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SS Contender Mode run

Disco Kid [0:28.86]
Don Flamenco [0:17.74]
TD Disco Kid [0:23.45]
TD Piston Hondo [0:32.69]
TD Super Macho Man [1:13.71]
TD Mr. Sandman [0:43.20]

Verifier Responses

When it comes to verifications, it doesn't get any easier than to verify existing ILs, so let's get that out of the way really fast.

Disco Kid -.12
Don Flamenco -.18
TD Disco Kid -.06
TD Piston Hondo -.23
TD Macho Man-.23
TD Sandman -.27

Long story short, the quality is great, and the runs submitted were mirror images of the existing runs, but literally just a few milliseconds faster.  The only few differences I could see is how during TD Piston Hondo, we get to see the ending fall instead of the ref coming in.  Interesting how the runner also got even faster times posted, but it is a shame that he didn't record those, but oh well, an improvement is an improvement.


Now for the SS Contender Run.  Interesting how he only does just the first 12 fights, but then again this could mean that we could have the the "TD run in the future".  Anyway, the run is pretty flawless as the runner's fights are once again close to mirror images of the existing ILs.  Much like the updated IL submittions, this run is also a pretty easy accept.

Now as for an actual "Full-Game" run of Punch-out, I do have to question, shouldn't the run end at the end of TD Sandman? or would the runner seriously have to throw three matches?  Mac's Last Stand is meant more for of an "Endurance" than an actual progression much like the rest of the game.

ILs :

Disco Kid : -.12 (2 frame improvement)
Don Flamenco : -.30 (5 frame improvement)
TD Disco Kid : -.06 (1 frame improvement)
TD Piston Hondo : -.29 (~5 frame improvement, due to way clock works)
TD Macho Man : -.23 (~4 frame improvement, again due to clock)
TD Sandman : -.27 (~5 frame improvement...)

Three of these times (Flamenco, TD Disco and TD Hondo) are world record ties, the other 3 are sadly slower than the fastest known times.  Even so, I'll gladly accept all 6 of these runs as the 3 fights that aren't wr's are still really close.  And hey, this gives me the opportunity to get off my lazy ass and submit for the times that aren't 'perfect'.


SS Run

Glass Joe : I really would have liked to see a 25.76 here seeing as how it's the first fight, perfection should have been the goal.
Kaiser : Again, I would have preferred to see a 20.49 due to it being a rather easy 'perfect' time to attain.

From Disco onwards : I really wouldn't expect wr ties on any fights past Kaiser, sure that would be preferable, but not entirely plausible.  Of all the fights past that point, the one that makes me cringe the most is Don Flamenco.  That isn't the easiest fight to perfect, but that 20 second time just looks ugly even though the fight looks clean!

If anyone in the future goes after a ss run of contender, this time is definitely beatable, but it won't be easy.  Despite the flaws in the run, which are to be expected in a game like this, I will gladly accept this run, and pending accepts from the other two verifiers, will be awarding zallard with the $100 bounty I placed on this game.  I am happy with the end result and can tell how much work the runner put into this game.  Congratulations zallard, this is one hell of a run.  Accept!

A/V quality for all the videos is fine, no signs of cheating.

I don't really have much to add. Coming this close to the IL times in a SS, considering how the game's timer works, is really awesome. I know how difficult trying for absolute perfection at the beginning of a run can be, so I won't blame him for the non-WR ties there. I added up the times to be 8:21.30, which matches the StatID.

All of the ILs are improvements, so they're obvious accepts. Just slightly disappointed it doesn't include a TD Don improvement. Tongue

So yeah, accept everything.

Decision: Accept 'em all!

Congratulations to Zack 'zallard1' Allard! (SS Contender Mode run)

Congratulations to Terry 'klar' Heard! (ILs)
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Congrats, klar and zallard!  I cannot wait to see a SS of this on SDA!  Never thought the day would come.  ^_^
Waiting hurts my soul...
Would Contender Mode be the normal mode of this game? I'm taking it off the request list since I think it is. Congratulations on removing another game!
Planning a Cave Story
Nicely done zacky.  Insane punchin skills.
B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
Thanks everyone!

Verifier #1: Seems to be a couple of calculation errors in those time improvements. Verifier 2's times seem accurate though; make sure to use V2's times when recalculating the new IL total when posting this run. As for a TD run, it's not gonna happen since it's not really a category. The only categories for this game are: IL table, contender (any%), and a full game run (100%?). One of the reasons I haven't messed with a full run yet is because of Mac's Last Stand; a triplet of random fights that I need to lose very fast in order to finish the game. I've asked Mick Williams Mike about this and he said since the fights show the ingame time that transpired from a loss, that time is included in the final time for the run. That and you don't see the credits until after Last Stand, so it's still part of the run. I still need to make sure the "death" strats I use are optimal, because since those game times count as time during my run, there's a huge random element at the end of a full SS of this game that can cost upwards of 1 minute of ingame time with particularly bad luck.

Verifier #2: The reason I didn't go with the 25.76 Joe strat is because the clock stop glitch is really inconsistent to pull off. I reset so often on this run that I didn't really feel the 0.73 loss was worth that much trouble of raising the resets tenfold. I actually almost reset at Kaiser since I wasn't too happy with the amount of frames that I lost, but since it was still just barely sub 21, I hesitantly moved on. I know Don is the weakest part relatively speaking, but damn that clock is a monster at speeding up if your punches aren't perfect.

Verifier #3: You know, I was looking at that TD Don run the other day since something seemed off about it. The run got an amazing 224 at the end of phase 2, which I thought would've been an easy sub-48 given the execution was still excellent, but somehow it wasn't, so how did it lose so much time? The 48.01 run used an extra punch that it didn't need to at the end of phase 3. I picked up on it because I'm so used to ending the fight with a low punch (11 punches total in phase 3), but the 48.01 ends with a high punch (12 punches).

PJ: Just so you don't get your hopes up, this isn't a SS of the entire game.

ZenicReverie: Yes, contender is essentially a "normal mode" run.
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Good job, Team Punch-Out!! Wii!
Thanks everybody, and congratulations to Zack on the SS Speedrun!

Verifier 1: Thanks and yes, I had faster times unrecorded, but they were made before I could record legitimately.

Verifier 2: Thanks. TD Disco and TD Hondo aren't wr ties though as far as I know, and again I know my times are slower than my best. =(

Verifier 3: Thanks. Sorry for the disappointment, I just really hate TD Don's infinites, I haven't played him in years lol.