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Can't you simply bind screenshotjpeg to a key, therefore not having the console covering half of the screen?
/bind p "screenshotjpeg"
(replace p with an unused key of your choice) should do the trick.
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Kirua: 2010-12-21 08:31:52 am
Railgun worshipper
Nope, I had tried Smiley The screenshot bind only works if you're inside a game, not on the menu... No idea why as it works perfectly if you type it manually. Doesn't really make any sense. (well actually it must simply be that binds aren't active outside games...)
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Ewil: 2010-12-21 08:52:25 am
You could have used Print Screen button, you know Smiley
Railgun worshipper
As I said in my post, print screen key doesn't work :p It takes a screenshot of the "background" of the game, without the menu on it (hard to explain), and I have no damn clue why it does that !

I know how to take a screenshot, guys Cheesy Don't worry !
Sorry Smiley

Maybe Fraps could help.
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hztn: 2015-11-12 09:41:49 pm
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hztn: 2015-11-12 09:30:10 pm
- Ohh... Maybe most people forgot it, (but i think that is wasn't popular, site was previously russian.) the old source - - which now exist only in web cache services, like this, as example.
There were demos which contained records which is 2 minutes shorter (total time) than that video on quakeunity.
There were also different competitions, not only q3 speedrun. Maps tricks, spiterbot100 owning to zero >:B, etc.

Here is all q3 records demos archive, the best results:

PS, on last level man didn't die, and didn't miss any rail. =))
Railgun worshipper
Well, in a segmented run, for a level that short, the least you can do is submit a 100% rail acc tbh Smiley

Thanks for the links otherwise, i'll check that out eventually, only out of curiosity as i know that i'll use my strats anyway ! Deathless single segment planning is very different risk-wise than a segmented run obviously. It's only the same on a few straightforward levels such as dm17.
Svart Lyser Tronen
Quote from hztn:
Here is all q3 records demos archive, the best results:

That was a great watch :>

GL Kirua!
sorry to revive this but... Kirua, a single segment run would rock. Do not give up on it.
Quake 3 Arena - Nightmare No Deaths
Railgun worshipper
Hi, sorry for pulling this thread from the depths of the forum but as a few people showed some interest in such a run, I felt like I had to give some news. My best so far has been a single segment with two deaths.

I watched a few parts of the video in the post before and the thing is, I tried a run that was the opposite of that. His playstyle is slow (moves are a bit slow, aim could be better against bots) and extremely conservative. I compared a few levels with my average times and he basically uses 50% more time than I do. I wanted a deathless SS, but a slow paced run would defeat the purpose of SDA imo, and I think it would be pointless to submit something that look like that (particularly when you consider the other quake runs on the site). (Also, considering that his skill is average and that he separated each level, i'm really suspicious about this being a single segment.)

Anyway as for myself and as I reached two deaths, I'm sure that a deathless fast run is possible, but it still requires a lot of luck, hence a lot of attempts. And I don't have that sort of time anymore. So, unless I somehow manage to pull it off one of these days while I chill out, I have failed my run attempt, sorry. Smiley
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KFC: 2015-11-13 06:53:46 pm
ChickenB0h BOH! :D
I don't think anyone said it actually is single-segment because for me it's clear that this "run" is individual-levels(can be wrong tho).

is there any copy of your best run that you could post somewhere anyways I would be really interested in seeing your attempt? Smiley
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Kirua: 2011-11-26 06:11:51 pm
Railgun worshipper
My bad, I thought it was presented as a single segment but yeah, it wasn't. It's surely an individual level run indeed.

I'm sorry, I don't have a recording of the attempt.. Not only because it was (strangely) one of my early attempts, and I didn't expect to do that well (afterwards I never did better than 5 deaths I think, but I usually just started from the beginning when I died), but also because every time i tried to record or stream using conventional things, I only had a black screen showing. No idea why. I managed to record some attempts afterwards with an other terrible method but it was almost impossible to watch because of the shitty quality (and anyway there were many deaths). In the end, I ditched everything :x (I thought I would fix the recording problem when I would feel that I was getting closer to achieving the run, which is surely a stupid thing to do I guess. But in the end, I had less time for attempts, and gradually gave up on it).
In case anyone is interested, I just did a fun run on "I Can Win" in 31:26

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LotBlind: 2021-01-09 08:59:24 am
I could only watch for 15 minutes Cheesy It's sooo repetitive. I wish the campaign only went up to tier 4 or something.
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hztn: 2015-11-12 09:37:46 pm
Reuploading the demos. Cute, but all these segmented nightmare demos are still unbeaten. =)These total time is 26,56.9, but dudes on twitchTV think that "i-can-win" in 27+ minutes is the best, lol.
DC++ magnet:  magnet:?xt=urn:tree:tiger:3OKCECEBKGOI7NGXALBXAOLYQJ2RVUOO75WDFVQ&xl=9694107&dn=Q3DQ-speedrun-demos-26%2C56.9-Quake-3-Done-Quick-Nightmare.7z
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Ewil: 2015-11-13 03:52:10 am
I can win in 27 minutes is about the best you can do in single-segment. Also, those runs are RTA, so IGT is about a minute less. Segmented shouldn't be that much faster since it's not about skill, it's pure RNG. Same for nightmare difficulty.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
A few months ago I did a Quake 3 Nightmare Speed Run.

It's not optimal, there are mistakes in it, but I thought I would share it :

nicely done!
So do you have the raws left? If you'd like input on the A/V quality you could just refer to this video on the Tech Support part of the forums.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Thanks 3rr0r !

@LotBlind -> I have the raw file (that I directly uploaded to youtube, it was recorded like this with the splits), but the video quality on the raw file is just slightly better than the youtube version. But anyway I'm not sure I want to submit this to the site, I dunno... It's possible that I might try to improve it some time in the future (although I don't have plans to do that for quite a while ^^), even though I trained a bit, my skill was a little rough from not playing the game for quite some time prior to making the run Smiley
Even if you're not going to submit a run, posting it on SDA is a good idea so it doesn't go under the radar! And if you ever submit one, make sure to get the A/V quality checked out even before recording. I'm very uncertain about what to say about it, to me it looks fine (especially with the slightly better raw) but I've been wrong about the SDA standards before.

Here's some ideas:
- You're technically shooting Klesk too many times with mg before the rail switch. Is it possible to count the shots you've landed exactly?
- There may have been times when you could've went for more spawn frags. It does waste ammo though so it's not so clear. E.g. if you're doing one of the 1v1 matches and the chances of getting the spawn frag are 1/8, you're just wasting a rocket most of the time, unless you're standing right next to ammo.
- About the graphics settings: if you don't want to go TankJr and no gibs etc., you should ask the community (this thread) whether they'd be okay with the settings you've used... but in general SDA is all about speed speed speed. Everyone's already seen regular play, now they wanna see how the game plays like with extreme devotion to finishing it fast. Technically though, you couldn't use any console settings not accessible through the menu "unless it's for cosmetic purposes only", but that's sometimes a bit of a gray area. I know everyone who ever played the game used the console to mod it to their liking, so there might be room for an exception for this community... I'm not here to ruin the party, just informing you about SDA standard policies. It's unfortunate that you can't just play the demo back with altered settings because it's a full-game run.

With that many gold splits, I fully believe you could do even better. It can't all have been RNG Cheesy It's one of these primarily multiplayer games where everyone got good at it before they started to speedrun it. Or there's hardly any big difference between normal play and speedruns. But yeah, it's just kinda stupid no-one ever dares submit runs for it just because there's someone out there who are even better.
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diegowar: 2016-01-17 01:10:42 pm
diegowar: 2016-01-17 01:09:13 pm
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
All fair points !

I'll respond quickly :

- Yep, I'm sure I've overhit Klesk many times with the MG, I'm taking a lot of precautions because I've already had times when I thought I had him enough and didn't, and it was very frustrating to lose time on this, especially if he's already picked up the plasma gun. So I think I just went for something like "when I hear 4 hits I'm sure I'm good", and sometimes some few extra ones are thrown in there between the time I've heard the 4th and decide to switch weapon, but yeah it could definitely be improved, there's some time to be saved there.

- Yeah, spawnkilling, actually that's one thing I purposefully didn't try (except on the very obvious levels, like Crash), because I didn't feel like studying how the spawn work for hours, mainly because I hate spawnkilling, even bots ^^. I know I'm supposed to go as fast as possible, but I still like to keep it somewhat legit, I'd rather the run be about the pure performance rather than luck on the spawns. If someone comes along and destroys my run using spawnkilling then I might change my mind, but as long as it's not the case, I prefer to limit the spawnkilling based mainly on sound cues, and not prediction before the spawn. I know most speedrunners won't agree with me on this, but I guess I've played Quake 3 too much in my past and this "code of conduct" is engraved in my brain ^^

- About the gold splits, there weren't that many "full" runs recorded at the time (just a couple and a dozen resets), I wiped clean the splits entirely each new session. But it was definitely a run where I did some good performances (and the ones from the previous sessions were mostly slower), so there might have been quite some gold splits nonetheless Smiley
But you're right, I can definitely do better , I just don't know when I'm ever going to get to that though. To be any decent level, I need to play for a lot in a short period of time, and these days I can only play once in a while which is impractical. But I'm sure I'll get around to it, I'll try to find a solution to get better quality (I will also try to record in full screen, playing in a smaller window wasn't helping ^^), and when all that is done maybe I'll submit it, we'll see Smiley
To my great amazement I can't find information anywhere about how Q3 spawns work! I believe they're random, or at least more so than QL. If they were random, wouldn't you just have to memorize some spawn points around the map (enough so you generally have one you know you can shoot at) to enter the spawn frag "raffle"? Smiley I think that, specifically against bots, it's not really lame, it's just having presence of mind and spending time efficiently. In a way they're cheating the whole time too Cheesy Also it's not pure luck if you're literally timing the rockets so they hit the spot at the right time.

Against humans, I'm all in favor or a "choose-your-own-spawn" system for duels at least. UT has at least partially adopted that for duels and even has a base game mode that starts with spawn selection. And hoony mode is a thing...

There really isn't such a thing as "keeping it legit" outside of things like cheat codes. You cheese and cheese as much as you can. It's just a demonstration. You're also already camping a lot on most maps! As I mentioned, spawn fragging isn't always equally valid anyway (ammo wastage and if there's already lots of action) so you wouldn't have to learn too too many spots to make it look like you haven't just forgotten to do it. On Dredwerkz e.g. your strategy doesn't benefit from it because of those reasons. On the other hand, knowing what to do off each spawn on each map would be nice, but is there a way to see the spawn points or would that require doing lots of resets? I recommend doing some amount of resets to see most spawns so you're not caught completely flabbergasted. Although I'm not really seeing lots of that now. That's the kind of work you can do in shorter sessions. With duel maps though, I'd like to recommend thinking about each spawn separately for what you're going to do off them. That way you'll simultaneously have learned where the bot can spawn at no added cost. Cheesy That's something I actually like to do in QL even though I'm as far from competitive as you could get.

Another aspect of it is this: playing a game well and speedrunning it well are rarely quite the same. If you go about looking into "meta" stuff like spawns, you will mitigate the effect of someone else WITH GOD RAILS AND 99+ LG coming along being able to "brute force" a better time. You're certainly good enough as a player to have a run of yours accepted, I can tell you that much!

I hope you continue to have fun with the game, that's all that matters!

EDIT: Some additional notes
34:10 very good use of the teleporter to look for more bots

the PERFECT Longest Yard... that basically couldn't be any faster!

Do tiy have bot chat off? I wasn't paying attention. Should you actually have it on? If it's on, they make easy targets sometimes. YES THAT'S LAME I KNOW hahaha
diegowar: You could submit your run to We have no NM runs yet. You also don't have to worry about losing your run, old runs always stay on the leaderboards.

-Spawns are random in Q3 as far as I know. They changed it in QL, though (and maybe even in OSP/CPMA mods)