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Lum: 2022-11-20 02:58:46 pm
Lum: 2022-11-20 02:58:32 pm
Type: Final Encode
OS: Windows 11 22H2
Capture Hardware: OSSC 1.7 + Elgato HD60S
Capture software: AmarecTV (with OBS also running, doing simultaneous capture for streaming)
Encoding: Yua F1/D4/2D

Another test, this time on my two main speedrun games, as I've finally got a working Beeb to speedrun on.

A couple of caveats:

1) These are BBC Micro games, but I'm playing them on the later BBC Master 128, a mostly backwards compatible successor. The CPU is a 65SC12, a later revision of the 6502A/6512A in the Micro, running at the same 2MHz clock speed. As far as I know there are no gaming advantages to be gained from this setup, only disadvantages (some very early games took advantage of illegal instructions in the 6502, and crash on a 65SC12 because these instructions no-longer exist). The reason I'm doing this is because I don't own a BBC Micro, and also the Micro doesn't have any form of audio line-out, just a built-in speaker. so it'd be a pain to record from.

2) I've modified this computer by replacing the OS ROM with a modern multi-ROM switcher that allows me to boot it into the BBC Micro OS 1.2 as well as BBC Master MOS 3.x to help with backward compatibility with these games. This is basically the equivalent of owning an Amiga A500+ and fitting a Kickstart switch to allow you to boot into KS1.3 from the A500. I've also got a Gotek instead of a real floppy drive

3) The computer has the option to force all seven graphics modes (MODE 0-6) to be either interlaced or progressive depending on what your monitor can handle. Interlaced is the default on the Micro, and it's configurable on the Master. Games rarely if ever overrode this and would work with either. I force mine to progressive to distinguish it from text-only (MODE 7), which is produced by a completely separate video chip that outputs interlaced only. This makes it possible to have OSSC distinguish between the two sources and load appropriate timings. I know of no competitive advantages to doing this and even if there were, the option is available to anyone who has one of these computers.

4) Each game's video is in a different resolution, despite them both using MODE 5 graphics, because I've cropped the blank space. It was really common for BBC Micro games to reduce the size of the screen to save memory, and I don't see much point in keeping this in the video

Game 1: Night World (1985)


This is a terrible broken game and I have no idea how anyone saw fit to do a commercial release of it, but it's a great speedrun game because of how its timed transformation mechanic will affect your routing

Game 2: Codename: Droid (1987)

This is a genuinely good game that I'd absolutely recommend trying at some point
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all those look good to me.

one note. you may want to encode IQ also, even though it's not required. why? to preserve the rgb colorspace of the original recording. for compatibility reasons, lq/mq/hq convert to yuv and downsample to 4:2:0. this results in loss of detail, especially when displayed fullscreen.
Can do if you'd like, but the beeb doesn't really have an RGB colourspace. Its RGB is actually entirely digital, either on or off, giving 8 colours, black, white, red, magenta etc...

If it's still necessary I'll do it, but not sure what detail there is to lose?
haha yeah maybe not the best choice of terms there. i'm used to using "rgb" to mean "no colorspace downsampling" which is of course totally bunk. basically i noticed your original looks way better fullscreen than your encodes and that's because in lq/mq/hq chroma is downsampled. submitting iq is totally optional though - if the loss of detail doesn't bother you.
I'll encode IQ then. Currently still trying to recreate my emulator run so I actually have something to submit Cheesy
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Lum: 2022-11-28 07:19:07 am
So I got a good any% and I might be being a massive derp here, but after filling in the form, there seems to be no place to actually upload or provide links to the run videos?
Edit: NVM, I got the email this morning Cheesy