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Rad... They have taken me...
Ladies and Gentlemen, Brother's and Sister's, Friends and Neighbours!

The moment you've been waiting for has arrived!
In 2 weeks time on September 9th starting at 11AM EDT / 5PM CEDT,
the Quintet community brings you a 3 Team relay race of Quintet's loosely based Trilogy of action rpg's.

We've gathered the best runners around the world to play their games for you in spectacular fashion, three Teams, nine Runners, one Glory! 
Come cheer on your favourite runners as they speed their way to victory! We're honoured to bring you this event via the http://www.twitch.tv/rpglimitbreak channel. Hope to see you there~!

Game Title:    Team Turbo:    Team Phoenix:    Team Dark Gaia:

Soul Blazer  -        StingerPA  -  Jenja23  -        eLmaGus

Illusion of Gaia  -  Crawek  -      Le_Hulk  -        BOWIEtheHERO

Terranigma  -      Denis      -      Z4TOX    -        Zheal
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Formerly known as Skullboy
Thanks for posting about this here. I had been looking forward to a trilogy race since the SoulGaiaNigma exhibition in 2013. I enjoyed watching this race though I missed a good chunk of Terranigma due to spotty internet. Shame about the IOG crash for Team Dark Gaia. Everyone played well and I hope there's another one of these sooner than later. Good job everyone!
Rad... They have taken me...
We'll definitely be doing this again. Though I'm looking to do a full Quintet Catalogue Marathon of WR holders next if possible.
Rad... They have taken me...
Glad you enjoyed it Cheesy