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everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
*Post originally created by Enhasa.  Hijacked and updated by Flip. Then edited a bit by LotBlind, who likes to edit things and tack his name onto them, such as here.

(obsolete IRC info hidden)
#sda on irc.speeddemosarchive.com

If you don't have an IRC client or know what that is, basically you can chat with us in real time by going to mibbit.com and at the top clicking on "server."

For server: type in irc.speeddemosarchive.com
Nick: whatever you want to be called
channels: #sda

**Special note about the Gaming Discussion Board**
The board name is Gaming Discussion, not Off-Topic. Talk about gaming, specifically, things that don't already fit better on other boards. Please be considerate! By making a thread you are essentially saying that what you create is important enough to take up space, which is arrogant if it isn't. There might be some forums out there like gamefaqs and neogaf that are operated as a boatload of topics. We are NOT like that. We like to consolidate threads to make it easier for people to go through them, so please search for things and post in the correct places. Our policy is not to delete human posts, so don't worry about that, but even a locked thread creates some clutter.

Here are some examples of what you might want to talk about and what to do:

- politics, religion, or anything else that isn't gaming related: tough luck, try another site.
- saying hi or introducing yourself: "Introduce Yourself" thread (do NOT make a new thread)
- posting a picture of yourself: pictures thread
- asking for someone to do a speedrun of something: request thread, but if you want to put your money where your mouth is, bounty thread
- hey guys look at this gaming vid: video thread

- something that has to do with SDA: SDA Discussion
- getting videos/recording/playing/something to work: Tech Support
- speedrunning for a game in particular: look at the Planning section and figure out if you should post in Newer Consoles, Older Consoles, or PC

Especially in Newer/Older/PC, we highly recommend bumping old threads instead of starting duplicate ones. We also have the ability to give the first post in a thread to someone else, so ask for it if you need it, and realize that creating a new thread to have control of the thread title is a pointless and terrible idea.)

If we lock your thread, it is not because we hate you or have anything against you. Do NOT take it poorly, just shrug it off. It's probably obvious why it was locked, or an explanation was given. If not, please ask a mod about it. Don't make a new thread. If you're wondering why such and such other thread didn't get locked which is worse than yours, either 1) we haven't seen it and maybe you could let us know about it, or 2) it was locked before. When we made the forum switch to smf, all the previously locked threads became unlocked.
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My feelings on The Demon Rush
Go to this topic if you're wondering about 100% or low% definitions for a game you're about to run.

If you want to help runs get posted, then read the verification topic.

The Knowledge Base has extensive information about how to capture/encode your own runs, how to get a stream running, and other things that were mentioned in the first thread. It also houses Strategy Guides for a number of games that you should check out to see if there's one for yours (yet). Feel free to start one based on these instructions to keep your notes publically accessible.

Links to roms, warez, Cd cracks, etc. is forbidden. Linking to such sites will result in your post being edited or deleted. Linking to such sites repeatedly will result in a ban.

Also, one topic you should never post about.

X system/PC is the best/better than the rest. - This kind of topic begs for flames.
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everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
Hey we have a new spoiler tag.
Use, don't abuse!

Actually we've had it for a long time but apparently the default settings are that you need to be a mod to use it. GJ SMF mods.

We've had people saying "DUR why do we need spoiler tags? this isn't gamefaqs!" Hey, you're speedrunners, think outside the box a little. We don't really care about plot in games, but spoiler tags are just to hide text. Its best purpose is probably to make long posts more readable. If you think about our download pages for segmented runs, we essentially have the same "spoiler tag" structure to hide the qualities you aren't interested in downloading.

I put these in a long time ago and these are mostly for my own reference so I can remember them, but we have some more bbcode tags now:

[ archive ] Rygar_3030 [ /archive ] or [ archive=Rygar_3030 ] hey [ /archive ]
[ audio ] Rygar_3030.mp3 [ /audio ] or [ audio=Rygar_3030.mp3 ] ho [ /audio ]
[ clear ] (empty space the size of a smiley, it's a hack)
[ demo ] MegaMan9_SS_2448 [ /demo ] or [ demo=MegaMan9_SS_2448 ] foo [ /demo ]
[ game ] MegaMan9 [ /game ] or [ game=MegaMan9 ] bar [ /game ]
[ kb ] PSP [ /kb ] or [ kb=PSP ] foobar [ /kb ]