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Speed is everything!
I haven't played that game before but it looks very nice and interesting and also your run! Go on with that good work! Cheesy
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RealityO: 2008-01-15 04:18:42 am
Any further progress?

Not much. I might do some more this week, but I don't know when I'll finish it. School is back next week and I'm busy elsewhere. I promise to keep you updated if I'm doing anything. Thanks for the support.

The thing that's blocking me right now is that I am at my collection segment now (collect the required amount of cards/arrowheads/Ranks in to have Rank 30 by the time I get to the Theater Level (I forgot the names of the levels). Once the collection segment will be done, it will be pretty much linear. But right now I have to plan, do some testing and stuff like that.
I hope you will be able to continue your, because you did a awesome job so far.
Also, I think this will be my last public segment before I actualy submit it to SDA.

So had I said, I don't want to make any more public segment. But since it's been a while since I worked on that speedrun, and you guys seems impatient that I finish it, I'm releasing a small part of my Segment 4: The Milla's party race. IMO, it's not that good, it's just normal. It's funny because at some point I miss a jump that I'm suposed to land on a tube, and end up falling under and I discovered that it was faster than the way I wanted it to be.

So here it is:

Anyway, infos on my segment 4 recording: I didn't play for a while so I practiced the segment 2 times before trying to record it. Those 2 practice runs were terible. Kept falling, messing up, getting hit... But I decided to start recording, just in case I was lucky. Well I did the right choice because I recorded it on my first try. It's not perfect but it's enough for me to accept it.

Right now I need to check back how many cards I need to get for my Level 30 skill (invisibility, which is required). so I have to play levels without recording them, but playing as if I was recording them, so I can have a more precise amount. Anyway, I don't know when I'll record the next segment (which will be the collection segment including arrowheads, deep arrowheads, cards, cards with core, and hunter's items).

Lungofishopolis is really giving me a hard time. All these tanks that you have to avoid, slow speed and everything. But the boss battle is easy and I found a small glitch that makes me move faster but I guess I'll need a lot of tries when I'll record it.

Anyway thanks for the support guys. I'll try to keep doing it. I had mostly forgotten about this speedrun, but not I want to finish it ASAP.
I have been following this topic since it started, but I just recently joined, so I am here posting in this topic for the first time. I am looking forward to the run, and from what I have seen, it looks to be an awesome run. Segment 3 looks awesome!

Unfortunately, it seems I have to be the bearer of bad news. You actually have to get to Rank 30 before Boyd's mind, which is the level before the theater level, Gloria's mind. The Rainbow Squirt at the end of Boyd's mind closes the door if they see you, so you must turn invisible to get past her. If it weren't for that and the Rainbow Squirt sniping you in the assassin area, you could hold out until Gloria, and you can go into Victor's mind and Fred's mind before Gloria's, so rank wouldn't be as much of an issue. As it is though, it is impossible to beat Boyd's mind without invisibility, so you must have rank 30 before the assassin part of it.
Yes it's possible, and you make me want to do that segment just to show you how wrong you are in every way.  Tongue  Grin
Yes it's possible, and you make me want to do that segment just to show you how wrong you are in every way.  Tongue  Grin

I would like to see that. Tongue IIRC, you don't need invisibility to beat Edgar's mind, so that could help you, as you can do his mind before Gloria's.
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Darn it, I started practicing a speed run for Psychonauts a while ago. I didn't know somebody else was already doing it. And it looks like you have an advantage because you're playing the PC version, so you can tumble and manipulate the camera at the same time...

But then again, I'm working on a single-segment run, so I guess I could still submit my run as well.

I'm just wondering, how long do you expect your speed run to be?
Can't really remember, but around 2hours. Not sure if it's sub 2 or a bit above. I never did a real complete pratice test. Watch my videos if you want to help yourself a bit with the route (up to Milla's Dance Party so far)
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You know that figments are worth different values in different minds, right? For example, you get like 9 points for each figment in the Brain Tumbler experiment, so it's a great place to grab them as you're moving through.
Yeah I noticed that. But I thought collecting cards would be faster since I need to collect deep arrowheads anyway, and most of deep arrowheads spot are close to cards. That's why I'm not advancing much more right now. I need to determine how many figment/cards I need, which one I need to pick up and things like that.
Quote from Aaron_Haynes:
You know that figments are worth different values in different minds, right? For example, you get like 9 points for each figment in the Brain Tumbler experiment, so it's a great place to grab them as you're moving through.

There are different values in each mind too.  for example, the ones in Basic Braining  on the rolling logs part are worth 20 (!) while the others are worth considerably less.
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It's a shame this run seems to be abandoned now.
I thought the single most fun and useful thing for the run would be the levitation ball. There must be hundreds of shortcuts with it, like at the boss battle when fighting your father on the burning grids, you can just jump on them and make a levitation jump to almost the top. It's probably pretty hard to control at times, though.
in milla's race, maybe you can try jumping constantly. It might be faster, and definitely more entertaining.
Hey, Wolfhunt here. I’m completely new to the forms, not the website; I've been admiring you guys from afar for quite some time now.

God, its looks like this thread has died

First off I’m almost absolutely sure you can decrease your time for the first run by almost 20 seconds. You donut have to go to the very end of they wavy path in basic braining there’s a point before where you can just double jump onto the platform. The only problem is you don’t get those 20 figments, but you gain about 10-15 seconds. Secondly when you were crawling along the cannon you can double jump and then cling to the wall, saves a lot of time. Maybe you couldn’t do that because it’s on PC I’m not sure. I’ve only played it on console

Also if you collect all the psi cores (including the ones in the asylum grounds) and get all half of the scavenger hunt that’s 12 levels. If you were to say get 72 cards you would be at level 20. I really don't know how practice that is, it would probably be more logical to do it half and half. Get the cards you get along the way to the scavenger hunt items and the psi cards and you'll have at least 27 cards, probably more.

I’m not sure which would be faster if you did a purely card, psi challenge marker, scavenger hunt based run or a full figments run. Can you do a full figment run? Anyway I’ve been considering and attempting to speed runs this, I’m about 50 seconds away from RealityO's time on basic braining. The trouble is that I can only play the Xbox every second weekend selectively. ( parents divorced Undecided ) that and I have no recording device. But if I can do a test run and figure out exactly what I need to do level for level then I’ll buy the DVD recorder and create it. The only trouble knows exactly what you’re doing; recreating the process is just practice.
Quote from Wolfhunt:
You donut have to go to the very end of they wavy path in basic braining there’s a point before where you can just double jump onto the platform. The only problem is you don’t get those 20 figments, but you gain about 10-15 seconds.

For sure if you can skip it, it's better to lose 20 figment than 10-15 seconds. I know I have tried to find a way to skip it but I've never been able to achieve it. The only place I saw was near the end. You can see in my video that I skip a small part.

As for the death of the topic, I have to say that it is indeed pretty dead. A lot (maybe 4 or 5) have asked me advice because they were trying to speedrun it but I've never heard more of them. What my current run could be improved on: Maybe getting some more figment could help in the end. The thing is that when you dig for arrowheads, you have plenty of chance to run into so cards and scavenger hunt items. Personally, I think it's a good thing to get half of the scavenger hunt, some of the items are easy to get and it's 4 quick levels.

I was at the point to make my route for digging arrowheads, then I would be able to see how many cards/card+core I was able to get, then figure out if it's faster to get the missing stuff for other level or if I should get some more figments.

so I was able to play for about 4-6 hours yesterday, that the only time I’m going to be able to play for like two weeks Angry I beat your time on the first segment, only by one second though. Tongue Still there was quite some flaws in mine; in addition to that I'm finding it very hard to do the double jump onto the ledge. Right after the cannon you go into a slimy tunnel... slide down it... double jump off. That thing, I’ve done it twice, only, wondering if you could give me any tips.

Also when your jumping from the first set of tightropes to the second set, you can double jump so your perfectly standing on the second rope.

Allllso, you can go onto the gate and slide down onto the rails a little bit sooner then you did. Instead of jumping up the ladder, onto the tightrope, onto the floaty broken wall and sliding down. You can just go behind the ladder, double jump, and slide down the gate. You miss some figments; do you think it’s worth it?

I’m not sure how much time you save. My goal is finish the segment at the max 6:45 and at the least collect 350 figments. When I get to play it again in a couple weeks I’ll try and wean it down.
For the double jump in the slimey tunnel, just watch where I start to jump, which is a bit early before the end. I think I time my double jump a bit before or right when I pass the bump that goes down at the end of the tunnel. It's been a long time since I played this game so I tell you this from memory. Took me a long time to master it, and then I could maybe do it 2 times out of 3, sometimes better, sometimes worst.
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Sorry to necro this topic beyond belief, but I've recently played Psychonauts, absolutely loved it. I'm not wanting to do a run of it myself, but I think a speedrun of this game could really be great. I also found that bunnyhopping exists in this game, as shown in this video.

I'd definitely be willing to help as much as possible to anyone who attempts it. I might take a stab at it in a few months, as I'm currently pre-occupied with my Half Life 2: EP1 run, but at the moment I'm not planning on it.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
nice find =D i really would like to see a run of this game, so step up, people! )
Ok. First off sorry about creating a new thread RealityO. Just thought I wouldn't necro (seeing that this thread went about 4 months without any posts)

The run up to now for me is
I take 10 minutes to get where RealityO takes 9:44. The biggest difference in times comes from me collecting every card while he collects 1/2.
I'm still visiting SDA daily even thought I stopped working on both my runs (this one and NoX). I'm always excited when I see someone in interested in running this game. Sadly I've seen so many people ask me about tips about this run because they wanted to do it themselves but I've never heard any more from most of them.

Your video is still encoding at the time of this post but I will look back later. I will assist you as much as I can for your run if you need some pointers. Good luck!
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Hey RealityO... I was one of the people who expressed interest in a Psychonauts run and never did anything about it =]

I decided I should beat the game before trying to do anything fancy with it... because of that (and my lack of HD-space/recording devices) I never got around to ACTUALLY recording it because I never bothered to beat the game.  same with my BFM run as I wanted to beat it again to sorta plan out and I stopped halfway through, mostly because if I wanted to run it I would need to find a recording device.

Oh also my youtube account is no longer in existence because of the stupid google/youtube merger.

Anyways, I just want to say that it's possible to get to level 20 after the first run and then collect cards/challenge markers and so on.  While I doubt this is the best way to do this I was thinking it might possibly be faster in the long run as it means you don't have to attempt certain parts later, eventually saving more time.  Of course someone would have to test this, as I don't know if it is all that possible.

Also, I find using an adapter and plugging a PS2 in gives better control than mouse/keyboard.  For some reason my usually high mouse sensativity is really messed up when I play the game... And I get sick after too long using m&k.  a ps2-usb converter is like $6 on amazon.

GL on the run whoever's doing it.  I'll try and help out when I can.
Yhea. I'm excited to be running this game Smiley probally my favorite game I've played in quite a while (the closest is batman Arkham Asylum)

Currently I beat the first tank boss in 20:00 minutes then spent about 2:45 minutes collecting cards in the lake and the main campground. Not sure if this is the most efficient way but it seems to work pretty well, I just need to get about 6 more arrowheads to get the deep arrowhead locator.

Because megavideo is not cooperating (first time I tried to use it and it failed Sad ) I will put the videos onto youtube (probally tommorow) + any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure what my goal time is yet which is kind of annoying seeing that I'm already about 1/5 to 1/4 of the way done. Instead of basing my run on times I'm basing it on "perfection" aka as good as I can make it. The levitation scene took me 30 tries to get 2:30 minutes perfectly Sad Good thing this game is fairly speed run freindly due to quick loading times and auto-saves which I abuse.
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Collecting all the baggage in a level gives you at least a rank (maybe 2? I don't remember).  Is it possible that it would save you time in game?
Quote from Phoenix3568:
Collecting all the baggage in a level gives you at least a rank (maybe 2? I don't remember).  Is it possible that it would save you time in game?

Don't remember either. It's been a while since I installed and played this game. But I don't think it's worth it because sometime the key/baggage is so off the main road, or you even have to backtrack. Not impossible but I don't think it would be the fastest way unless maybe the first level. But still something to look into.