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Sebastiaaaaan: 2012-08-07 11:49:05 am
Sebastiaaaaan: 2012-08-07 11:44:13 am
Couldn't find noclip either...a shame

For vehicles - yes, you are teleported. For NPCs - yes, you talk to them from far away. Although it doesn't work for all of them, as some have a required range before the "talk" icon appears.

I'll try it with the sniper rifle, would be funny if it works.

edit: doesn't work, only with the pistol zoom
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atomicJo: 2012-08-07 12:13:03 pm
Still it can save a non negligible time through the whole game.
I guess it also can be used for mission items (I remember a mission underground where you have to place dynamites and then trigger the explosion).

Did you capture a test run of the beginning ?
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Sebastiaaaaan: 2012-08-07 01:07:40 pm
I have a very very half-assed one, especially on the shooting

I'll upload it anyway, but there's nothing special about it

Hey not bad!
It surely can be improved, shooting as well as bunny hopping, though ghost hideout is not the best place for great bunny hops.
Did you try bunny hopping without pressing the sprint key in the air ?
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Sebastiaaaaan: 2012-08-09 04:36:11 am
Sebastiaaaaan: 2012-08-09 04:26:00 am
Haha, I know. Like I said, it wasn't really a serious attempt

Here's my route for the first part:

About the shooting: melee is usually faster, you can kill those bandits with 1 hit (on easy difficulty). Need to figure out the exact spot though


They did not want me on their ship Sad
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Sebastiaaaaan: 2012-08-10 01:15:59 pm
Slowly progressing...

Guess you could grab Juno's remains the same way, but not sure if the time won is worth the risk
You mean quickly progressing ! right ? thumbsup
That scope glitch in action in awesome !!
As for  Juno's remains, I don't think it worth the risk except if the segment is actually 20 sconds long, then you can try to quickly perform the 3 scope glitch in a row.

Nice bunny hops in Ghost Hideout.
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Sebastiaaaaan: 2012-08-12 07:04:05 am
And thus begins the racing Sad which I hate and won't even attempt to try properly

Damn Cuprino!
So you give up ?
That's bad, your first vids where good, and racing is not a big deal in this game because it's full arcade gameplay, just keep pressing "forward" key until the end !
Just waiting for someone else to pick it up, else it's too boring Grin
hello, world!
Not sure if this still works, I remember when the game first launched I was able to replicate something 2-3 times...

After you talked to a dude before or after a mission, i forget, and the popup message happens. If you're driving in the car fast then hit something, then get the popup message, close the message and you'll go flying out of the car at extremely high speeds. I remember each time i flew up real high then fell and died.... but it might prove to be useful in some places?

(I have no interest in running this game, I just remember this happening. Hope it helps?)
So hello all once again i thought i would give a update on things in the world of rage and how my speed run (or lack there of) is going.

man tech 5 is a beast of a engine I still sit in game going wow at the graphics and potential this engine offers truly years ahead of its time, mega textures is a big one, sure the pc release was messy but dealing with a new tech it could have been worse, the main problem I have run into like many gamers is texture popping, big problem for speed running, not the fact if you move to fast for the game it goes from 2011 to 1999 in looks but when i started to nail bunny hopping i would reach the npc and would not be able to engage for 5 to 10 seconds.

after much playing around with settings (20 hours) i have nailed it out between optimizing transcoding and cpu usage, but i would still lock up and would have to wait for npcs for 3 seconds big improvement but not happy, with my system being top notch

i7 3770k
8gb 2000mhz ram
grainward gtx 570
2 ssd

i could not see the problem, so after playing around with nvidia control panel it was instant just about, but would freeze up when entering a new area loading putting too much stress on my system. after overclocking my cpu from 3.5 to 4.5 it runs smooth as silk 20 hours of testing just to get the darn thing running so I'm even able to attempt a speed run. I am not sure if people who tried before ran into these problems but not that i have overcome them and its promising having run through the game once recently i think this game has a tone of potential from what I've seen, and is easily broken for good or bad you can bug this game quite well.

i have put together a list already of npcs that are bugged in a bad way, eg one of the first missions when you go to get medical supplies a tower worker blocks your path talking about what a small weapon you have, you cant jump around him nor run out of range to speed up text otherwise he will not move after the conversation.

a bad part of the game is how quests/missions are set up, most missions don't just have a grab 1 thing and return they have 5 things to be picked up scattered through the level so skipping/finding a shortcut to the end leaves you without all your items and usually the items are spread room to room getting your buggy parts is a great example, but with that said in the particular mission i was able to go fast enough for the npcs not to give chase pick up all my items in the next room even before they spawned the key is using a shotgun to clear door blockers.

and my final note is bunny hopping my plan is too use it always on foot and make my way around early  mission to mission seeing its faster then the atv, but have not tested b-hop vs the buggy yet, also even if it is faster then the buggy later on you get a radio to be able to be towed back to town, driving out even though it may be slower and being able to radio back will prove far faster then b-hopping there and back (not the best b hopper atm but am practicing the few videos out there maybe it will be faster then the buggy because u can really fly)

in this run i can see already it is about weighing things up, do i go for that upgrade for killing faster or do i skip it altogether to save time, do i do a extra race for this item or skip it completely.

i have never planned or done a speed run before so in terms of planning my main goal is to complete the game another 20 times at lest to get a feel for the engine and how to exploit it, then break the game down into sections quite large sections and concentrate on one at a time while still thinking about how does that impact me for the next segment, if anyone has any tips on how they run a game that would be great. also any b hopping tips would be great, they way i do it now is hold down sprint (space bar) and use mouse wheel for jump and after i get my speed up i let go of sprint in the air, giving my unlimited sprint. rusty as hell though.

any help would be great.
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SlimPow: 2012-09-24 08:19:37 pm
SlimPow: 2012-09-24 08:15:52 pm
SlimPow: 2012-09-24 08:10:32 pm
So I’ve just finished the game for the 5th time at 2 hr 50 mins with killing everything and not bunny hopping through the levels, I did however tow my Vehicle all the time eg drive to mission, finish mission and radio to be towed back.

It’s funny how this game can be so buggy at times with textures and npcs not responding but yet its build like fort Knox in terms of invisible walls, there are a fair few levels the you could easily skip large chunks but due to the walls it’s to no avail (there are a number of spots I will continue to play around with to find a way through, rocket jumping/nade does not seem to work in tech 5).

I’ve replicated all previous glitches and short cuts posted earlier, and have found one or two myself.

The plan so far is make my way to the missions via buggy (faster than the cuprino but may need to switch to it for heavy combat missions toward end game), complete the levels b hopping almost all the way, and where it’s necessary to kill and clear before the area is able to be unlocked learn where mob spawn but skipping as much as possible, once the mission is finished and I am back out into the main map ill call on the radio to get towed, it costs 150 if you have the cash but also if u have nothing it costs nothing.

It is clear that pop rockets for the combat shotgun is best to take down all enemy, however costing $32 for 8 it is quite expensive, so for unarmoured mob I plan to use fat boys in the pistol as this is also a one shot kill and is only $14 for 6 (mostly to save my rockets for stronger mob and using fat boys on Mutants, mini bossing i will be spamming wing sticks) I was surprised at the fact that the pop rockets can one shot Authority even shield wielding ones with a well placed ground shot that lends between them and their shield (but main goal still being skip everything I can).

I also plan to only stock up twice maybe three times at most with pop rockets to save time, the first stock up I’ve worked out will be after the mutant bash TV show mission, one of the main problems is pop rockets cost a wad of cash and towing  leaves you pretty broke, so well timed stock ups due to mission rewards and what I’ve picked up along the way it key .

This will be a easy difficulty run to get the fastest time possible seeing the hardest difficulty will require a different plan altogether for missions and will take longer, mob can kill you so fast that skipping them is almost not a option plus mob tend to not stop chasing until end of the mission or a boss.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I plan on making this run so it can be posted on the site if there is anything that would make it not applicable please let me know, I plan to finish the game at least another 20 times before starting to break down the run, also I will be posting updates for run testing and feedback, expect the first one in a week or so seeing I’m on holidays and completing 20 runs before I start won’t be such a issue.

Hey, good news that someone actually attempts a sdarun !
Your popping problem + conversation delayed is strange, I don't have it anymore since ID released its first patch.

What's glitches did you replicated btw ?

Don't forget that convos can be skipped by running away.
Plus, there are several places where you can go out of border, just look on youtube for those places.

Good luck with this !
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SlimPow: 2012-09-25 06:57:53 pm
SlimPow: 2012-09-25 05:18:01 pm
SlimPow: 2012-09-25 05:13:10 pm
all of Sebastiaaaaan work i was able to do i had a look at jumping the bandit gate early in the game, but as he said once over there is nothing you can do, I've looked at those glitches on you tube and other-sites pretty much what ever i can find, I am still testing them all out, but most of them are just a cool bug.

yea its is strange but i have a handle on it now and everything is running smooth as silk.

I'm not giving up on the invisible walls i think there will be a way through and there are a fair few places where it would be more then handy to skip.

this is the main problem/s i run into most of the time

even though i can tele grab the object i cant move to the next area without completing the scene.
That's unfortunate, exactly the same problem I had after skipping the gate - you have to trigger something else before you can proceed.

I only tried out the early levels, but even if you can get above or behind invisible walls, you won't actually be able to do anything there. However there might be a few good spots on the later (and bigger) levels, such as the mutant city.
One hand is enough.
Hi everyone! Bumping this to mention that I've been running this game on PS3. So far my best time is 3:07:58 RTA (starting at first input after opening cutscene, ending at last input before ending cutscene), which turns out to be 2:26:30 on the in-game timer. here's a link to a recording of the run:

There's still plenty of small mistakes to fix, and I'm sure I can get it under 3 hours RTA. I have one question though, were the times mentioned so far on here real time or game time? Also, critiques on my run are appreciated, but I can't blame anyone for not sitting through it.
Hey guys. I was thinking of doing a speed run of this on PC. Is there anyone still doing anything with this?
One hand is enough.
Well, I'm actively running this game at least; it'd be nice if someone else was. I haven't done too much glitch exploration, but I did notice something in my last run. It seems that if you're either moving fast enough or strafejump/bunnyhop far enough over certain spots you can skip some small event triggers. In the run I linked to in my last post my weapon was never auto-switched to the electro-bolts in the well, and one of the barrels in jackal canyon was never "thrown" (it just floats in its spawnpoint).

These are both pretty inconsequential things, but what if the same could apply to certain gates and doors being closed on you? That would certainly save some time.
Yeah it could. I'll try and experiment with this to see if I can get the same results.
I think I figured out the well part with the electro bolts. Basically there is no trigger to switch, it just does it whenever the dying guy finishes his dialogue/you cancel it by going out of his range. You can cancel the switch by hitting sprint at the right time/mashing it which should be roughly as you go down the small steps right next to him.
One hand is enough.
ah, that makes sense. So it's pretty much like any other dialogue skip... that's a bit disappointing.
One of the things I discovered is that on the second RC bomb facility objective you can drop the RC car down from the ledge. (roughly 1:24 in your video) On Easy they don't have enough time to destroy the thing and you are safe enough from fire up there. Saves clearing the room out.
One hand is enough.
That's pretty awesome! I'll try it on my next run. I have actually gotten a better run since then with a slightly different route (No wolf goblet in ghost hideout, and shrouded bunker before dead city to cut down on driving). My RTA was 3:03:28, with the in-game time around 2:20:00. There were still some major mistakes though.

Using that trick you mentioned, towing as soon as I enter the wasteland (don't actually have to get in the car, I felt foolish learning that), and no major routing errors I should get under 3 hours RTA easy. I'll start looking actively for more strats after that; I just really want to sub 3 hours first, haha.
I can't really find the motivation to do a full run right now, however I could get back onto route and glitch finding, granted someone can do something valuable with it Smiley