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Quake III Arena () (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level] [I Can Win]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'fearZZz'!
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Quake III Arena () (pc) [Any %] [Individual Levels] [I Can Win]

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As per usual, would be great if someone else would verify the video quality (I keep getting corrupt downloads with my bad Internet).

Do you usually always have one–two specific spawns that you want when you start some map?

So you sometimes choose the map_restart and sometimes restart from the menu right? And that depends on if you prefer the bots to spawn in immediately or at a delay?

dm1: I can't believe this run... so many super-precise rockets and good spawns. The bots spawn at exactly 100 hp? And the rockets in Q3 have 100 max splash damage instead of the 84 from Quake Live?

dm7: Does it take lots of luck to always have this many bots spawning everywhere or is it just how the map works?

dm8: That red is SUCH a retard magnet! :/

dm10: Why do you check the scoreboard during this run?

dm11: Ignoring the quad at the end cost you a little time actually...

dm15: A bit more sloppy here, but is it difficult to get constant spawns?

dm19: This one gives interesting gameplay with those frequent vertical rails.

Okay, so there's all the kinds of impressive gameplay here that I expected. It's the kind of game no-one wants to submit a run for because there's always room for improvement. Anyway, this is the simplest category obviously, and I think more so than anything RNG is emphasized over map knowledge or complicated strategies. Still, it's difficult to suggest something fundamentally better than what we see in these videos: get a nice weapon and stay in the most focal part of the map and just don't miss a lot. Anyway, looking forward to more!

easy accept
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fearZZz: 2021-03-31 11:41:00 pm

For initial spawns: for some maps it's random and for some it's very much predetermined by the game for you (dm0, dm2 for example will only allow you to spawn in one location). Sometimes that changes if you force map to restart (map_restart; on dm2 you will be able to spawn in different location rather than open area with rocket launcher, spawn that you get always if you don't do map restart). But yea, depending on a number of bots and map - if you can do luck manipulation with initial spawn by doing map_restart command on map loading screen - there are certain locations that can give you an edge and save you time at the end.

For example on dm15 - you want to get initial spawn on that part of the map with rail (there is slight chance that on map restart you will spawn somewhere else) and you want to have bot spawned near rail, because he will take jump pad and you can get rail from him if you frag him at the right time.

For example on dm2 - for me it's better to not force restart, because my initial spawn near rocket is most preferable, and while giving delay to bot to appear, I'm enabling the spawn location that I've used as well, so that it will double the chances of bot appearing nearby (there are 2 spawns around rocket). Plus giving slight delay to bot spawn allows for cleaner/smoother setup for quick frag on a re-spawn if you get lucky.

DM1: On "I can win" difficulty it might be simply programmed that way or some internal handicap command, but yea: the bots cant get their health above 100hp, even if they pick up mega health. And direct rocket deals 100dmg in q3, not quite sure on splash damage distribution and any potential differences with ql for example.

DM7: There are noticeable traits in bot behaviour throughout the game, where sometimes they will be attracted to lying item like red armor, or a weapon on its spawn or weapon dropped by some other bot during death. That behaviour can also change within same map. On DM7 one behaviour that I consider slow is when bots are gathering around rocket launcher in closed room above red armor (location not shawn in a run much). However getting them attracted to open room with rocket and leading towards rail / powerup room is rather lucky and lead to quick frags. Whole runs are filled with RNG to be fair, and as someone pointed out the speedrunning of q3 (in IL as well) is RNG grind at its core.

DM8: haha yea, its either magnet to red armor or some random magnet to rocket launcher at different part of the map

DM10: yea, not something I often do, but there was one bot that came too close to fragging himself with close range rocket splash, so I just wanted to make sure no one had -1 score to his name (and hence that i didnt lose potential point), as it would probably give me an idea to restart the try.

DM12 (not DM11 probably): yes, I instantly regretted my decision not to step to the right and rail the last guy with quad once i saw that rail wasn't enough to frag him :<. but RNG was rather good in the first half, so after hundreds of tries i figured it is still clean and fast enough (happened on more than one map unfortunately that decision)

DM15: despite the rather easy map with rail from first seconds, it has multiple layers and getting bots gathering in center room with rocket is considered high luck to me (i guess based on number of tries i put in order to get WR time on that map)

DM19: yea, i was quite surprised i was able to get WR run after first few tries. There is also one subtle thing during that map run that i'd note later in detail for comments on each map, but yea, quite happy with this one (subtle thing being a teleport item and yellow armor that bot can get on a platform below rail spawn, and that bot will use teleport if his health gets past certain lower threshold, so to not trigger that threshold i had to machine gun bot first for his health to be low enough for rail finish but not low enough for teleport usage).

IL is best for this type of game I think, as it will also give opportunity for easier contest on each level, because there are some semi-active players that can easily beat some of those times by 1 or 2 seconds at least with good RNG.
Oh so on DM1, those were all directs? I didn't expect that. You're aiming them the way you're supposed to I guess: at the feet so you get at least the splash even if not a direct.

Glad to hear you're adding some notes to this run later on. It can be sent in through the same page where you have your submission info I think. I'm not surprised to hear this took a lot of grinding, and I can tell your decisions are very informed. Make sure to rest your wrists before doing more btw!

SS and ILs has always been the runner's preference. There was a time when runners would quite frequently submit both SS/ILs or SS/segmented actually. And it's also interesting how well someone can do in a SS run for this kind of games since you'd have to learn a lot more alternative strategies. Both are interesting.
Formerly known as Skullboy
I watched all the videos. The video and audio quality are good. No cheating detected.

Well researched, planned, and executed.

Decision posted.