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Rabi-Ribi () (pc) [Low %] [Single Segment] [Casual] [Post Game]

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Congratulations to 'triblast55'!
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Rabi-Ribi () (pc) [Low %] [Single Segment] [Casual] [Post Game]

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Will verify this.
A/V: Might cut a bit off the end.

I see there's a new trick.

I'm curious as to whether you did a lot of the kind of save/load drilling I suggested in the last verification?

Okay so my notes won't be in as much detail as last time but I think I still want to point out just a few things:

24:58 - Looks like this enemy won't die to one charged attack, though I see it interrupts her attack. You damage boost through her which suggests that you ultimately didn't really need to wait at all. Am I correct? I get the AI doesn't always lead to her being on the left edge of the platform and so sometimes you might be able to blast through her or jump over her without stopping or taking damage. Of course damage didn't matter because of the save cube, so long as you don't get knocked back down. This is the kind of thing that you can [most easily] pick up on by watching your own runs back: even though it's a long run, whatever you learn from that one encounter or situation might well be applicable more generally throughout. That having been said I didn't see almost any other similar situations happening later.

37:45 - I still don't like the way you're handling this part at all... you clearly don't have a good plan A and B going into it. The bee clearly has you beat at 37:47 - I think even if you had managed to jump out of the tunnel, it would have knocked you down like it does at 37:51. Then you repeat the same exact mistake again until you finally just wait a bit to greatly improve your chances.

49:39 - Why do you turn around? I think you should have simply stunned this opponent before trying to pass them.

51:10 - During these attacks, does it help if you stay close to the wall to give yourself the option of walljumping? Is it random when she's about to enter the invulnerable phase? It looked like she only had a tickle more health the last time it happened.

1:08:45 - Well, I remember this going a lot worse last time around. You're now smartly popping a special to make it safe, although I think it might have been a movement error last time. I see you're skipping the safety save as well.

1:18:30 - Close fight!
1:23:00 - Another one!

1:32:50 - Looks like when she does this attack, you need to be all the way to the left initially? Or can you afford to be a little bit closer to each explosion? Or can you time your jumps so it makes all the spheres explode in the air? I can see that you can't tell which attack it'll be until it's already starting.
1:34:45 - With the kind of distance between you and the boss, this attack you would have been able to dodge both times maybe just by hopping towards the end of it. Is that a heuristic you can apply?
1:36:57 - Couldn't be more of a difference compared to last time.
1:41:12 - AFAIR this goes better as well. In fact I can tell you've worked hard on this whole sequence leading up to the savepoint.

2:15:10 - I think one of the specials was a bit pointless in the previous room so this could have been easier.
2:15:47 - Is it possible to use a visual cue first to place the rabbit right on the edge so that hitting right and jump simultaneously always clears the corner?

How much faster in percentage is a perfect jump dash technique compared to just running?

I think your platforming still has some room for improvement. Long run, takes a lot/long concentration but sometimes your jump timing is just visibly off in a few places causing you to miss or have to use an extra special. Then again you make a lot of hops that take you over some enemy where there doesn't seem to be a big margin, so maybe it's not as bad as I'm thinking. In any case it's much better than before with almost all of those major time losses cut out.

Is it at all faster to save in the first slot, not the last?

I think you have a really good sense of when to use specials to avoid damage, not that it was bad last time. Also you're missing a lot less charge attacks, even though sometimes you lose track of when it's available and it ends up being overkill. This is mostly understandable with how hectic the fights can get.

You're still checking your inventory a bit neurotically.

So overall, THIS is the kind of run we'll be happy to publish on the front page. Even though the mini-boss skip trick saves lots of time, a lot of it comes from far better execution, better planning, maybe even a route change or two. I'm glad you kept at it and I hope this will be your standard in the future as well. If you keep running this later on, I'll gladly watch another run if it has another 7 minutes shaved off (I know it sounds like a lot now).

Decision posted.
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IsraeliRD: 2018-10-09 01:10:04 pm
That should be it
The main reason it doesn't feel like teh urn is all the safety saves that were ultimately a bit pointless, unless they regen'd you faster (something I could have missed). But very good nonetheless.