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Psychonauts (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from LotBlind:
A/V : check
Cheating : check

I very much liked the run. Route has evolved a lot and it's evident there's been collaboration between runners so this should represent the state of the art. No major execution issues.

2:08 - Gets stuck near the top of a pole losing a second
4:16 - A little bit of trouble getting the flag to the top of the flagpole costing a second.
6:25 - Misses the psi-palm off of the roof the first time costing 3 seconds
8:07 - The Caravan door opens slowly as a result of settings needed for the game to run properly
8:25 - Runs into a bush, minimal time loss
10:44 - Gets hit by the Mega Censor, losing 7-9 seconds
11:36 - Get stuck on some censors, second lost
12:40 - Doesn't do canoe skip, costing several seconds
26:00 - Randomly clips through the floor, costs 10 seconds
27:30 - Hit by a missile and walks to the tunnel instead of doing flips
31:16 - Accidentally selects smelling salts instead of door
33:30 - Hit by explosive cookie box
33:50 - Accidentally selects smelling salts instead of door
34:17 - Misses text skip, loses 5 seconds
39:00 - Gets hit by fire through the boss 3 times, costing 10 seconds.
39:17 - Hit by attack from the boss, costs a second
41:33 - Accidentally runs back into the alley, costing 20 seconds
41:04 - Misses the loading zone for the El Odio fight, costing 10 seconds
50:34 - Hit by a rock, losing a second

A/V was great, no signs of cheating. Although there were multiple mistakes, the execution of tricks and movement optimization were great. Considering this is over a 10 minute improvement over the current segmented run, I feel as though this run should be accepted.

Quote from SMK:
A/V: Nothing terrible from what I can see.

Cheating: Nothing apparent.  The runner has disclosed that they required specific settings to make the game run consistently.  Given this game is a glitchy mess to run on PC, this is a reasonable compromise.

Run Notes:

Basic Braining:
- Excellent fast ladder climbing
- Does not do the opening bunny-hop, which is about 5 seconds lost
- Slight error leaving the first pole, about 1.5 seconds lost
- Mercilessly kills babies, reject
- Getting hit a second time on the machine gun is unnecessary, should have just gone for it, 2 seconds lost
- Really good strat for getting on the rails
- Slightly conservative on the rotating logs, maybe about 1 second lost

Overworld 2:
- Missed the roof launch, ~1 second
- Very aggressive arrowhead collection in GPC, might not be necessary imo, but it works and avoids the brain tumbler arrowhead randomness
- Collects scavenger hunt items, I'm still convinced its not faster than just figments, but I have no hard proof to back this up (and most other runners disagree with me, so I'm probably the one that's wrong).

Brain Tumbler 1:
- Did not get fast caravan door, reject

- Good fast shots using tumble-canceling
- Missed the quick-kill when getting grabbed, ~5 seconds lost
  - The trick here is that if you can line it up perfectly, you can get about 4-6 hits on the Mega Censor while you're grabbed, which actually makes it fastest to hit him a bit, get grabbed, then finish him off while grabbed.

Brain Tumbler 2:
- pretty good brain-tumbler 2

Overworld 3:
- uses the boat, reject (actually though, it loses about 10 seconds, and there's a consistent set-up for it now)

- Super-risky Bunnyhopping race strats, I approve
- except then he goes up top, which is slower
- I'm pretty sure taking the bouncy pads at the end is faster, can't remember if I ever timed it
- The 3 ring section is so weird without lag Tongue

Overworld 4:
- Uhh, does not get the 2nd GPC marker, if he takes the one above oscar, I'm rejecting

Under the Lake:
- Unfortunate nail luck on 1st round
- slightly better 2nd round

- can cancel psi-blast with shield to save like, 0.5 secs killing the planes
- almost perfect Koachamera fight

Asylum 1:
- some menu-issues entering Boyd
- Otherwise good Boyd's mind

- Did not get the Cruller fire text skip, reject (real talk: I have no idea how to consistently get this, super frustrating!)
- Someday, we will figure out how to skip cobweb duster, and life will be great
- Talking to becky isn't necessary iirc
- Again, no lag on flying sections is no fair, this guy needs to get on my level
- Gets hit by fire 2 times, lost about 7 seconds
- Gets hit by insult, 0.5 seconds
- a little too cautious overall on Jasper, should just jump right in; in my experience caution is not rewarding to the average psychonaut.

- Tiger luchador could use some optimization, ~2 secs
- Ugh, okay, here's the big one(s):
  - re-enters the painting, which wasted at least 8-12 seconds since it requires 2 uneccessary loads
  - Does not have a good visual reference for the boss loading trigger, which causes the runner to miss it, about 10 seconds
  - Neither of these are reasonable in my opinion.  Were they not surrounded by an otherwise good run, this would be auto-reject.

- Pretty good Fred, no major issues

Asylum Upper Floors:
- Decent asylum upper floors
- Good brain tank, but getting hit does cost time

Meat Circus:
- Really good entry into the ..., meat hole (I won't clarify further what I think it looks like, but I will say its harder to enter quickly than it would seem).
- Floating is unnecessary to cross the gap on the last section of tunnel of love, and with the patch they made 2 years ago, isn't even risky, ~2 seconds lost
- Very good stage 4 skip,
- Amazing stage 5 battle
- 2-round final boss, excellent

Verdict: On the one hand, the run is really good (better than anything I was able to get out), but on the other hand, there is at least 1.5 minutes of optimization/additional techniques/mistakes (in particular, the two in Oscar's mind which alone cost the sub 54).  That being said, given that there's relatively little competition in this game, and that the run on the site is extremely out of date by this point, I don't think its enough to warrant a full-on reject.

Ultimately, I'm on the fence; regardless of the verdict, I'd still like to see the runner push for a better run sometime in the future (he's already gotten a better PB since this run).

Very good run overall, it was the WR when it's been recorded. Good video/audio quality, no cheat spotted. The game improved  a lot since the last submission, and it shows on the run.
It's just too bad that several nice tricks worth showing were discovered/shared only after the submission.

I'll go through the main improvable points I noticed in the run, stage by stages. I am happy with everything I didn't mention, which is a lot.

Overall figment farm : Could've spent less time on some figments, almost one rank over at milkman, but it's better being over than being under.
Basic Braining : Vsync only messed up the first pole. 2 babies hit in the minigame, that's some bad RNG, and also very cruel. Little mistake during the tank phase where he got shot twice instead of once.
Psy palm on the lounge took two tries, but psy palming wouldn't be psy palming if it were perfectly consistent.
Efficient arrowhead farm.
Brain Tumbler Experiment : Got hit by some bush.
Nein's Mind : Missed the jump on the bed. Final fight could've gone a little faster.
Lake : No Canoe Skip, would've been nice to see it despite the little consistency.
Milla's mind : Good race, missed the third ring.
Linda : Bad RNG in the first battle and death during the second autoscroller.
Lunfishopolis : Psyblasting the prisons would've been a little faster. Good Kochamara fight, just too bad the trick to skip first phase was only discovered after the submission.
Milkman's Conspiracy : Nice mind, just got hit once during the final fight.
Gloria's Theater : The dogs cost several seconds during the boss fight.
Edgard's Mind: Little mistake entering the painting again after the fight, and also failing to go into the final fight. Bad RNG spawns in the final fight.
Fred's Mind : Good mind overall.
Decent second brain tank.
Meat circus : Good in general, got the final 2 cycle.

Decision : Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Grimdonuts'!
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Death from above.
Congrats Grimdonuts ! Now get sub 50 !
Bacon Choke Artist
Thank you very much. As of right now we have found a ton of new skips and tricks and I am seriously considering on submitting a new one once we get it down a little further . Currently however with the new tricks our fastest current time is only 42 seconds faster . Hopefully more breakthroughs happen and we can get sub 50 in the near future
Strange days, incredible days
Congrats! It's awesome to see this game evolve over the years. It's cool to know even more skips are on the way; I helped verify the current run on the site, and we knew there was a lot of new stuff back then as well. This is one of those games that never stops changing, it seems. Good luck.
Congrats grimdonuts Wink
Good job! Love this game Smiley