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Quackshot Starring Donald Duck (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Control gained (on the map) at ~00:20, lost at ~27:55... so 27:35, but there might be half-seconds there so 27:34 could also be valid.

Good A/V quality, no cheating.

A solid run, Quackshot is not the friendliest game. The jumping physics can easily work against you when you try to go fast.

Not a lot of time was lost, each hit taken from an enemy that was missed probably lost about one second, and some jumps were missed. Nicely figured out where damage needed to mbe taken on purpose. Other than tha I didn't see any real mistakes, at most minor ones.

Fun if somewhat unforgiving game, good run.

Thus Kenny sees no reason to not accept!

Audio is fine. Video is fine. No cheating is detected.

This is an improvement to the current SDA run. The runner takes advantage of several things which improve his time compared to the current run.
1. The sliding and movements are more polished.
2. The runner doesn't stop for ghosts to clear in Transylvania before heading up the wall.
3. The runner is more confident in the Maharajah maze, eliminating the awkwardness that the current run has before going in some doors. Nice dialogue skip before the maze.
4. The tiger fight is faster due to taking advantage of a shorter invulnerability time. The same goes for the Viking ship boss.
5. Egypt is the place to be... in this run. The runner uses an easily noticeable shortcut in the pyramid, slides faster than the current run, and bypasses the collapsing ceiling with more sliding. A lot of time is saved here with the above taking place.

I have always enjoyed this game and I am glad to see this run. I accept this run as an improvement to the current Any% SS

Since the previous verifiers already pointed out all the things this run did better compared to the run currently on site, here's instead a list of things the runner could have done better.

In general, this run contains quite many mis-fires and missed plunge jumps. These obviously look pretty ugly due to the slow recovery from firing and I'm sure several of them could have been avoided with some more practice.
Apart from obvious mistakes, here's a few non-obvious ones:

1. In Mexico 2 the runner could have gone through the last set of green blocks a cycle earlier. 2-3 seconds lost from waiting.
2. In Egypt the runner doesn't pull back in time before hitting the text trigger and ends up far right on the screen due to the speed of temper. 1-2 seconds lost walking back to the flag spot.
3. Getting on top of the mine cart edges at the end of Egypt is easy and risk-free and allows reaching the second cart earlier with a super boosted jump. Potential save of 1-2 seconds.
4. The runner doesn't skip the viking dialogue prior to entering the inner ship. Instant 5 second loss.
5. More mine carting in the Hideout and the third cart can be used to get a boost here. 1-2 seconds potential save from getting off earlier.
6. Last two sets of hovering propeller platforms can be traversed one cycle earlier using a leap of faith from the ledge to the first one instead of waiting. 3-4 seconds lost from waiting.
7. Runner stops to pick up a full health recovery when already at full health. 2-3 seconds lost.
8. Platforms in the sky leading up the the end boss are traversed way too carefully. They are not on a timer so better jump planning could have saved 2-3 seconds.

All in all I'm saddened that the runner chose to submit a v3 completion of this run. I believe the runner has the potential to create a much more polished run given just a little bit more practice and incorporation of more of the known tricks. Sub-27 is a realistic goal.
That said, this run is a vast improvement over the current run and should still be accepted.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Mike 'mike89' McKenzie!
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SEGA Junkie
Gee, guess which verifier is moooh. Tongue Thanks for verifying guys!

It's good to have that information out there as potential improvements, but I got burned out on attempts for this game real fast and had no desire to improve it at all. Having said that, I hope it's enjoyable for most people still. Smiley

I uploaded this run to my Youtube shortly after completing it: