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Possibly. They are fun to make, too. Though I don't have any particular map in mind or plans for another conversion at the moment.
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Stubgaard: 2011-04-30 03:45:32 am
Hey Ho Let's Go
Quote from negke:
Possibly. They are fun to make, too. Though I don't have any particular map in mind or plans for another conversion at the moment.

Fair enough, but IF and whenever you do, don't hesitate to post about it in here :-)

Just a thought... has q1edge.bsp ever been converted into SP?
Sure, will do.

Mostl likely there's no SP version of q1edge. Apart from the ones I made, there're hardly any other DM maps with SP settings - and those that have them are very simple in most cases, like just a bunch of monsters thrown in, but no progression and often even without an exit. Adding proper SP gameplay requires the map source to be available (as well as the consent of the author), which precludes most existing DM maps.
Hey Ho Let's Go
Yeah, I can see how no source file being available can pose a problem.

Just another thought while we're at it... Are you familiar with the DMC episode for Quake?
(It's 7 DM maps converted into SP and put into a pack, in case you didn't know)

The reason I'm asking is that Connor Fitzgerald (author of DMC) started working on DMC2 ages ago, and I literally mean ages, but he never finished it, unfortunately. There's 5 out of 7 maps avaiable though, but they need to be tied together somehow to make a proper DMC2 pack. The maps are really awesome, especially seen from a speedrunners perspective.

I've tried my best over the years to get someone else to finish the project, but they always end up short :-/

Is it something you would be interrested in? :-)
Ah yes, DMC. I forgot about that one (and just gave it a quick re-play). What do you mean by "tie together", how much work do they require?
Hey Ho Let's Go
When you exit some of the maps, they lead to those maps that Connor never finished. Apart from that, maps 2+3+4+7 are 100% finished from what I can tell, and map 1 is finished except for a minor issue with a broken portal that leads to one of the secret maps.

What I forgot to mention though, is that there's no source files for these maps :-/ But if you're still up for the task, or if you're just curious and want to have a look at the maps before you commit to anything, I can provide you with a download link.
If it's just about changing the exit triggers, that's not a problem even without the sources. I can take a look at it.
Hey Ho Let's Go
Do you have an email address I can send the download link to? :-)
<- at
Hey Ho Let's Go
Email sent (hopefully to the right email addy) :-)
Hey Ho Let's Go
SDA updated May 12th:
Visit my profile to see my runs!
Sweet!  Looking forward to runs of the extra maps!
A month ago I said I didn't have any plans for new DMSP maps, but then Stubgaard pulled me into his grand scheme of evil, and I eventually ended up taking a stab at ShadoW's other map after all. I even put two exploboxes and a special secret for speedrunning, though I have no idea if they are actually useful where the are.

For those who are done with DMC2 already:
Hey Ho Let's Go
Thanks a bunch. I like this map. I'm sure we'll add this map to SDA eventually ;-)
Hey Ho Let's Go
A bunch of demos (35 to be exact) have been posted:
Crazy impressive stuff. GG
Hey Ho Let's Go
A new update has been posted: