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Professor Layton and the Curious Village () (ds) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Verifier Responses

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. The run isn't perfect, but the few mistakes don't take off too much time. The runner also notes where the mistakes are, so it would be possible to improve this ever so slightly. All in all, I'm giving this one an accept, because that is what a gentleman does. Or something like that.

Quote from azkiboh:
A/V is very clean. The fact that mistakes (however minor) were made was the clincher for me to say no cheating was detected. That said, the mistakes made were all documented in the comments, very clearly showing where the improvements (again, minor, I think I clocked them costing a sum total of 30 seconds over the hour and a half run) could be made if someone wanted to challenge the run. All in all, I'd say ACCEPT as its an entertaining run.

Quote from arglefumph:
The runner's comments mention the previous world record. That was my record, at 1:34. This run is a five-minute improvement through faster navigation and re-routing to include hidden puzzles. I'd accept the run on that basis alone.

There are mistakes, but the handwriting recognition was superb, as was Puzzle 100, everyone's least favorite puzzle.

As for Granny Riddleton's, I believe the puzzle order at her house isn't TRULY randomized. If you tackle the puzzles in the same order each time, they appear in the same "random" order each time. As the runner noted, it's possible to memorize this order and save time in picking the puzzles. It's not THAT much of a timesaver, because no matter what order you solve the puzzles in, you end up solving almost all of the puzzles in her house.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Mindez'!
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Oh wow, I thought this would be stuck in verification purgatory for a LOT longer than this. Awesome news!

Regarding Granny Riddleton: The actual algorithm regarding Granny Riddleton puzzle placement is kinda weird. Yes, if you go through the game in the same way each time, doing the same puzzles (Even in a different order), the Riddleton puzzles will be in the same order. But that doesn't seem to be all it's based on. For example, entering Riddleton's shack and leaving again causes it to re-randomise. I'm not sure if this will consistently put it in the same state as if you just press 'randomise', because there's no time save to be found here anyway. It also seems to re-randomise if you fail a puzzle earlier in the route - on one of my earlier puzzles, I failed a puzzle early in the game and the Riddleton placements were different. So I may have referred to it as RNG manipulation (I don't remember if I did in the comments, but I have done in the past), but it's a very loose form of RNG manipulation in which you just solve the puzzles in a specific order without failing any, just so that I don't have to react to the order of puzzles upon getting to Riddleton's shack. (Fun fact: You actually avoid fewer in the European version of the game because of puzzle differences).

Thanks a lot for verifying guys, I'm super happy to have a run on the site! Smiley
You call this archaeology?
Congrats Mindez! Looking forward to seeing it.
Congratulations! It was a great run!

I wonder how much longer the run would be, if it was 100%. Since the 100% run requires you to save-quit after beating the game anyway, I suspect Segment 1 in the 100% run looks a lot like this speedrun!
Routing 100% is something that I want to do in the near future, actually. There'd be a few changes - I'd have to ensure that any optional puzzles I did are not sent to Riddleton in chapter 9, because it's more efficient to do puzzles when they get sent to Riddleton to avoid dialogue. I can't remember if I made a note of the chapter 9 Riddleton puzzles because I didn't need to know them for any%. But for the most part, it'd probably just involve slotting in each puzzle one by one to be as 'on the route' as possible. Then, yes, watching the ending cutscene, saving and doing the bonus puzzles. I've not done the bonus puzzles in a while in Curious Village, but if I remember correctly I think the bonus puzzles are basically sliding block puzzle central. Which is terrifying. I hate sliding block puzzles :<

(I've also routed and run Unwound Future, but I'm less confident in how optimised that is so I'm not going to submit it until I've put more work into it.)