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Quote from Carl Sagan:
Fuck deaths, this guy doesn't even get hit. Not one unintentional powerup loss.

Quote from MAS8705:
Hmm... What I find interesting about this run in itself is the approach taken near the start.  I'm taking it that this run is pretty much close to the existing 100% run that is already on the site.  The runner goes straight towards the first castle instead of going for the yellow switch.  Another interesting not to show for here is the stage when you first get the super cape: The runner skips it while the existing run grabs it almost immediately; you would think that the cape is faster, but the runner on foot actually beats out the existing runs and grabs the cape in the next stage during a time when you can't really move the stage along any faster.

(It's grabbed in Donut Plains 2, an autoscroller)

Quote from Wawlconut:
Should cut out the reset. Seems odd to have it included.

^ All of these

Quote from Egg McMuffin:
The audio quality, on the other hand, is okay. I'm not sure if it's my tv or not but some levels seemed to play no music while others do.

Can't follow. Audio is fine for me, I didn't notice any levels with missing audio. I admit to only starting to pay attention halfway through, but I think I would have noticed.

Apart from that, I think everything has been pointed out in more detail than I would ever be able to give. While watching, I counted some ten mistakes that would have made something like a two second difference (so Lee is obviously way better at finding stuff). Closing by quoting Lee:
Quote from Lee:
20 seconds of improvable material vs. 6 minute improvement? Easy Accept.
Insane Killer Robot
I realized that so far, no one has said what the time on the video was.  But I can't recall, does timing start during that little scene before the overworld or does it start when he starts moving Mario on the overworld?
Not a walrus
Our timing starts during the little text box since he has control, yeah. I forget exactly when it ends, either when Peach drops out or shortly after.
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IsraeliRD: 2012-12-10 10:47:07 pm
Dragon Power Supreme
Quote from CyberBotX:
I realized that so far, no one has said what the time on the video was.

1:25:19. Timing starts at the starting scene where Mario appears and ends when peach appears at the end.
I believe SDA and Nico time the same way which is when you can control of Mario during the intro and ends when Peach appears.
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AlecK47: 2012-12-11 12:03:08 am
I really can't say much that hasn't been said.  My familiarity with the tricks and strategies involved in this run far outshine my "ability" to perform them, but at least I know what is going on.  There will be mistakes, and this run has them, but the simple fact is that as ugly as some of them may be, they rarely cost more than a couple seconds, and backup strats (as mentioned by CarlSagan and Wawlconut) save horrendous losses.  It is most definitely improvable - and I would love to see it improved - but there is no truly substantial reason to reject the run based off of gameplay; the improvement is just too significant.  As for audio and video issues, they are from the plugin, and not the encode.  I initially watched a bit on my browser and experienced some audio desynch, but after downloading the file and watching in VLC, those issues disappeared.  Both audio and video are impeccable.  And although I didn't watch the run live, the runner's proclivity for streaming this game only increases my already substantial confidence in the lack of cheating.  All the strats are legit (and often awesome), no audio blips, and the score and life counters are consistent.  Basically this run rules.  So accept.

Also, dram doesn't just "rhythmically press back," he massages it sensuously, with fragrant sacred oils from lands far away. Wink
Let the man cape!

By which I mean rhythmically press back.
I could respond in a thousand dirty ways, but damn it, I don't want to be the one to ruin the public verification trials.

F*ckin' sanity effects...
The audio and video seem good (though the reset at the beginning IS a bit awkward, seems like it should be cut).  No cheating by my scorecard.

This run is pretty crazy, one of the cleanest I think I’ve ever seen.  The purple Yoshi chasin’ in the one Special level was probably the most “oops” moment in the whole thing (and the only time I can see the runner didn’t intend to be hit and got hit, I believe), which is insane over the course of a run this long.  There are several other minor, but notable mistakes adding up to most definitely less than a minute’s worth of errors (seems like at least one or two would have been avoidable without showing off/showboating, but the showboating is usually so good that I wouldn’t have it any other way).  I’m very impressed.  You should watch this thing.  Especially some of the flying strats in the castles/fortresses.  Really precise/ballsy.

Weegee Time
Not super up on SMW strategies but it seems like we've got that in spades.  I saw instances where the runner over or undershot something, such as slightly skidding past a door, sacrificing tenths of a second here and there.  Then there were a few slightly larger mistakes but that's to be expected in an hour+ run.  Certainly nothing meriting rejection, with such a great improvement to boot.  Sound and video are good too so long as I'm not trying to watch it in my browser.  This is the kind of run to put on SDA.  It's not perfect, but it is a well executed run and a pleasure to watch.  It also serves as a good launching point for further, smaller optimizations.  Recommend it for acceptance and for watching in general.
Not enough orb.
Willing to teach you the impossible
In a 96-exit run, how many locations can you get the orb and how much time could it really save?
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Wawlconut: 2012-12-12 02:52:19 am
You can get the orb in several levels. If I had to guess I'd say around 10 minutes maybe. I don't know a single runner that is interested in doing it in a run. If you do go for orbs there's hardly any gameplay in Chocolate Island since you can start orbing in CI1. Orb looks cool in Any% but when you see it in 96 Exit you see it over and over again and it looks really boring to do. The orb routes have been known to the Jap community as well but I haven't seen anyone go for a route with it. I don't think it's because of the potential crash either. I honestly believe it is because people would rather start a level and go to a clear end point instead of just creating an end point at will.

I will say that my opinion on orb is that it looks cool but I'm not really for it in runs especially since it would take out some fun levels in 96 Exit.
This is also something that more SMW players need to weigh in on.
Quote from Heidrage:
In a 96-exit run, how many locations can you get the orb and how much time could it really save?

Everywhere with a clapping chuck (YI1, tubular, ci1, ci4, ci5) each orb (except ci4?) would be gotten multiple times. For example you would orb castle 1, donut plains 2, castle 2 and butter bridge 1 all with the YI1 orb. A true route has never been done but I would guess it could be around 10 minutes like wawl said.
Willing to teach you the impossible
Thanks Wawlconut and dram
Yeah I wasn't being serious about the orb just to clarify. I'll watch this run later tonight although I doubt there's anything I can add after Carl's and Wawl's in-depth summaries... congrats(io) and looking forward to watching dram55.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
It seems like if anyone WERE interested in doing an "orbed" 96-Exit run, that could be its own category?  But yeah, it sounds less exciting than watching the game unfold "properly".  Obviously, mods and SMW experts (i.e. not me) could weigh in on that, but it sounds like it's moot until someone cares to actually do it.
I think a run like 96 Exit No Cape would be cool for orbs since 100% is only obtainable with the use of an orb in Donut Ghost House. If you don't orb then it's 95 and it kind of defeats doing a 100% run.
I am going out of town on Sunday, so I'm changing the deadline to tomorrow. I know most everybody has said their piece but now at least there is a day warning.
Make it so.
Before today, I had never played SMW. I have now completed a 96 exit run in the staggeringly brilliant time of 8:06:36. So now I feel like I can contribute to this.

Damn this run is good.

On a serious note, I noted very few mistakes and excelletn strats throughout, I would say this is an easy accept.
It's SMW, It's Dram, It's an improvement. Accept.
Decision posted.