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Quackshot (Any %) (Single Segment)

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Quote from mike89:
A/V: Feel like sound might be gradually desyncing, but that could just be me...
Cheating: None

OK, way to make me look stupid. :p

Major improvements over my run:
* South Pole 2 - skipping into the area with the diary from the other side. This saves absurd time, I knew it was possible from the TAS and probably should have put more time into learning it
* Hideout - 500% more ballsy strats, and solved a mystery I'd had for quite some time - how to survive the fall down the straight shaft at the end! I did this on my first playthrough and completely forgot how I did it...
* The Island - One cycle last boss?! Turns out the reason this works is that when you hit the boss with the plunger, it has two invulnerability periods instead of just one, and during one of them the sword is able to move. Using bubblegum only creates one invulnerability period and the sword doesn't move in that time, creating enough time to finish the boss in one round.

Minor time savers:
* The water section in Transylvania was handled much better than in my run.
* That back-and-forth slide up the hill in Egypt looked pretty cool, but did it save any time? It obviously takes a little bit to set up, but then saves time up the hill, so I dunno.

All in all, hopefully this is enough that nobody ever asks me to play this game again. :p


Timing: based on my run, starts when you select the first stage (0:08) and ends when you lose control, which is right after the final boss fades out (25:18), giving either 25:09 or 25:10.

Audio and video looks good.
The attentive would notice that the sound made when bouncing off a plunger is actually completely different compared to the sound made in the current run on site. This is however just something they changed between REV00 (which this run was made on) and the current run's REV01.

All in all this run is sweet, correcting many small mistakes from the previous run while adding several new timesavers to boot.

Mexico: Nice finding a consistent setup for the popcorn shot on the moving platforms.
Also the runner is making very good use of the jump+shoot tech to gain height, making it on top of some of those platforms that would otherwise have been just out of reach.

Egypt: Slight time loss here at the mine cart section by not going for the first mine cart jump. I always use a sound cue for this counting the bridge sections that fall. Jump off at the time the 8th segment falls off and then pull back slightly just slightly before the next minecart. If done correctly you should land directly inside the next cart saving around 2 seconds.

South Pole 2: In through the backdoor, and made it second try even. Huge timesaver over the previous run.

Hideout: Making them platform cycles. Good optimization here!
The one RNG-boss in the game is dealt with very accordingly. I like the strat the runner uses here, making sure Pete is not getting away like he so often tries to do. Don't think I've seen this method before.

The Island: A bit time lost in the sky section approaching the final boss. Almost every jump was too high and the runner had to pull back to not overshoot the platforms. You should either short hop, or clear some of them two at a time. This was something in between.
I guess maybe nerves were kicking in quite badly at this point and the runner elected to take the safe approach.
Single-cycle last boss is a yummy find. A good 30 seconds saved on this alone.

This run is very polished and is a good improvement over the previous run. A definite accept!

Quote from KennyMan666:
Nice aiming and shot setups throughout. Good sliding and use of invincibility periods.

Fumbled on a ledge in Duckburg 2, little time lost.

Nicely timed hits on Dracula.

South Pole thing: Awesome.

Nice work with those jumps in Hideout. Also good job with Pete, shame about the one missed shot at the end.

Great dispatching of the final boss despite that one mistimed bubble.

So, all in all, a good improvement over the previous run.

Kenny says accept!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Windalgo'!
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