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Kwoky: 2008-05-29 07:42:16 am
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
I tried quite hard and improved level 1. Thanks to SCM´s  fence-trick I have time 1:07 now. MQ is here:

More levels on the way Smiley

L01 - 1:05! Cheesy
L02 - 1:52
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
New times on levels 2,3,4,9 and 14. 5, 7 and 11 in progress Smiley
We (Kwoky and watch0ut) are having fun again...
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
We discovered a way to improve level 6 more than 1 minute and 30 seconds!
Old time 4:47
New time sub 3:20
This is simply an amazing game Smiley
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
We have now final times of levels:
Working on 13. I think you will be VERY impressed Smiley We managed to use some pretty nice bugs and I think it will be fun to watch.
Anybody still interested? Smiley I don´t want to "spam" in here.
Sure, put it on.
If it aint broke don't fix it.
Keep 'em coming...
Hi guys,
  I'm not happy to announce that Kwoky is on holiday and won't upload anything until the next weekend. On the other hand, I believe the videos are worth waiting  Wink I just cannot understand our two-year-old poor performance, compared to the new run. Besides, it is still worked on, so...

SCM: How does it go? You work on Oni nowadays, don't you? Any IGI times to compare?
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
Hi guys,
  I'm happy to announce that Kwoky is back and has plenty of time to finish the run with watch0ut's ideas Smiley I am very motivated to do some amazing times Smiley
hi, that's sounds like a pretty interesting and amazing speedrun, the L01 run made me laugh cause it was more 1hour than 1minute when i played it for the first time ^^
good  luck for the end which is very diifficult !
I'm pretty sure (not only) the last level will make you laugh a lot more  Wink We have found interesting ways.

@all: Sorry for the delay. We've got stuck with only two levels remaining not having enough time to finish it shortly. However, we still have the run in mind - it SHOULD be done by the end of this year. The only problem I have is to persuade Kwoky to hold his mouse tight and go through the remaining levels fast. Smiley
sounds like you found many shortcuts
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
Yes, we definitely did Smiley WatchOut spent a lot of time and discovered many crazy shortcuts. Now it´s up to me, to play the game as fast as possible.
I am now stuck in level 5 with a VERY difficult trick (because it´s very random).
It´s nice to see, that new people is interested... It´s good to hear.
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
A little update:

After many hours of playing, all levels except 3 and 5 are finished. WatchOut found one new very hard shortcut in level 3. By using it, we can shave off about 10 seconds, so it´s worth trying it. And level 5 is definitely the hardest in the game. I hate it, but 30 seconds improvement is possible and I can´t just go away Smiley

In about a week we will release a short teaser.
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watchOut: 2008-11-27 01:59:12 am
Well, I think we should think twice before announcing any dates; finding glitches in IGI is an endless story. Every time I consider the run finished, a new bug suddenly occurs. And by the way - since posting our old run two years ago, we've cut off more than ten minutes! The final time is going to be less than 50 minutes. Kwoky is working hard to flick the last seconds away.
Haha funny that the guy who originally started this thread seemed so confident he could beat your run! He must feel kinda owned now Tongue

Anyways im really looking forward to see the new run... I watched the old run and thought that was good so ... Smiley
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Kwoky: 2008-11-30 07:35:56 pm
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
I am sorry for the delay of the teaser. I will release it very soon.

And... HERE IT COMES! Smiley After 2,5 years, hundreds hours of trying => The run is now complete. Here are the final times (rounded up) with old times in brackets:

L01 - 1:06  (1:23)
L02 - 1:51  (1:53)
L03 - 4:52  (5:06)
L04 - 4:41  (4:41)
L05 - 2:31  (3:58)
L06 - 3:14  (4:47)
L07 - 3:28  (3:29)
L08 - 4:10  (5:00)
L09 - 2:52  (2:55)
L10 - 5:13  (5:17)
L11 - 4:15  (4:30)
L12 - 3:53  (5:25)
L13 - 3:42  (5:21)
L14 - 3:57  (7:36)

TOTAL TIME: 49m 38s (89 339 frames with 30 frames per second)
(old total time 1h 01m 23s, so we shaved off 11m 45s Cheesy )
Well done ! Now go submit please.
Wow, shaving off 11 minutes is impressive, considering that even your old run was damn fast.
Same as Ewil, submit it please!
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Kwoky: 2008-12-03 04:26:56 pm
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
Project IGI Speedrun teaser:


Rendering and building website at the moment...
Man, those OOB or whatever those tricks are called that let you walk through walls and everything look really great.
Didn't ever thought this game was that broken.
Can't wait to see your complete run. The years of hard work were really worth it. Wink
Thanks for your feedback!
Here comes our "feedforward":

Kwoky is going through the quality-testing process of the video. Encoding of the run will begin as soon as the process is finished. You can check the progress in this topic.

I'm working on the subtitles in a director's-notes fashion. We are going to explain objectives, paths, glitches etc.
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
All information and files will be posted here:
Visit us now and then Smiley
Current progress:
Our run is waiting to be verified (,1285.0.html).
Meanwhile, Kwoky is preparing videos for publishing. We're going to provide all the levels in separate video files (with ingame cinematics), the entire run in one file (no cinematics) and also a for-the-impatient version focused on glitches and spectacular parts of the run.
I love speedrunning and revealing bugs
We have only one verifier so far. Please, verify our run if you can. We need to render final files, upload, backup original videos and then delete them because of a new speedrun.

We will be very helpful (if you have any questions). Thank you.
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djcj: 2009-01-08 11:28:45 am
I'd verify it if I weren't stuck at the last level.
Fucking hard game.