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Flip: 2012-08-26 08:58:48 pm
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Segmented OoB run

Verifier Responses

You suck, gocnak.


Chamber 00: Faster than PDP (eventhough without scripts). Check.
Chamber 01/02/03: see above.
Chamber 04: (Next to) Perfect, seam glitch almost instantly.
Chamber 05: skipped
Chamber 06: done as well as it possibly can be.
Chamber 07: skipped
Chamber 08: not quite as fast as PDP (iirc 4 ticks less) => no scripts used, im sure of that
Chamber 09: as fast as possible, very well done.
Chamber 10: i love that route ^.^ seriously, extremely precise ABHing, very well done
Chamber 11: very well done, nice abh to the gun. Extremely fast OoB movement
Chamber 12: skipped
Chamber 13: Faster than PDP, very well done, great finding on the additional speed you gain.
Chamber 14: Very fast, eventhough im not sure if it hasnt been done quicker
Chamber 15: Incredible. Really nice.
Chamber 16: Even more incredible. I cant tell is TAS or not, i assume Gocnak is simply good at this stuff.
Chamber 17: same thing
Chamber 18: I did not know this route, however it results in hitting the trigger faster, which is why i guess its faster. Well executed anyway.
Chamber 19: I have spent hours on this segment myself, and I must appreciate how fast they did it. The final shot is one of the hardest in the game, its fine to spend ~0.5 seconds finding it. TAS run for this map would be low 5/high 4.
escape 00: as fast as humanly possible,
escape 01: very few ticks faster than PDP
escape 02: PQR makes this level way faster, glados fight was very nice.
Special ending: Hell yeah!
Overall Impression:
An extremely polished run, great work by every participant. Every improvement over this would be in single tick counts. In places, it is hard to verify the non-TASity, however seeing that i can perform everything in this run with just enough repitition, i am happy to say it has been done without cheats.
Decision: Accept
Reason: No Cheating, no bloopers, total domination.
Congratulations to Gocnak,Inexistance,Xebaz,Z1mb0bw4y

Unbelievable run.  That about sums it up.  Clearly these runners put countless hours into finding new glitches, making new routes, and perfecting these segments.  Im impressed that you saved time even in segments that had no route changes.  To cut ~50 seconds off of a run like Portal Done Pro is one thing, but to do so without scripts is  truly an accomplishment.  This is the definition of a good speedrun.

Stuff like Chambers 8, 13 and 16-17(holy crap Gocnak) is just mind blowing. 

Decision: Absolutely Accept

Reason: No hacks, no cheats, only speed and precision.  Took this game to its limits and then some.  Amazing job, guys.

My gosh... That was well worth digging for a few hours to find the disk to reinstal to watch this. All of you need to get an award of some kind... I think more time was spent on elevators that anything else combined... excluding the end credits that is.

Sorry for the late response time, been pretty busy lately.

Audio is fine, the video on the .mp4 file is not amazing (and it's just a verification copy), but the demo files let you watch in perfect quality, so its not incredibly important.

The run shows perfect execution, or at least has absolutely no visible mistakes to the untrained eye, which is really sweet. I was thankful to be watching the video in VLC the first time, so I could easily rewatch 4 second chambers that left my mouth on the floor (although I will probably watch it with Source).

This is an amazing run, and it's nice Demonstrate's PDP was beaten since that was not allowed on the site. Definite ACCEPT ACCEPT and ACCEPT again.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to the Sourceruns Team (Nick 'z1mb0bw4y' Roth, Nick 'gocnak' Kerns, Josh 'Inexistence' Peaker, Sebastian "Xebaz" Dressler)!
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D4rw1N: 2012-08-26 09:02:56 pm
Seriously, congratulations guys. I went through at least some of the painstaking progress by your side, I know how hard you guys worked for it and have been waiting for the final verification. Congrats!

Also, add "Sebastian "Xebaz" Dressler" to the last paragraph, he's also in the run!
Taking your word for it Smiley
Gets the cake.

This made my day ^_^
Congrats guys!  This run is absolutely bonkers.  I still can't believe how good it turned out.
B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
I love how this run bests an already insane scripts run but without using scripts in the improvement. Amazing job everyone!
Waught this again after this thread got posted. Still epic!

You suck, gocnak.



Not impressed by not using scripts though, they really don't make this much easier or faster.
Except for chamber 8, well done Inexistence.
Claimh Happy
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S.: 2012-08-27 08:42:29 am
Watched* lol

Where did i come up with that word.
Congrats Wink
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Omnigamer: 2012-08-27 12:16:25 pm
All the things
i cant believe this got excepted so much hax in ever level they go thru the walls and stuff i mean wtf why cant they do it without cheating. play it how the creators ment it to be done and then i wil care

(Great job guys, fantastic run Wink )
Claimh Happy
Ignoring that fact that you're joking, this game is crazy even if you play it "as intended". Some parts do start to get a little luck-reliant, though.
This is speedrunning to me... good job.
Yaaay! It's accepted! Great work guys, about time there was a proper segmented Portal run on this site.
You suck, gocnak.



Great to have Portal back on this site. And this time a team speedrun!
SDA needs more team speedruns, seriously.
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Gocnak: 2012-09-02 07:13:03 pm
ABHing into Mordor
You suck, gocnak.


I see I have some fans. xD

Glad this finally got accepted. It was so much fun working on it!

Oh btw, did you see I did a backflip? (8:30)