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Hi guys. I have a question about segmented speedrun (I know that they're not popular anymore). 2 questions. First what is a segment in segmented speedrun? Segment=save? And second speedrunwiki.com says: "A segmented run is a speed run or other videogaming record attempt which is attempted in several non-consecutive pieces or segments." What means that segments have to be non-consecutive? Thanks! Smiley
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Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Using a Segmented run of my own as an example:

A segment is an section of playing the game from one point where the game saves to the next point that the game saves(or further).
If you can do manual saves you can decide how long or short you want this segments to be, This will improve your odds of getting a trick to happen as quickly as possible or to make sure you are getting the best RNG (Fortunate Randomness) out of a situation.

for your second point, If the game does not carry over equipment from mission to mission you could in theory do the missions in any order you wanted, however, for games where items / ammo / health etc do carry over(like wolfenstein: The Old Blood) you would need to play through the game doing segments in sequential order.

In the example below (which should start at 19:14)

From 19:14 to 20:45 is one segment which was attempted over 200 times, It goes from the start to the finish of the mission without hitting any other checkpoints but the game is saved at the end of that mission/ start of the next.

For an example of Mid-level segmenting go to 25:05 after the slide down the cable the game auto saves and I start a new segment, from 25:22 to 26:10 is the next segment and so on. It is up to you if you reload at each auto save or not sometimes reloading is skipped because it is not beneficial to do so because it either wastes time or allows enemies to spawn that you might have otherwise skipped because of your speed.

Also non-consecutive in that statement may refer to the fact that the game is not Single Segment (played in one sitting) and rather through many attempts over days, weeks or months.
Thanks mate! Smiley