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NEW VIDEO, ignore the rest of this thread plz

Here's a video that shows the game and also some other data about the game (I obviously won't look at those during runs). Will I be able to extract just the game footage and audio from this later? I'm using OBS with settings like this:

Type of quality test: Raw footage
Operating system: Windows 10
Capture software: Open Broadcaster Software v18.0.1
Capture resolution: 1280x720 (of which I don't know how much is the game window but it shouldn't be stretched; The game itself runs in 320x200.)
Game: Alone in the Dark (1992)
Console: PC
Encoded with: Software (x264) encode in OBS itself for now

This test has 60FPS which is actually wrong, game targets 70.
uses OBS Indistinguishable Quality (whatever this means)
.mvk format - because this apparently makes it easier to mix in another audio track later?
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double post a-go
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The Dork Knight himself.
LotBlind: if you want to try an experimental fix, I do have an idea.

First, run the game in windowed mode with the graphic settings that don't affect the game's speed (be it surface, overlay, etc etc for video settings). Second, install SCFH. SCFH will grab the video from the game window and prep it for a capture program (like vDub, or AmarecTv).

Load up either vDub or AmarecTV (or similar program) and set the capture device for video to SCFH, and the audio to the stereo mix for your sound card (for AmarecTv you should choose Amarec Stereo Mix). Once that's setup and you start getting a video feed in your capture program, load up the SCFH config window, and choose the process that matches your capture program. From there you can click on the button that says "Drag Here" (make sure you click and hold as if dragging) then highlight the game window and release. The config window should automatically resize to match the game window. You can tweak the options for SCFH as you see fit (capture framerate, thread count, etc etc), then minimize the window (don't close it).

Now that SCFH has been locked to your game window, back in your capture program you'll most likely have to setup the video options again to match the resolution and set your desired capture framerate. After all that's been done, you can use whatever codec you want to capture the game in and that should get rid of Dosbox slowing down the game while recording.

If you get a black window in the footage, try changing the graphic options in Dosbox (maybe D3D or OpenGL).
Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded and installed SCFH by the instructions given on that page. Problem now is AmarecTV can't find any audio in devices at all apart from the laptop microphone. Is there something I'm missing or should it be able to find my Realtek HD card straight away?
The Dork Knight himself.
That's a problem I haven't run into. I'm currently running 2 sound cards (SB X-fi Gamer and a Realtek onboard audio) and whichever one is set to the default for playback is what Amarec Stereo Mixer grabs the audio from. Are you running Amarec as administrator? And what version are you using? 2.31 I believe is the most up to date stable version. You could also try other versions to see which one gives you the option you need (I believe only 2.30+ give the option of Amarec Stereo Mix). It is possible that your audio drivers are getting in the way or Windows is being......well, Windows.
If you are on Windows, sometimes w/ soundcards like the Realtek HD cards, the Stereo Mix (or similar) recording devices are by default disabled in the Windows Recording Devices.
If you go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording (also accessible by the system tray Volume Control (right-click context menu) -> Recording Devices ), in the box of recording devices, you will probably just see your microphone device.  Right-click inside the box (anywhere in the box of devices, even the empty region) and enable show disabled devices and also show disconnected devices.  If Stereo Mix didn't show up before, it should appear now, and you should be able to right-click on the device and enable it.  I would also go into properties on the device and ensure that the levels are properly set (and double check the other device audio settings).

Not sure if this is the cause of your issues, but hopefully this helps fix it quickly Smiley
Thanks for the ideas guys! I haven't had time to look at the issue again but I'll report if it succeeds!
Might be magic...
If your sound card driver doesn't support "Stereo Mix" you can use this program to record video - it installs a virtual audio driver that does the same thing.
i had to make a new master to get it into yua since yua's support for matroska is very bad. but that's easy for me if you want me to encode it. after that i had no trouble cropping and producing the usual qualities using yua (attached).

Do you have advice for me in terms of if I wanted to take my vids and place some of them on YouTube, whether what I'm currently doing is okay for that? What if I want to edit in subtitles and such (for non-speedruns)? I'm a total nub in video editing more or less. Is there some other format like .avi I could use in OBS that also allows for second tracks without anyone having to remaster it first? My only limitation is in upload speeds, though this run in particular will be short and sweet...
if the second audio track is commentary then people normally add it in after it goes through yua.

so encode the original (.avi) with yua, then turn around and go to tools -> add audio commentary to add the commentary to the newly-encoded files.

i don't know much about subtitles when it comes to youtube unfortunately.
So I found out that this game has a wildly varying framerate: someone's saying it targets 70FPS (a common refresh rate of monitors of the era) but because it's running in DosBox and default settings give it too few cycles, I basically never see it crossing above 60. Is it okay if I just record at 60?
sorry for taking so long to reply to this. i don't have any problem with recording at 60 fps.