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Hello, I'm new here!

Type of quality test - Final Encode
Your operating system - Windows 10 64bit
Capture hardware - None
Capture software - XBox Microsoft DVR
Capture video resolution - 1024x768 30fps MP4 (native game resolution) V/A: 4.000kbps/192kpbs
Name of the game / console - Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (PC Steam @ 20 fps)
Number of segments: 20, each Mission is one segment
If console, NTSC or PAL - N/A
(“Final encode” quality test) How you produced the video - Adobe Premiere Pro, Youtube Preset, keeping native resolution, MP4, V/A: 10.000kbps/192kbps

It seems I've overlooked the video bitrate, 10.000kbps seems  a bit overkill.

I upload the complete Mission 4 (one segment), both RAW (93MB) and FINAL + subtitle (223MB) to my Google Drive, hope it will make sense:

The Final Encode differs from the RAW in the following aspects:
- It was re-rendered using Adobe Premiere Pro, Youtube Preset with Original Resolution and Sound bitrate maintained
- Target/Maximum bitrate: 10/20Mbps VBR, 2 pass, Maximum Depth
- Audio Peak was adjusted to -3.0dB
- The footage was cut with 5 second leftover both in the beginning and in the end (runs always start at 0:05 in each video)
- Blinking "Subtitle Commentary" text was added between 0:00-0:04 (the run starts at 0:05)
- Timer overlay has been added to the top of the screen, where it isn't interfering with the game

Currently only the first 5 Missions are done out of the 20. Each Mission is one segment.
Youtube Playlist:

Youtube Descriptions:
- Subtitle commentary displays during the video, if the viewer enables subtitles on Youtube (these are also available in .srt files)
- Credit is given to previous (non-standard) runners for each video
- There are some tips about speedrunning each Mission, called the "HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU FAIL THIS RUN?" section
- These Descriptions are currently under development

These runs are currently being produced 1 mission / 2-3 weeks. They will be submitable by the end of 2018.

I welcome any tips and suggestions to improve the quality of these videos and/or speedruns!
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Forum,

Yours truly,
Mr. Assman
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for sda final encodes, you should use yua. it does everything for you, just open your raw file and hit ctrl+e.

example screenshot from the raw you linked below. let me know if you have any further questions. thanks.

Thank you for suggesting YUA! I really like the simplicity of the interface.

First, after reading your suggestion, I've realized I made a mistake. I've uploaded the wrong RAW file for the right final encode. Basically I made several succesful runs with closely the same timings and I've shoot myself in the foot with a bad naming convention. I've uploaded the correct RAW file now as well. (The 2 raws have the same exact quality.)

Second, is it okay if I re-encode my final encodes with YUA (otherwise how would I put a timer on the video), or do I strictly have to use the RAWs at all times on SDA?
Here are som examples of YUA files, how this would look like:

no need to add the timer, in fact sda doesn't like you to edit the original capture files (except to trim off extraneous material).
Copy that, nate!

I have posted the my YUA edits on the RAW files as requested by SDA, and now everything seems to be in order (in folder "YUA on the RAW file"):

Hopefully I can continue with my run soon to finish the remaining 15 missions.

Thank you!
those look good to me.