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Quote from BWoods:
Quote from eNjoY:
BWoods: add +logfile 0 to your Rage lunch options (properities -> set lunch options...) it will reduce the loading time by a lot (for me there is no difference between loading in 64 and 32 bit version of the game)

Righteous! I'll try it out when I get home. Thanks

Edit: Wow thanks a ton, this works perfectly. Guess I'll be doing my work on the 64bit version unless it really screws with my streaming ability.

Also this is the trigger skip I was speaking about.

Another way to skip the tutorial texts in a segmented run is to make the saves just before the triggers, it won't load the gui if the screen is fading in from loading a save.

But since the game is paused during the gui pop-ups, the game timer is paused as well so it won't save any time to skip them unfortunately. (only real time which is not used)
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BWoods: 2014-01-20 09:27:41 pm
Just confirmed you can do a sloppy Rikter skip without having to do that near perfect jump. I'll have a video shortly.

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Kitin: 2014-01-21 08:40:52 am
Here's an easier way of doing the first rikter skip:

You can basically jumpclimb on the grey rings on the pipe. Still hard to hit the jumpclimb right but it doesen't require the perfect jump.


There is also a way to deal with the money problem quite easily. Once you first reach wellspring, you talk to the major and then go do the race instead of getting the armor. You then buy the machine gun for the buggy that gives you 800 ammo to sell. Then go get the armor and at the same time sell your stuff and buy pop rocket schematics and ingredients for pop rockets. With the fabricator armor you'll have enough cash to get around 160 pop rockets which easily is enough to get through the whole run if you don't waste ammo killing stuff that doesen't need to be killed.

This leaves you with 0 dollar which is a very good thing at this point since there's lots of tow truck stuff after this point that will be free. Later when you can choose to go to the mutant bash TV or the feltrite crater, go to the feltrite crater first since you otherwise will loose 150 dollar. After the mutant bash TV you can pretty much by rc-car parts whenever you want, but the most effective time of doing it is probably after the well mission since you won't earn any more money after this for a while, so 0 dollar here is a good thing. You'll have enough money to buy parts for around 25 car here. (27 in my case, with that car parts I'd allready picked up). Considering you can get 17-20 rc-cars during the rc-car quest you can have 40+ cars at this point, this is all the cars you need to perform every skip in the game.

Another thing you can do after the sponsored race is to go buy a rocket launcher for the buggy, since you'll have 20 credits at this point. This will give you some missiles to sell later for cash.

But picking up every car during the rc-car mission is time costly so the better thing to do is to pick up the cars that is en route and then buy more cars later once you reach wasteland2 if needed. If you picked up enough stuff during wasteland1 you'll have enough stuff to sell to get 2000+ dollar. You can then buy turrets, the remaining rc-cars you need and still have a bunch of cash left that you can spend on whatever you want. I guess you don't need to pick up that much stuff during wasteland1 since you'll have more than enough to buy everything you need in wasteland2 regardless.

Probably a really messy explanation but basically, money is not a problem if you do everything in a smart fashion.

Edit: And that use of the binoculars is really great BWoods, makes the second trigger skip much easier.
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BWoods: 2014-01-21 09:26:55 am
I hadn't really put any thought into the money management situation Until I started doing the bombcar jumps, with your plan it should be easy  but I'll also explore a few ideas while doing runs. For now I'll focus on finding skips or just saving time in general.

I've known Janus could be manipulated like a pickup but has no reason to do so since Rikter would always be in the way (also I placed value in the shotgun/pop rockets) with fat mamas and the authority mg we should be fine with ammo management I guess. I still worry about the gearheads because of their armor and the fact that they bodyblock more than any other mission.
I will probably take the quest from Rikter, having the shotgun will probably save more time than the 10 sec you save from skiping the quest. I might also have found a way to skip Rikters block on the way back.

Here's some small timesavers:
I had no idea pulse shots disabled the shield generators! Those are all really nice time savers. I'll need to start implementing them the next time I'm doing runs.
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Kitin: 2014-01-22 08:11:24 am
The EMP grenades is good at taking out generators as well since they have a big blast radius and gets pulled towards the generators.

Here's a skip in the authority prison that I've mentioned here before:

Dosen't save a huge amount of time but it might be worth the 4 rc-cars.

Made lots of cuts since It's pretty hard and I wanted to show about how much time it can save.
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Kitin: 2014-01-25 04:14:50 am
Some new things I've found:

The first clip is a easier and much safer way of doing the power plant skip, it saves some time too. The second clip is a way to skip the last fight in the power plant, it's probably slower than doing the intended route with turrets though. The third clip is a way to get to kvasir the first time without having to  activate and wait for the bridge, it's pretty hard and you have to exit the car so that the player gets stuck inside of a playerclip in order to make it.
im wondering what would be the the final time in a segmented run with all that skips.
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Kitin: 2014-01-25 02:46:20 pm
Kitin: 2014-01-25 02:45:50 pm
Quote from cortez:
im wondering what would be the the final time in a segmented run with all that skips.

That's hard to tell. I'm pretty sure it's sub 1:20:00 at this point. Even though I've found lots of skips lately, all the skips in the game combined probably only saves 10 minutes at most (not taking strafejumping, conversation skips and fast travelling into account).
Here's a way to return to Rikter without being blocked of by him after you've completed his quest:

Quite ironical that this wouldn't be possible without the invisible walls. It saves about 8 sec over my single segment run, in which I did this part really well. Even if you jump up the pipes to skip the second stairs when you return, it will still save around 5 sec.
Tried noclipping to carlson the first time I got to wellspring, turns out that he gives you the well quest but without any description other than "ghost toxin". If there's some way of activate that quest early it would save a ton of time. I've tried going to Dan to get the crossbow before noclipping to carlson but unfortunately he doesen't talk to you then. Probably a dead end but there might be some way of doing it, and more knowledge about the game never hurts.

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Kitin: 2014-02-08 07:43:27 am
Kitin: 2014-02-08 07:40:31 am
Kitin: 2014-02-08 07:40:15 am
Just found out that you can survive any fall in the game with enough Apophis Infusions and/or armor with Adrenaline Overdrives. You normally would've instantly died by shooting those gas canisters as well.

This could save time in the full run but armor probably costs too much and it would take some time to collect a bunch of desert spores. This will at least make it possible to save 30 sec+ on my scorchers speedrun.
Hello, is this still alive? im currently getting into running this game Shocked im also writing down a route and am thinking about making a google .doc for the sake of gathering information in a clean way.
Truljin @ Twitch
Been interested in this game for a while and would love to work at it, my problem is what version to use?
I've tested the release version, the second update and the STEAM version and none of them can do that first skip where you load the autosave?
Also, anyone compile a list of all the new things found for a new SS route?

Is there any way to stop the game from pausing when you alt tab? dunno if this is alive :O
Hello everybody, I really hope I can revive this thread since I enjoy Rage speedrunning quite alot. I did some single segment runs following Takyons 1:35 WR vid to get a feel for this game! I pb'd at a GT: 1:50 after a few runs.
Im working on rerouting the game to use all the updated strats which I find single segment viable.

Im currently trying to find a good solution for the money problem early in the game, by the time I get to choose my armor and sell everything I dont need im at arround 1000$ which leaves me at 140-160 poprockets depending on how many item pickups I manage to grab during the Ghosthideout and Garage quests.

I would really appreciate anyone still interested in this to come back to Rage, so we can push the SS time even lower!

I really suggest you go for a segmented run. You easily go for a lower time and optimise the tricks and bunny hopping.
Take a look at Doom3.
Thats a shame tho. I think rage is a good game for single segment runs, it got all u need, skips, movement, oob and npc manipulation :c.

but i guess ill start working on a segmented run and push the time as low as possible.
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XeoStyle: 2016-04-22 08:15:13 am
I'm still working on this game if peoples are interrested ! Yesterday I managed to destroy the bunker level by finding a new way to OOB with the elevator (I still don't understand how it's working), after this I use the grenade to kill myself in the air so I don't kill myself with the falling damage, then I use 4 RC car (wich is interresting because you can actually manage to get this amount of RC car at this moment of the run) to boost myself to the final elevator part. I still don't get why we don't die from the big jump of the elevator, but it's kinda cool actually lol. The final trick is already used in the SS run, you just put yourself in the invisible wall of the elevator and spam jump. So yeah you can complete the bunker with only one bomb cache destroyed haha. The total ammount of time saved is probably 1:30 mins on the SS WR run if done faster than what I did, wich is a f*cking lot.
This is stupidly hard/RNG for the most of the tricks so it's probably for multi segment only, but still !

Btw i'm still into the normal run (I have a 1:53:26 PB RTA, wich is around ~1h43 SS in game time), I did a guide on and did a bunch of changes to the old leaderboard ( .
If anyone is interrested to route the game and helps me to find new glitch, I'm really open.

Contact me on Skype (axewalker , please add a message about SDA so I know it's not another random bot) or on Twitter by PM (@Mr_Xeo).
yoooo xeo, i was working on a segmented run but i didnt do much lately and now that u broke the bunker beyond repair ill redo it eventually i think..when my internet gets better we can do some races and maybe some glitch hunting.. laters!
Hello, little 10 month update if peoples are interrested !

I did find some new stuffs and retook contact with Takyon (the current guy who find everything broken in the game, as you can see on the previous pages), and we are slowly improving the run.
So far the RTA run got a lot of routing change thanks to the good skips find after the WR run. The WR is pretty much free with some grind and a nice run (Takyon run is still really freaking solid).

This is the ALMOST current best route : (currently #2 best RTA time recorded).
The only thing we did change is using this skip : instead of the flying car to prison one.

About the new littles finds, i'm still searching ingame to find cool stuff :
Apparently we can also hope some segmented news from Takyon soon (A route document if I understood right ?).

I also created a Discord for peoples interrested in talking about the speedrun :
It's probably gonna be more active here than on the SDA forum.
Hi !

No thread about Rage 2, so, I ask here. In Rage 2, do you know if the game have a physic for strafe jump or bunny hope or other fast run ?
I have look quikly a speed run but I've not see this tricks. I've not see all the speed run, for not spoil me.