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Portal is a game that runs off the Source engine if you did not know. It is a FPS but not in the sense you go round shooting people... It's a puzzler where you use portals to teloport you places. This will explain easier

This game came out 8AM here today. I played it for 30mins before college then went on it again after I gon back. I finished it very quickly to be honest (supposed to be a 4 hour game) and it was really really entertaining. I think this game is really speedrunnable and I was just wondering what you guys think? It really is a hell of a game but a shame it's so short.
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Speed is everything!
Portal is a nice game! I haven't played it yet but I'll!
I think there was already a thread about Portal...
So if I've got the game I'll absoluteley try some runs. Wink
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
I also felt is was saddeningly short.

I assume speedruns would go off individual levels like Starcraft probably. There's a challenge mode for choice levels (everything but the first tutorials.. and of course level 19) that include a time-attack, so I don't know how that will mesh with SDA. Probably individual level runs for just those levels, as well as full SS run.
5 + 4 = 9
Yeah, but the single segment would be hard to calculate time due to peoples PC's loading at different speeds. It would have to be timed without these. Hopefully there will be a SS though as I don't like segmented that much Sad
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slYnki: 2007-10-11 12:56:05 am
bandit (Stone) from Half-Life 2 Done Quick mentioned something about a community Portals project. I just watched my brother play it for a few minutes, and I would love to see it being raced through.
love to see a run

i just finished the game up, 19 was tough and after 19 i found a few parts to be quite tough
I just finished it myself and I'm daunted by the speed challenges in Portal.  I got under 40 seconds on mission 5, but 20 seconds (FOR SILVER) is just waaaay beyond my reach and it peaks my curiosity as to how far you really need to go to get the gold or, in our case, a speed record.
I'd love to see a speed run of Portal. I've been trying to play, but everytime I try to shoot a portal (well, the first time I shoot a portal after going through the "erase portals" lasers) my video cards screws up or something. I'm at Level 14, so I'm at a level where that will really screw me over.
I just beat it ... totally and utterly awesome, especially the end.

Wish it were longer.
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
I am faithful, and really hope, that user-created maps for Portal become popular. I expected it to be saddeningly short, so hopefully some sort of 'unofficial' (or hell, official) map pack will come out. In the dev commentary, Gabe Newell mentions that this is just the beginning of what they want to do with this portal stuff.
Oh god

I half expect user-made maps for Portal to be like Mario hacks or DeFRAG in Quake 3. Nightmare mode =|
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
I hope they're creative solutions, and not just uber-precice multiple portal drops, or super-fast portal replacement to guide some ball down a narrow corridor or something.
Don't think!  feeeeeal
I was going to start doing some speedruns for this game.  I think there will be individual level and SS.

I saw some potential for unintended shortcuts, particularly on level 17.  I was working on making it past that room with the 3 lifts without using any of the lifts.  I encounter some weird phenomenon.  After launching out of a portal with enough speed you lose all your air control.  This means no curving, like bhop, or even slowing down.

While bhoping around on the boss fight level with AHK I was able to have my speed suddenly start increasing exponentially at which point I would lose my air control I think.  Funny I only had this happen when going backwards.

I noticed sometimes I when I launched out of a portal at high speed and tried to jump it would slow me way down.

I seems just doing a normal jump while holding forward, while your speed is 0 to running speed, will set your speed to some value that seems to be about 20% higher than your running speed.

For 17 I think I could do it with just the last lift up.

I noticed there's a lot of places where you use an unneeded teleport to speed things along.
Speed is everything!
I was going to start doing some speedruns for this game.  I think there will be individual level and SS.
Yeah that sounds very nice! I'll wish you good luck with it.

I'll try as fast as I can to get that game, to help or just to play it for my self...
And when I've got the game I'll try to create some maps with the hammer editor, building maps for Portal sounds very interesting! Cheesy
5 + 4 = 9
Hmm yeah I really hope that custom maps become popular and people start releasing mpa packs as it's just too damn short yet amazingly good!
I used to be athiest until I realized I was God.
A ton of level 19 can be sped through with uneccesary portal shortcuts.

Also, I'm sure others have noticed, you can indeed get a portal-through-a-portal working. If you open 2 portals (first one needs to be on a wall, maybe second one too, haven't experimented enough), peek through one but still remain on your side of it, you can' feel' the shift when you're in the 'other' world (lightning on some objects changes very very slightly), but still between the portals. Launch a 2n'd portal (whichever one is currently the exit portal, then before it hits, back out through the portal. I haven't seen where this creates significant shortcuts, but it probably will in some places (the sentry gun course especially)

blah, someone get :15
Zelda fanboy
Yeah, but the single segment would be hard to calculate time due to peoples PC's loading at different speeds. It would have to be timed without these. Hopefully there will be a SS though as I don't like segmented that much Sad

Actually, when you are recording on a .dem file, it doesn't record loading screens.
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Chomp: 2007-10-11 06:54:11 pm
"Flying" still works in a sense with the blocks, much like it worked in Episode One.

(Edit: Wallclimbing, I should say)

You have to keep pressing jump and keep pressing use and even then it's pretty crude, but it works.
The main game is really pretty short, I beat it within 2 hours. But it looks very speedrunable, and was really great fun.

The 4 portals solution to chamber 13 is pretty tough, at least unless I totally overcomplicated it. I'll look into some thoughts I had for a 3 portals solution, although that would be very tough (and even harder without savestates).

I'll go beat your time DJ if you tell me how to record Tongue
Once I get the game...I would really like to contribute. That's a shame it isn't longer..
the glitchy demo recording wasnt fixed in portal?
anyone have any thoughts about categories ? low% = minimum portals shot ? 100% = ?

Mike / Radix would have final say on this, I'm just tossing ideas out there.
I'd have figured there'd just be a pure speed category, since there's really nothing to collect in the game.

(Plus it means you only get one IL table to deal with instead of multiple. :))
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Chomp: 2007-10-11 10:05:21 pm

Just getting some strategies.  This time could be improved by like 5-10 secs I'll bet with optimization.

And yeah there is still really shitty demo recording jittering.

Edit: categories could also include knocking all the cameras down for 100%.  I don't think portals used should be a category.

Edit2:  Wow, just watched the demo and the camera got invented in recording somehow.  That wasn't like that as I was playing.  We should all complain on the Steam forums so it gets fixed faster Cheesy