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Rabi-Ribi () (pc) [Low %] [Single Segment] [Post-game Ending]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'triblast55'!
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Rabi-Ribi () (pc) [Low %] [Single Segment] [Post-game Ending]

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This is not the giant
Audio: Very good
Video: Good
Cheating: None

Gameplay: Good as it can be given the stupid tricks you need to do for 0% clear. The route looks solid with the exception of the money grind which I feel like could have been worked into the run better.

This category is silly

Nice. I always wanted to see someone speedrun this game this way but I thought it would never happen. I was surprised how well you did the last few areas. I've never tried speedrunning this game but I have played it for a few hundred hours & done a 0% run & it's crazy hard so I was impressed.

There were a lot of deaths but the post-game run I saw on Youtube had a similar amount of deaths too & it was any%.

Did you know you can use Cocoa bombs to hurt Irisu while she's in the background? It's a great way to skip some of her attacks but I've never seen anyone other than me do it.

I'd like an accept.
Decision posted.
Thanks for the verification. I wasn't aware that Cocoa bombs can damage Irisu when she's back there. But I don't think it's feasible since Cocoa bombs are expensive, especially when money is scarce at the end