but I think so), ultra nanotech, trespasser (lol, but you get my point), and couple of others I probably missed.

I feel like that we are in a general agreement of B, and all missions just make it more complete I guess. When I get a time that I like for NG+ (55 mins or lower), then I'll route and possibly run for 100%.

@ Klasida Wish you'd stream more often :p and thanks for trying out Dev Quartu thing. I got more ideas, but I'll need to get a file with proper stuff there.
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tenfoLd: 2013-01-20 09:33:57 pm
tenfoLd: 2013-01-20 09:31:35 pm
tenfoLd: 2013-01-20 09:31:28 pm
Yeah I just discovered that skipping the snarglebeast doesn't check off the mission.  However, I assume one could still ghost their way into the arena and fight the boss that way?  Does it still spawn if you glitch in?

Also, I agree with that.  It's silly to not get certain gadgets/items, but it's also silly to have missions left "incomplete" in a 100% run.  Therefore, it seems All Gold Bolts, All Skill Points, All Items, All Gadgets, and All Missions, is the way to go.  I should have a 100% route in the next few days or so.
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Orchisawesome: 2013-01-20 09:43:57 pm
Orchisawesome: 2013-01-20 09:43:40 pm
Orchisawesome: 2013-01-20 09:43:39 pm
I can confirm that you can ghost and fight it. You may only need to activate it to check the mission though.

For 100% route, get suck cannon after jet pack, as that it only takes an incredibly simple long jump to get suck cannon in literally 10 seconds. You can figure it out yourself in 2 mins or so lol.
I'm actually about to head on a little trip back to my parents house out in nowhere, so it is unlikely i will be streaming this week after tomorrow.  Their upload is like 150 kb/s.  I started my stream there so its possible i might try, but it gets really laggy when a lot of stuff happens (like fighting Drek).  If you have ideas, let me know, i have that ng+ file that  has only upgraded the bomb glove still so we can easily test the first tier weapons. 

For the suck cannon, the thruster pack is the way to go, but if you insist on doing it the first pass through, you can high jump off of a red box on the little platform and grab the ledge with the fence to the left.  From there you can just scroll to the side a little bit and jump up over the fence just fine.  It saves you one of the switchbacks in the map design.
@Klasida, I'm not sure exactly where you are talking about, but depending on how long it takes, that might be faster than backtracking as it would cut out load times between planets.