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Awesomesauce Shocked
Could you guys release QDQUICKEST, it's been 4 years.
I dont care for a little inconsistency, I'm a huge Quake fan since it's release and those run's blew me away, obviously.

Since we have 2010 now, I strongly recommend to create a real high quality capture of the run. Like 1080 - full hd. That would be an awesome experience!
...and I feel people are getting' hungry about quake again
A Crab
Whoever makes the video: could you also make a 60fps version?

I might volunteer for this but I know zero about playing demos in Quake.
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Idkbutlike2: 2010-10-05 07:40:36 pm
Even when playing them one by one? 'Cause I highly doubt that Tongue
Hey Ho Let's Go
Quote from RandomEngy:
Whoever makes the video: could you also make a 60fps version?

I might volunteer for this but I know zero about playing demos in Quake.

I can walk you through it if you like (if I can remember how to myself... it's been a while), and send you the most recent pak file with the proper "demorelised" demos. The video posted in this thread was made from the demos you can find on the project page which aren't the proper ones. The video didn't include the "cut scenes" either (the demos which shows the times for each level and such).

You're more than welcome to make the video for Qd100Qst as well, though that might require a tad more amount of work... ;-)
The YouTube normal version was amazing. Great run, guys! thumbsup
Can someone give some space where I could upload the videos? There are 4 types of versions but I don't have any account for any storage site.
omg! wtf?
why was the youtube version removed?
I removed the 30 fps frame-resampled version becoz it looked really blurry after the youtube conversion. I uploaded a clean 30 fps version instead which looks much sharper imho. KhanFusion just linked it before Smiley

I wrote a mail to dex about the storage for the video at SDA, hopefully it'll be possible to get it hosted in a couple days.
There are 4 versions of the movie, 400p 30fps, 720p 30fps, 720p 30fps-resampled and 720p 60fps.

Patience guys, it's coming shortly Smiley
Where can I download all the demos from this run?
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Lag.Com: 2010-11-04 08:44:58 am
sda loyalist
Thanks Joe, it's great to see you're still looking out for QdQ Smiley

Demo files page:
This is getting good thumbsup

thx, what's wrong with e2m6, status "done?"
sda loyalist
Well, e2m6 is still possibly not optimal, one more second might be possible. But, it's damn good enough in my opinion.
e3m2, 18.1... 17 should be doable really. Joe?
So true. My heart was bleeding when I've seen the exact time =)
No doubt it is possible, but it's hard and painful. I mean, the double zombie gib jump is a really a fucker, like 1 time from 100 is the chance to pull it off. The GJ from the pit is shitty too, it looks easy in Martin's demo, but it's not. The shambler kills you most of the time.
The problem is that I'm not having the environment anymore to speedrun (having a laptop now), so I'm not gonna do it in the near future.
I never thought it was easy, then I would have done it myself Smiley
I've been away too long from running, it would take me 2 months to get back to average speedrunning level... and then I would have to get up to the level required? Not going to happen Smiley
I'm just wishing someone (i.e. joe, mandel, maglic or peter) would do it!
Hey Ho Let's Go
Quote from lolfU:
e3m2, 18.1... 17 should be doable really. Joe?

17 certainly IS do-able, but no-one's gonna do it, and YOU of all should know that mr. lolfu ;-) All the good runners have quit running, or - as Jozsef mentioned - have switched to equipment not well suited for Quake speedrunning, including myself (even though I've actually made an improvement to one of my iD demos I did as I was testing my laptop, but I can't be assed to send it in due to SDA - the Quake portion of the site that is - never being updated anymore, and Dex seems to have fallen off the grid except for when he is updating the main portion of the site...).

Good news though, Jozsef will also convert Qd100Qst into glorious HD video, and if memory doesn't fail me you also have a demo in that movie ;-)
Finally I was able to upload the videos to an FTP site. Here are the links:

400p, 30 fps, 420 MB:
720p, 30 fps, 687 MB:
720p, 30fps with motion blur (more fluid than the pure 30 fps version but more blurry too), 687 MB:
720p, 60 fps, 1326 MB:

Hope you will enjoy the movie.
Hey Ho Let's Go
You totally rock Jozsef. I never thought we'd see this movie in glorious HD, but here it is :-) This is a MUST download.

You guys can also head on over to the official Quake Speedrunning Facebook channel which can be found here:!/group.php?gid=91979943701

Or the official Quake Speedrunning YouTube channel which can be found here:
If it aint broke don't fix it.
much appreciated
A Crab
Awesome. Can't wait to watch this when I get home.
Svart Lyser Tronen