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Portal (Any %) (Individual Level) [Portal: Challenge Mode, Large-skip glitches]

Verifier Responses

A/V meets SDA Quality Standards.
No scripts and/or cheats were used.

However, I am sure all of the maps can be done several ticks faster. Chamber 15 should look like in PDPr, where the first clipping glitch hits the bottom of the elevator immediately. This saves more than a second over this run.

Chamber 13 can be done 4(!) seconds faster, an increase of 50%:

This route works in advanced chambers aswell

Chamber 16 is OK, but still, Portal Peeking is faster than falling

Chamber 18 can be done roughly .5 seconds faster by better aiming.

This was apparently run in a older version of Portal; If the glitches/tricks are impossible there, I would reccomend running on the current Steam version of Portal, where the fastest times can be achieved.

I am sorry, but this run does not meet the speed requirements of SDA for every IL but for chamber 16. Therefore I have to reject the runs. If we were to verify each map individually, I would reject all except for Chamber 16.

I was going to praise you for uploading demos, and then I remembered you're running this on an old engine. Bastard...

Anyways, level by level comments

13 - Sorry, but I agree with [above]. Imanex's route is pretty much game-changing for ch 13, being even faster than the PDPr route. Gotta reject this one.

15 - I, again, agree with [above]. This should look like PDPr. Gotta reject again

16 - I have no qualms with the gameplay on 16 (it still weirds me out that you can fall OoB, I never got to play on one of those engines sadly). Accept on the basis of gameplay, but I'm not sure that the time spent in menu should be cut out. Then again, you could simply bind a key to change that setting, so I'm not really too concerned about that.

18 - [above] mentions that .5 seconds can be saved from better aiming, and I agree, but even if it could be saved I'm not sure that you would have triggered the elevator with a 4s timer. I can't really tell since I can't watch the demo, but I'm fairly certain that .5s off that time would still be a 5s map time. I'll go ahead and toss you an accept on this one, for good route =P

AV is fine on the HQ encodes, and definitely no cheating that's visible from the video files.

In summary, reject 13/15 for poor route, accept 16/18.

A/V is fine, no cheating. They uploaded the demos, which is good, despite them being on old version so nearly noone can watch. Kudos for that.

13 - This route looks like the map can be done faster inbounds. Reject

15 - I like this run, despite it being a slower route than PDPr. Accept

16 - Cute how they went in the menu instead of binding a button. Accept, kinda.

18 - Looks like they entered the under the elevator area and jumped right after the timer jumped to 5, so a 4 with the faster aiming should be psossible. Reject.

I am confused by the lack of chambers 14 and 17. I can understand why 14 is missing, as the current inbounds route is faster than the oob route, but what about 17. That's the most easy to pull of oob route, yet it is not here. I thought SDA wanted complete IL table submissions if it doesn't have one yet?

I am not a fan of the in-game timer anymore. It only rounding to seconds and not showing decimals feels just weird to me, for runs that last 5 seconds. But I'll settle with it.

Execution of these runs are certainly not bad, but it's Portal, so I've been more easy throwing rejects around.

Overall; a reject.

Decision: Reject

Reason: All of these ILs are noticeably improvable and don't incorporate the best strategies.

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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