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Project IGI: I'm Going In (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Mihail 'horned' Petrov!
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Project IGI: I'm Going In (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Individual Level]

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Will verify this and probably other IGI game too. Don't want spoilers for Shadow of the Comet though.
A/V: Game is 4:3 but video 16:9 - should be cropped.

What is the chosen difficulty setting here? Are there difficulty settings in the game? Also you might want to mention which patch version you're running in your comments in case the texture bugs were patched later.

I take it the game doesn't have a timer of its own, right?

Thanks for the run comments! Even though your English is obviously not the best, they told me most things I would have wanted to know as a viewer. Here's just a few questions though.

Do you always have the morphine needle (or whatever it is) that you use at the start of mission 9? If so, I think you could probably have made use of it elsewhere to allow a little bit more fall damage possibly. For example Mission 11 at 03:00.

Mission 4: Was the team stopped by the enemies at all here? If you had hit every shot first try would this have been even faster?

Mission 5: The grenades are very impressive, even though I don't know how big the blast radius is.

Mission 7: 00:36 - does it give you speed to strafe against the wall?

Mission 8: Can you interrupt the reloading of weapons? If so, you could have saved a bit of time loading two less shotgun shots. Not much.

Mission 12: Why is the game suddenly in English? Are you running the same version though?
Edit history:
horned: 2018-08-25 09:34:11 am
Most of screens is 16:9 now, so this is for not contorting game ratio.
Version of game 0.0
Difficulty - normal, there are no any timers in game
You have Morphine at beginning only 9 and 14 lvls, or you can pick up it in some places in game.
Lvl 4 there are no team stops. And you can miss many shots without time dependence. What is really famous- those two guys who dead from one shot, after that script of team move executes
Lvl5 first grenade which fly to barracs it is very max distance for grenade
Lvl7 no, there is the tank on right side, if you keep moving at wall, tank's machinegun spots you too late and can miss you
Lvl8 as i remember it's not working in this game. But i can not run game and check it cause i.m in a hospital now .
Lvl12 I casually noticed that one of anya,s messages at lvl finish appears earlier in english version for one second so you saw the result.
Okay, with what you're telling me now, I think this run is even better than I thought.

The A/V: We'll see how we normally handle the aspect ratio. We could just re-encode the videos to add the StatID screens before the run, as we do, so it's no problem either case.

Lvl 4: by "famous" I guess you mean "important". Okay.
Lvl 5: blast radius means how big the explosion itself is. What you described is the range. Anyway...
Lvl 7: It could be just an illusion (because there's an object, the wall, right next to you) that makes it look like you're moving even faster when strafing against the wall, but maybe you're just moving equally fast. In some games, strafing against walls is actually a faster way to move.

Yeah so you or somebody has clearly spent a lot of time with this game and you seem to know it very well. This run was fun to watch and is also really easy to

It took really a big lot of time. Especially if mind that is one of hardest shooter games even in not speed walkthrough mode)
Decision posted.
I'm not sure why I assumed this hadn't been run before for SDA, but I see now that it was. The old run is on 'easy' difficulty. What kinds of differences exist between the settings and why have you chosen the middle difficulty? I'm asking so we can compare this with the old ILs table (did you improve on every time?) and to determine whether there should be an obsoletion (though it's a different language version so probably there won't be).
Edit history:
horned: 2018-09-16 09:46:15 am
horned: 2018-09-16 09:40:52 am
Yes, I chosen medium diff. Time of each mission of this game have no dependence from difficulty that different from IGI 2. It influences (from/to) enemy damage and amount of tries only. But i haven't got any successful try of missions 2, 3, 11 on hard setting. Each level is faster than previous. Mission 1 faster at 0.2 sec, 2, 7, 9 at about 0.5 sec, others are much faster.
Okay, so there's no real reason? It's an unusual decision to make it harder for yourself like this, most runners would just have run the easiest setting and because the success rate is higher (at least you won't die to getting shot so much), you'll get a better chance of an even faster time. It doesn't affect the publication but I'm not sure if I would recommend something like this.
Edit history:
horned: 2018-09-16 02:28:00 pm
horned: 2018-09-16 02:26:23 pm
I set more hard to show better skill than previous one, but hard setting is too hard to survive some missions. Easy set certainly won,t better. In Any case this run much faster than previous and as you probably noticed total time on the site for previous run is wrong.
Edit history:
LotBlind: 2018-09-18 10:06:25 am
Yeah I was wondering about the time for a minute: somebody forgot to add up the time for the last level. Anyway just consider whether it's worth making it more difficult for yourself in the future if the end result is almost the same from the viewer's point of view.
Ok, Understood