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Hi everybody. I guess you all checked the game since its been relased 3 weeks ago. Well, for anybody who wants to start planning or something, here's some tip & advice.
I named the territories, the big map 'main map' and every mission based map 'submap' to separate them.
- The game itself is very linear at low%. All your task is to go from A to B and take something/somebody back to A.
- Without any amazing glitch - sadly - everybody has to run through these jobs.
- Of course, there's no place to bypass, the game is like a corridor with great scenery.
- I am not sure how your suit affects on your stamina but I know the armor with all the things is heavy and slow as hell.
- Surprisingly you can bunnyhop real fast - especially when you are turning a little - but only for 5-6 seconds (...depends on the suit type?).
- Its very easy to run through a submap, I mean it really is. For example, I died once and I forgot the 'discover everything feeling' so I raged ran through the submap. Zombies, soldiers just couldnt follow me and I got away without serious damage. That's why I recommend the highest difficulty that cannot cause you instant death if you are running through everything.
- I think taking only the main missions put the expected run between 2 and 4 hours.
So that's the... news.
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There appears to be a way to get above the maps in the "closed" levels if you do something just before either a loading or achievement screen pops up. About three times, when I shot at a gate leading in or out from such level in an apparently specific spot, I would fall out of the map, but it boosted me above at one time instead and I could walk freely above it. As for achievement screens, it seems that if you manage to hit an NPC just before it pops up, it also throws you above the map. That could be only the PC version and more so it could be only my version, but still it's worth looking into. I might reinstall the game at some point and attempt to get some footage of what I'm talking about.
I have a really stable spec. so I didnt get any bug.. luck? Smiley
Anyway, please be honest and tell me what's the point of being above the map? You have missions to be done and nobody can bypass it by going out the map. ..I guess. I saw them on youtube but It doesnt seem to be useful.
I am testing now. Trying to stay to the main missions and its quite fast as I already mentioned in my first comment. My problem is difficulty and ammo. At normal, the first ~10 missions are piece of cake but the Hospital mission f*ckd up the whole plan. My aim is great, even when I'm shooting those zombies but without shopping I dont have enough ammo and proper weapon, so I had to reload the game at Hospital numerous times, I am dying all the time and I know its not the right way. So normal difficulty with basic weapons is absolutely hard from a point. And easy is too easy. I think I cant avoid shopping. Hopefully ammo is the only thing that you have to buy. Therefore a shutgun with 1000 bullets is enough for everything. Hmm. Well the two most important weapon is rocketlauncher and shutgun. I think any plan should contain this statement. These two are the most useful one in the game.
And I almost forgot another problem. Literally, you cant run through the map. There are bigger places where you have to kill everyone or one big monster and after that the trigger activates the door or gate. That's annoying.
Getting above the map provides free roaming across the entire map regardless of doors and such. I don't know if it would have any point, but it might be possible to maybe activate some triggers through there or maybe travel a larger distance that way and then, somehow, slip back onto the map. That's why I said it might me worth looking into. I won't be recording anything of it, though. I thought I still have my save files but alas I don't, and I  can't be arsed to play through the game again only to record some glitches. >_>

- Also, don't forget to speed up dialogues by running away from the NPCs just when they start talking until you can't hear them and getting back to them immediately.
- I fail to see wht's so useful about the shotgun. The pistol with the special momma ammunation was definitely the most effective one for me. I reckon you could finish the entire game only with that (not saying you should, you will have other weapons automatically afterall, but shoppingwise I'd focus primarily on that...again, needs to be experimented with before jumping to conclusions).
- As for triggers activated only after someone's defeat, these sometimes tend to be bypassable/activatable in other ways. Definitely worth looking into.
Testing is the most important task now, you're right. I think we need to check if maybe it can be possible to skip missions somehow. The deserted city needs a lot of bypassable places and I know there must be because its an opened area. So yeah.. testing. Smiley
Quote from bebeDesigner:
- I am not sure how your suit affects on your stamina but I know the armor with all the things is heavy and slow as hell.
- Surprisingly you can bunnyhop real fast - especially when you are turning a little - but only for 5-6 seconds (...depends on the suit type?).

Based on my experience, if you release sprint in the air while bunnyhopping, your stamina regenerates faster than you actually spend while hitting the ground. Therefore infinite bunnyhopping is theoretically possible, even with the heaviest armors, although it's pretty obvious that it requires insane amount of practice. I managed to do it for 10-12 seconds so I'm sure there is no limit to it. Just try it, you'll see Smiley
Quote from bebeDesigner:
- I think taking only the main missions put the expected run between 2 and 4 hours.
So that's the... news.

My personal run on easy was 3:30h, I didn't run through the enemy but killed them in close range while running. Hope you can beat my time ^^
Anyone up for picking this up again?

I did a few tests and the pop rockets were really good for "driveby" shooting, especially against mutants. Haven't really figured out a way to skip the trigger fights yet.
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A decent run of this game clocks in around 3h flat as far as I've tested. Also, Pop Rockets are good for EVERYTHING, let alone drivebys Tongue
Also did I mention how fun bunnyhopping in this game is Tongue FUCK CARS WE GOT A BUNNY.
Quote from CrypticJacknife:
A decent run of this game clocks in around 3h flat as far as I've tested. Also, Pop Rockets are good for EVERYTHING, let alone drivebys Tongue
Also did I mention how fun bunnyhopping in this game is Tongue FUCK CARS WE GOT A BUNNY.

Also, ramp jumps! You can actually get quite high with those, especially if you hit them with full speed.

I tried skipping the first two cutscenes (mutants out of the ark and the car ride with Dan) by climbing the mountains and looking for spots to clip through, but everything seems to be blocked off. Shame!
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This game is notoriously known for invisible wall abuse. I wouldn't be surprised if that applied to parts of the game you AREN'T meant to get to as well.
You can clip through invisible walls using the ATV...I'll look into that
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All I ever really looked into outside of "required story missions" is a few tits and tats related to wall-climbing. I couldn't get the one up the pillar near the Ghost Hideout to work properly. Maybe they patched it, oh wait pirated, lol nevermind. Okay maybe I just suck.

Otherwise all I can chip in is Wingdings or whatever the hell they are (lol did I really just say that) are the most godly weapon outside of the energy gun (again, can't remember the name). Pretty useful considering you get them pretty much straight off the bat. Could it be slightly possible that you could avoid hoarding guns early by just taking shit like the Game Show on with just the Wingsticks (THAT'S WHAT THEY WERE CALLED NOW I REMEMBER). Maybe a little on the expensive side, but I have close to no doubt that they have the best killing speeds out of every weapon (yes, even better than Pop Rockets), as a well placed shot will kill lesser enemies WITHOUT FAIL.

If you find any nifty ways to traverse parts of the Wasteland earlier than you should, by all means vid it, would love to see it. Also, in case some glitching has happened that I'm not aware of, are there any changes to the obvious any% route, like skipped missions or anything?
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I think I managed to skip the entire first part of the game by jumping up on the closed gate... trying to figure out how to get down. I'll make a video later, it's definitely not single-segment material.

edit: got through, the guard won't let me enter wellspring though... damn

also, the road to dead city is blocked... let's see if theres anything I can do. I can enter the shrouded bunker, it's empty though
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I think the obvious thing to put the most focus on is in any way finding a way to trigger Subway Town. If anything around there gets found it will by proxy be the biggest sequence break this game can have Tongue
Unfortunately I haven't found any way to skip a mission. Jumped the gate but everythings either closed, empty or blocked off...
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Hmm, well still at least vid how you got out so others can test more too Smiley
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if anyone wants I'll write it down also
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Phazonelite7: 2012-07-29 01:23:28 pm
I did a really rough casual speedrun of this on console in 2h50min about six months ago. That said, bunny hopping was not used in this particular run because it's infuriatingly difficult to do with a controller. Some things I noticed:

-At a certain point early on you get a radio which you can use to transport your vehicle back to town. I'm not sure if bunnyhopping is faster than traversing the hub world with the vehicle, but the point is that the radio is extremely effective because you can drive to the entrance of a hideout, complete the mission there, and then use the radio to teleport back to town without having to drive back.

-Someone mentioned this before, but skipping dialogue from characters can be done by walking a certain distance away from them and then walking back.

-I found the shotgun to be the best weapon in the game due to its ridiculous attack power and cost efficiency with ammo. The rocket launcher is also fantastic at taking out the large miniboss enemies(forget their names).
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Was that music meant to remind me of Still Alive in Mirror's Edge :3

Very beastly stuff sebast. I'll try it out a little later when I find the time (first I need to refamiliarize with RAGE bunnyhopping Tongue )
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Let me know if you find something. Smiley

The first part (where you get shot) can be done a lot cleaner (and without using a bandage), it's slightly up to luck

Update from behind the gate:

so close, yet so far

even closer! (I am standing on the rusty lamp that you can see on the first shot)

Not even sure where this will take me Cheesy But first I gotta get past the last invisible wall
I started looking for routes in the ghost hideout but there simply aint much to do... invisible walls everywhere
Hi there, i finished the game awhile ago and think there was speedrun potential.
I went through the gate too (with the first car) but I couldn't get to wellspring even with super high car jumps ...
Couldn't get through the blocked road too, there are too many fucking invisible walls Sad But I'm sure you gonna find out a way to bypass it with jumps !

For ghost hideout, I don't think there is much work to do for the route because you have to kill everyone before being able to escape ...

There is a glitch that might be useful in the non-patched version of the game, you can pick up distant itemss :
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Sebastiaaaaan: 2012-08-05 01:42:41 pm
You don't actually have to kill all of the enemies, you can skip all of them but the 5 (or 6) at the zip line - those you have to kill.
I pretty much skipped all of the invisible walls after the gate with jumps, but unfortunately you can't enter anywhere... it's all locked.

Do you happen to have the unpatched version flying around? I'd like to try if I can view the boundary boxes and such

Another good trick if you want to check the level for shortcuts/jumps: type 'killAI' in the console, kills all enemies on the map and you can explore freely

edit: just tested the pickup trick, it still works. the timing is kind of hard though. I imagine this could be used to go through doors and other unreachable stuff way earlier! I'll play around with it a bit

edit2: works on npcs, vehicles and items. not on doors though..
Too bad it doesn't work for doors...
How does it behave for vehicles, are you teleported inside it ?
And for npc? can you talk to them from far away ?

I used to have an unpatched version but it was not "legal". Is there a noclip mode in Rage ? I remember looking for this but failed to find one