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Stubgaard: 2010-11-13 12:03:42 pm
Stubgaard: 2007-03-02 06:42:02 pm
Hey Ho Let's Go
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well, i think we should name it just "qdqwav gold" or something like that, not a full part2 coz we wont improve all demos, but only like half or two-third...

I did the e1m2_032 btw, finishing with 92 armor which is even better than I had thought Smiley
It'll fit now.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Even though it says "kay on this" on E2M2, I'd really like some help on that map. It's got potential, but it is horribly difficult =)

The "upstairs" route (as performed in the ER record) will be the fastest I think (Ogre-gl to the quad area, hit switch past ogre/fiend, grab key, go directly out window, and grab gl secret). This will be hard, because you cant take the yellow armor then. But get to the gold door with around 100 health, do the fiend boost, and GL boost from the knight, and you should have like 10-20 health on exit. So it could be done with like 80 health at gold door (I think). This route could come down to like 35 seconds (realistically thinking). It's got potential to go even faster, but it's so hard. I've yet to make it to the finish line =)

The route in qdqwav is good also, but I dont know how much time it's possible to save with that route. Probably not much. A second perhaps. This route is also very hard, there's like a million things that can go wrong, and not alot of space to move in.
Hey Ho Let's Go
Nice demo Joe! And nice decimals  Wink

Kay: I will have a look at e2m2 tomorrow and see if I can think up anything clever...
Cool!  Only three more seconds needed for beating 12 minutes :-)
well, if you wont pick up the RA then I'll have to redo e2m3 and I won't be able to make it in 16 secs nor even 17, but only 18 probably... so then we're gonna loose at least 2 seconds and we'll be at the same point as we just use peter's 38 still Sad

Somebody pls find out something
Hey Ho Let's Go
As for the name "Quake done Quick with a Vengeance Part II", I'm open for other suggestions. So speak up if you have any ideas.

Regarding e2m2, I think Peter's route for e2m2 should be used. He picks up the yellow armor and some grenades (from picking up the GL), they are needed for the remaining maps in episode 2 as far as I can tell, but I'm not 100% sure. Can anyone confirm this?
Hey Ho Let's Go
But as Jozsef pointed out, if e2m2 could be done in 0:35 using the SDA route, and e3m2 could be done in 0:18, then there's a second to be gained overall...
About grenades: yeah sure they are needed, at least with the current e2m4 which uses 12 grenades and collects 4 new = 8. But that demo must be redone anyway.

About e2m2-e2m3: A e2m2 in 35 with an e2m3 in 18 gives 53 seconds total, an e2m2 in 37 with an e2m3 in 16 seconds gives the same. And since the e2m3 demo already exists it seems smarter to use the qdq route on e2m2. You'll have the same gain. Also, undoubtedly Kay can do that route even faster than 37. Ain't that right Kay =)

And for the name, the Die Hard naming convention can't be abandoned Wink The obvious name is Quake done Quickest (since the new die hard movie is called die hardest =)
18 to the diablo2 holy grail
ur shitting me .. there is goign to be another die hard? Huh?
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Shit......I'm drunk now (and concengtratiniig har d tio write correctly) But I tgink we need Connor Fitzxgeraløt. Where are you dude? Yiouy would bne great for these levels, boy! Come and make an old man proud =)
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
That was about e2m2. If somebody couod do yhis level, it would be Connor! He is great on these crampy, tighht-ass levels where you need monszter cooperaltion and pixer perceft bootsts.

And stubgarrtd,. iof you dont do e1m1 in ;24.....I WILL! =D
That's probably the best spelling i've ever seen  Grin
Hey Ho Let's Go
Kay, who's that Fitzxgeraløt you keep talking about?  :hit:
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
HAHA! Omg that was a wet night. It's hard to spell when yer drunk =)
HAHA! Omg that was a wet night. It's hard to spell when yer drunk =)

Drunk in charge of an internet connection?  That was almost as good as Nolan's drunken posting from a year or two back :-)
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j0zz1e: 2004-08-06 08:52:55 pm
Kay, you won't be able to get such low time on e2m2 like 35, nor even 37 imho, coz you need to jump out and have a small trip in the water to collect the GL which we need for e2m3 anyways... Sad
So I suggest we just use the YA route and see if we can improve that (Connor?)
The e2m2 dilemma is now solved.

oh, and I made e4m6_021
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
The YA is the problem. There's really only 1 way to go, since it needs to be picked up (I didnt remember this). But I still say that it could go faster than :38 (in theory anyway).

And I saw that e4m6 demo....that was beautiful =)
Of course it can be faster than 38, look at that demo! Not bad but not perfect either. But then, the current SDA record is 37. And it's using a faster route...

Also, with the e2m1 Kay made, the starting stats are standard from scratch stats, so if you get 36 it's also an SDA record Wink

The jump to the gold key is a work of magic. Good luck with that, Kay, Connor and Jozsef!
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
okay here comes the bullshiter...

ep1: done except e1m1, mostly luck.
i once planned another e1m2~e1m5 route:
e1m2: 0:31 with more health.
e1m3: pick some health at start and still get 0:24? at the second gj(from ogre), if we jump a little higher, dont land on the rockets but drop directly into the water, maybe it can shave off a few tenths.
e1m4: get ya like trr, 0:14.
e1m5: one more boost down the chute, is 0:13 possible?
anyway, since e1m2_032 with armor is made, this idea is turned down.

e2m1: done.
e2m2: i intend to stick at peter's route. yes, without ya e2m3 will be slowed down, and i believe 0:37 absolutely possible.
e2m3: done.
e2m4: use the old qdqwav route, i hope for 0:46(1 sec to pick health).
e2m5: just luck, 0:35 at least because we have rl at start. and dont get health, we can survive starting with 50 health and some ga.
e2m6: done. why stats dont fit?

e3m1: the window jump possible? no idea, i'll leave it.
e3m2: done.
e3m3: just luck, and preserve some health to do that gj.
e3m4: simply faster running, maybe 1 sec.
e3m5: who the fuck can do that tunnel trick? nothing else.
e3m6: connor, 25 or 24?

e4m1: done but can anyone exit with more health?
e4m2: i m just writting to joe talking about some insane trick, so talk about this later.
e4m3: need player...
e4m4: use glquake to find out where the fucking fish is?
e4m5, e4m6: done.
e4m7: any new routes? i have several ideas but dunno whether they will work:
1.just skipping the pent(and sacrificing a few boosts also), and then kill the vores carefully.
2.skip the pent and get the quad near the key instead, it will allow us start killing vores much eariler.
also, in the key area, use a grenade to open the water switch may save a few tenths than shotgun?
end: why working on it?
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Omega: 2004-08-13 09:32:37 am
Why would you wanna finish E4M1 with more health? You pick up a megahealth and pentagram in E4M2, anyway, unless you wanna do E4M3 without that brilliant time-saving quad grenade jump--because there wouldn't be enough health to do that if you'd skip the pentagram in E4M2.
I also thought lots about ep1 routing, but couldn't came up with any better ideas compared to the current demos/routes. It's a shame we can't improve this by any more, but oh well, this is the most popular episode I believe, probably that's why it got optimized so early Wink

e2m4: I'd like to try this, and will have a look about your idea with the qdqwav route, weixing.

e3m1: with the window jump 24 is definately possible, but I'm afraid we'd need a Markus to get that Sad
Or Kay, Connor, prove me wrong Smiley

e3m4: no, I doubt this could be done any faster

e3m5: I'd like to try this too

e4m2: just read your mail weixing, I'll have a look on the trick and see what I can do.

e4m4: the problem is not that I cant see the fish, but that the fishes are randomly placed on skill 3!!! Most of the times they're nowhere, and it's also so fucking rare that I get to the pool, coz of the fucking fiends... but I wont give up yet, I'm still dreaming about the 19

the rest is all yours...
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Did e1m1 in :24.

In theory it could go 1 second faster, but that theory is so theoretical that I wouldn't advice going for it. Let me explain why.

1. The luck at the end is incredible. 1 in a thousand.

2. The first part is far from perfect, but the grunt in the narrow hall by the quad-secret exit door, is nigh impossible to jump over if you reach him any sooner (he's on patrol duty). There IS a chance however. If you reach him fast enough (and I mean like perfect run + a couple of lucky sg boosts), you can go past him on the side of him, he will not walk 100% in the middle of the hall, but alittle to the side. But I would say that you got a 2% shot of making it. Then there's the nightmare after the button door.

Feel free to attempt it though, dont take my word for it =)

e1m2 have to start with 50 health now (and I dont remember sg-shots...are those important to sync?). But e1m2 had to be redone anyway, I think?

e1m1_024 is FANTASITIC kay  Shocked

i did e4m7_039 a couple of nights ago but overwrote it - i change my control settings and forgot to unbind the new record button  Cry

but at least 0:38 is possible....
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
And btw, I have run e3m1 for hours, I just dont get that boost. The damn grunts cant shoot for shit. The NEVER hit me?! Anyone got any ideas...?

And the roof is so low =/
I cant build enough speed to clear the gap with bunnies alone cause of the damn roof. I feel like a caged bunny on ID levels.