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RTA isn't viable for modern PC game speedrunning. Everyone knows this but uses it anyway because manually removing load times is a huge pain in the ass. The goal of this project is to create a tool for each popular PC speedgame that automatically removes the loading time via reading game memory. Most of the tools will be in the form of a LiveSplit plugin/component. If you know of a game that needs this type of thing, and has a lot of runners, let me know.

Starting with LiveSplit 1.4, most of these can be automatically downloaded and installed within LiveSplit itself. Just fill out the game's name in the splits editor and it should give you the option.

Source Engine - Nearly all Source engine games (HL2, Portal, etc) - Load removal, automatic splitting

Mirror's Edge - Load removal

Dishonored - Load removal, automatic splitting

Halo: Combat Evolved - Automatic splitting

Amnesia: The Dark Descent / Justine - Load removal

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - Load removal, automatic splitting

EDIT: Note that this thread is old and was created before "autosplitters" became popular. The community has made a lot of great load removal solutions since then and you should check them out. There's a list of them here
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Added Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.
Cool stuff.
The Dishonored "no loads & autosplit" is awsome! :3
SourceSplit v1.2

Fixed HL2 Steampipe May 29 2014 update
Added an option to disable Game Time
Now obeys drop shadow settings
Edit history:
z1mb0bw4y: 2014-06-06 09:56:18 am
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Is there a way (or any possibility of it being added in the future) to have sourcesplit create ingame splits, either in addition to the RTA splits or just as a replacement for the RTA splits? (btw sick work with all of these timers, I was surprised by the accuracy of sourcesplit when I first used it. It's awesome)
Edit history:
Fatalis: 2014-06-06 09:58:28 am
Yes, that will be added to all of the plugins when LiveSplit 1.4 comes out. You'll be able to switch between RTA and Game Time splits on the fly and it will save both to your splits file.
Gets the cake.
Quote from Fatalis:
Yes, that will be added to all of the plugins when LiveSplit 1.4 comes out. You'll be able to switch between RTA and Game Time splits on the fly and it will save both to your splits file.

Awesome, was hoping that would be what you'd say. Thanks!
I think I'm going to merge all of the plugins into one. It'll make adding new games a lot easier for me. The only problem I can see is that it may annoy users when the auto-updater forces people to update the plugin to a new version that changes something for a game they don't even play. I might have to write my own auto-update system rather than use LiveSplit's built-in one.
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We have some DLL that pause LiveSplit during loadings for Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2. Gotta ask Abahbob to link them here because he made them and I don't have links anymore.
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Hey Fatalis. I kept thinking about this project... and what it actually is. You are basically creating an in-game timer for games that do not have in-game timers. The 'load times' are simply something that is problematic when you have a game that does not have an in-game timer. Overall, I'm loving the project, but I wish it was less 'hacky'. Meaning, you didn't have to monitor the game's memory to be able to do it. I've attempted to think of other, more generic solutions, but I haven't figured out anything that would work as fast and accurately. To avoid load times, the game simply needs two 'events' to occur (I'm using 'event' as a generic term for meaning 'some action occurred in which you can receive a notification about'). You need when the loading started and when it is completed.

A coworker of mine suggested if there was a way to use the filesystem to accomplish this. But, that seems more difficult and convoluted to do. I was just hoping to find a solution that people without programming experience could set up their own loading 'events' and use them for games that have not added to this project thus far. The only other idea I had is using computer vision on the game video stream, but that could be very difficult and less accurate. I've had experience with OpenCV, but it would take a long time for me to investigate it. Overall, your project seems very successful so far, and I hope it continues to be going forward. :-)
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Fatalis: 2014-06-09 08:59:56 am
Fatalis: 2014-06-09 08:56:38 am
Yeah, monitoring filesystem works for some games. But it's unlikely to be frame-accurate. That's the reason I use game memory (and dll injection when required, see Mirror's Edge code). I try to remove loads as closely as possible to the method the runners have already established for the game, most of the plugins are frame-accurate. If a load remover isn't accurate there's no point in using it.
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Is there any way to get this working for the Batman Arkham games? There are some issues in that most areas are streamed in while you play, and slower systems will hang up while a door opens (which hides the area load while still leaving you in control of Batman). There are a few classic area loads, mainly by entering/exiting a building or transitioning to the hub areas through a door. The other loading style happens usually on slower systems, where the game will pause and show a spinning Batman logo in the corner indicating an area load. It doesn't happen very often in Arkham Asylum, but it does occur in Arkham City/Origins more frequently due to the huge city hub that you have to traverse between areas.
That's exactly what Mirror's Edge does. I figured it out but it was very difficult and time-consuming. Since the Arkham games don't have a lot of runners compared to Mirror's Edge, I don't think I'll be looking into it, sorry. But yeah, it's definitely possible to do.
The Dork Knight himself.
If you're looking for a game with a lot of runners, what is the criteria? I'm a bit curious, because as of right now the #batman channel on the SRL irc has at least 6 fully active runners. The most active are myself, Robosparkle, Cojosao, Burntpork, Diablohead, OllieJS100, and Charlitian. Darthknight still plays Arkham Asylum, but he doesn't post about it. There are also a few semi-serious runners that frequent the channel.

If getting the support working is too much work I do understand, but trust me when I say we have enough runners interested in this project.
Deus Ex!
How did you figure out the memory location of whether the game is loading or not? I'm trying to create load removal/autosplitter for Deus Ex, I've already found the memory locations for X and Y using Cheat Engine (Z's location seems to change every time I restart the game) but I haven't found a location for a isLoading variable yet.
Edit history:
Fatalis: 2014-06-24 01:42:47 pm
If you mean DXHR / DXHRDC, I started looking into that game a few days ago. Load removal is finished but auto-splitting isn't yet. dxhr.exe+1876708 is what I'm using for loads on DXHR.
Deus Ex!
No I was talking about the original Deus Ex (I found the isLoading flag for HR myself too), I can find it, but if I restart the game the memory location is different again.
Edit history:
Fatalis: 2014-06-24 01:52:26 pm
Is load removal even necessary for the original? Aren't they like instant loads for any modern computer? Use Cheat Engine's Pointer Scanner by the way.
Deus Ex!
You are right, loading/saving is very fast in the original, it's more something I'm looking in to for fun. Okay I will take a look at Pointer Scanner, thanks.
Are you going to add automatic splitting to MENL?
It also doesn't detect most of the in-chapter loading screens I get because of my slow PC Sad
Otherwise it's pretty awesome!
Quote from nulaft:
Are you going to add automatic splitting to MENL?

Eventually, yeah. chillmastor's autosplit works but has some issues with it like splitting on chapter loads then splitting again a few seconds later, because of the way it's detected (save file write)

Quote from nulaft:
It also doesn't detect most of the in-chapter loading screens I get because of my slow PC :(!

I added support for those screens but didn't test it that much because not many people get them. Can you explain whats exactly wrong with it? Like, does it always fail on specific ones or does it just randomly not work for all of them?
it might be a huge pain due to it using a beta-source engine, but it would be really cool if this worked with vampire: the masquerade - bloodlines
Yeah, I actually already looked into it. It's way too different.
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Is there any chance to get this for Skyrim? So many loads and they are a bitch to time out.
Dont think that automatic splits would be a good idea since different routes can (and are) being found in an Open World.