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My feelings on The Demon Rush
Satvara, you made a 1:21 GoW run? Why didn't you submit? Cry
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Quote from qubit:
seriously dude, what the fuck did you do to this poor game?

Who, me? Wink

Quote from Reaver:
before you get into this section you walk through a doorway that triggers a mini cutscene of the area. You can use that technique to flip over the trigger skipping it out and saving a few seconds.


Quote from Reaver:
you just randomly died. What happened?

No. I kill myself deliberatley so the sand creature won't harass me while I'm doing the upper area.

Quote from Reaver:
There is one on the other side almost in the same position but closer to the switch you have to turn. I guess this one is alot easier to use.

I was never able to get up using the left palm tree. I'm glad it worked for you.

Quote from Reaver:
Once I restart my run on my christmas holidays I'll start looking for some more. I've already thought of some that might shave some seconds off in places. I just need the time to test them.

That's good news.

Quote from mikwuyma:
Satvara, you made a 1:21 GoW run? Why didn't you submit? Cry

Why should I have?
aka theenglishman
I've been trying to get a consistent wallrun slomo skip and it works, but not every time.  Do I need to switch the camera before or after I start a wallrun?
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Quote from satvara:
Quote from mikwuyma:
Satvara, you made a 1:21 GoW run? Why didn't you submit? Cry

Why should I have?

Because it's a massive improvement over the current run and we always like seeing improvements on SDA. It's always nice when SDA has the best time.
in other words, a lot of people would like to see your run, and submitting it to sda is one guaranteed way to accomplish that.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Quote from nate:
in other words, a lot of people would like to see your run, and submitting it to sda is one guaranteed way to accomplish that.

I've never considered myself an entertainer...
Those tricks are amazing. You're really thinking outside of the box. When the prince went around the back of the bird cage I was like 'Wait, you can't just do that!' Grin
welcome to the machine
Hey satvara, this stuff is awesome.  I will be very disappointed if you don't submit. Sad
I don't think he recorded a whole run...
aka theenglishman
Well I'm back from my brief solstice.  I'm going to practice satvara's recently-uploaded tricks and have about 20-30 go's at Segment 1 tonight.  Hopefully I can get Segment 1 to somewhere around the 2:40 range if not more Grin
aka theenglishman
Sorry to doublepost, but I've been trying to replicate satvara's trick near the very beginning of segment 1 (going straight to the first enemy early) and I can't do it.  At all.  There's just...something I'm missing, maybe?  Some aspect of timing?  I'm really stuck here, I've been at it for a good three hours and I just can't get a grip on it Sad
I tried this trick when I first found out how to wallrun slightly higher but couldnt get anywhere with it. If you look closely in Satvara's video when he performs the wallrun he is actually no longer below the platform he started from. He's moved off more to the left which puts him at the lowest part of the break in the wall. Have you tried changing camera angles and running up from the same position he does?
aka theenglishman
I've been working on and off on Segment 1 (and that one trick at the start in particular) and I have every trick down pat except for the first one which I still have never been able to pull off.  I'll give actual attempts another go sometime after Christmas.

btw Reaver - it might be an idea to kill some, but not all, of the enemies in the two-box-puzzle-skip room after doing sand rewind, just to make sure you can get Haste earlier.  Once I finish Segments 1 and 2 I'll start planning a route for killing some optional enemies to get Haste earlier.
I'll only kill the ones necessary. For example in the prison or in the library you can get rid of all of them except for 1 in the first spawn and that will prevent more from spawning. It should be enough to take haste into the lift up to the hourglass. The downside is the observatory can be done using haste very quickly if you have it by then. If i don't see the need for the fight then I wont bother.
aka theenglishman
Yeah, in a 100% the haste will be used better.

I'm still going to include kill-all-enemies in 100%, simply because without that condition the first two segments are just going to be identical to the any% and I want to add some sort of extra challenge to the 100%.
100% with all enemies defeated (sand monsters???? no bats, birds, or palace guards at the start), all sand tanks and all health upgrades might take you up to the 3 hour mark. If you are going to fight all enemies then theres no point in using some of the time savers. Haste will be the biggest timesaver here. IIRC you dont actually have to destroy every enemy in the game to get the power of haste with all sand tank upgrades. So you might say that 100% could be with all health upgrades, sand tanks, and sand powers? It makes more sense than a destroy all enemies 100% run as, lets face it gets annoying.

The any% run I've yet to test some of my theories. I'm on holiday now so I'll test them out soon. If I find any new timesavers I'll share them here. I'll give the first trick a try out tomorrow and let you know if I have any luck with it. 
After testing with that first trick I still cant get it. Came very very close once or twice but didn't get it. You have to get the right postioning and make sure you do the wallrun higher trick properly. My sand rewind tricks arent going great either. I've managed it just once but it wasn't the effect that I wanted. I managed to get the prince to stand still in mid-air instead of continuing his jump, however when time resumed I plummeted to my death. Thats the closest I've come with about 2 hours of messing about  :(. How is your stuff going Qubit?
aka theenglishman
Not well I'm afraid.  I haven't been able to run the game at all, but now that I'm back in Halifax I have some more time on my hands.
top tier GoW player
Typical satvara.

Never reuploaded his 'downed' GoW1 speedrun.  Though with all the current tricks it would be crushed.  In one respect, it has been...but we need an expert speedrunner to handle the advanced glitches...and that just leaves you...satvara.  Though you see no point in that...let alone doing it on 'God' versus 'Hero'...don't you want to do it for GREAT JUSTICE if nothing else?  I assure you no one else will.

~Perhaps one of you gents can get good enough with those tricks and perhaps apply them elsewhere as stated...creating the 'desired run' that he's not willing to offer up..but who can blame the guy?  I hate doing speedruns.  As much as I love the GoW titles, I lose interest in speedruns quickly when I have to constantly keep going and perform with nothing but excellence.  Myself having replayed the crap out of any one title in the series yet I'd lose interest due to such efforts (for a short period).  You have to appreciate the guy for at least sharing as much as he has.
I have a growing interest in doing a segmented any% run of this.  Ever since i worked on my Two Thrones runs I wanted to try running this, so i may start playing around with the different tricks throughout the game and see what happens.

If I do get serious about this run it'd be nice to have a few people help me out and give suggestions.  Are there people out there who would be interested in seeing a segmented run of this game?
The Anomaly
I'm very interested. It'd be cool to see a run using all the tricks posted earlier in this thread.

Go for it. Smiley
Edit history:
UCpro: 2010-01-22 12:23:14 am
i think i'm going to do a practice run of this game ... i worked on segment 1 for about 15 minutes and came up with this ...

practice run segment 1

... it could be about 6 seconds faster i think.  At the end I forgot to change perspective when i did the first wallrun/jump to cancel the slow-mo.  Also, my running is terrible right now, but it will get better as i work on this.  I can't do the wallrun trick at the very beginning that Satvara did ... it would save about 10 seconds.  I've never been able to do it, and it seems other people in this thread haven't had luck with it either.

EDIT: practice run segment 2 ... i think there's about 15-17 seconds of possible improvements here
The Anomaly
Looks good I guess, for a practice run. But are you really going to run the game twice?
Edit history:
UCpro: 2010-01-24 02:53:05 pm
Quote from Angelmark:
Looks good I guess, for a practice run. But are you really going to run the game twice?

im not really spending much time on these practice segments.  maybe 30-45 minutes each ... i want to go through like this for practice and also to share with everyone to make sure i'm not missing any tricks/shortcuts.  However, it doesn't look like there's much interest in this run ...

i'll probably find time to record segment 3 and 4 later this weekend.

EDIT: just did segment 3 in only one recorded attempt.  good enough for this practice run.  25-27 seconds of possible improvement.

practice run segment 3
practice run segment 4 ... it took me a little over 3 minutes just to do one very very very random trick, other than that a pretty good segment.  final fight could've been about 20-25 seconds faster.  i spent way too much time on this segment for a practice run, so i'm satisfied with this and i'm moving on.