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LotBlind: 2014-08-14 04:12:30 pm
LotBlind: 2014-08-14 04:12:21 pm
Might wanna hide all those vids individually in your big post above or even in general: the page is loading ages if you don't.

[ hidden ] link [ /hidden ] should do it (remove spaces)
Quote from LotBlind:
Might wanna hide all those vids individually in your big post above or even in general: the page is loading ages if you don't.

[ hidden ] link [ /hidden ] should do it (remove spaces)

Thanks for the tip!
You're welcome! Also you can post on the tech support branch of the forums for more aid if you continue having recording issues. There doesn't seem to be sound in the videos and all the flickering and the double cursor?

I'll be able to verify this if any submissions reach public verification like I suspect they might. Can't be a proper verifier though because I never finished it. Fireball (or whatever that 1st level spell is called) is basically the most fun you've ever had in a God simu game ever.
I would most certainly be intrested in supporting a ILs submission and maybe even grinding a few ILs. How do you feel about this Grubby?
I found out how to solve the double cursor issue and the lack of sound around level 15, so all the videos after that should be fine. I also fixed the flickering of the screen thanks to Eidgod and I posted a quality test (before I solved the flickering) on tech support:

As for the IL submission, It'd be great! I've already done the first five levels:
Level 1: 0.42 (fireball brave over water to get lightning strike quickly)
Level 2: 1.39 (rush, fireball matak warriors in water)
Level 3: 0.43 (luck)
Level 4: 1.07 (cast spell out of range ''glitch'' to get to the matak more quickly)
Level 5: 1:46 (fireball+boat=balloon Wink )

These are better quality than the one I used for the quality test, so they will without doubt get accepted Smiley

I will continue doing ILs until they can be submitted, some help would of course be awesome! The grinding of the longer levels is going to take a long ass time though, so lets not rush this ^.^
Nice to hear. I am gonna look a bit more closely at the ILs that you did so far and see if i can beat some of the ones you did.
Sounds great, can´t wait to see which times you´ll get!
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Grubby Hour: 2014-08-20 08:00:57 am
Grubby Hour: 2014-08-20 05:37:07 am
Grubby Hour: 2014-08-19 06:24:58 pm
Grubby Hour: 2014-08-19 06:24:37 pm
Since I didn´t have anything to do today, I thought I´d continue the ILs. Got some pretty good times! Smiley

Level 6: 2.59
Level 7: 2.19
Level 8: 1.34
Level 9: 2.48
Level 10: 1.42
Level 11: 2.51
Level 12: 14.47
Level 13: 2.42
Level 14: 4.47

There´s also another active forum on popre, you guys might want to check it out ^^
Sadly i have to tell you Grubby that quite a few other things came up for me in my other speedgames so i am not gonna be able to do much grinding. But i am very happy you are at it with so much energy and i would still support a submission by verifying it. If you have any more problems/questions regarding quality and encoding i would be willing to help too since i already submitted two runs to SDA so far and i would really like to see this game on the game list in its best possible quality (audio/video as well as skill wise).
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NiciPopulous: 2014-08-23 11:13:40 pm

Unfortunately I don't have videos, i didn't record it,

also have:

Continental Divide - 1:27

Unlikely Allies 7:08

Fractured Earth 8:29

but no picture, so no inclusion,

might do them later
Great times man, unfortunately no videos so we can't use them to get the game on SDA... Really starting to question how legit this is since some of these times are insane XD

On another note, I'm almost done recording!

These are my times:

Level 15 - 3.24
Level 16 - 19.23
Level 17 - 7.13
Level 18 - 15.18
Level 19 - 11.12
Level 20 - 12.19
Level 21 - 14.15
Level 22 - 1.46
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Son0fGoD: 2014-08-27 07:45:20 pm
Son0fGoD: 2014-08-27 07:44:34 pm
Son0fGoD: 2014-08-27 07:43:01 pm
Son0fGoD: 2014-08-27 07:42:34 pm
Son0fGoD: 2014-08-27 07:42:04 pm
Hi there!!.. Ok some that might be worth seeing :).. Hope yo like..
level 3: (00:41)

level 5: (01:22)

level 8: (01:29)

level 19: (06:19)

level 23: (03:25)
Got a time of 9.23 on level 25, I also filled in the submission form... Smiley
nice grubby. guess i will have an eye on the verify section from now on Wink
good luck
Thanks! :>
Just sent all the videos (raw files and final encodes) to SDA, guess the verification is next... thumbsup
Yeah would be cool if some of the people in here sign up to verify so the run does not get stuck in SDA verification hell Smiley
Why wouldn't they verify it
I have only seen the first 10 levels of ur runs.. but from what I can see you have interesting times there..
Specially on levels 1, 7, 14 and 22..
Nice work Grubby!!
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Son0fGoD: 2014-10-05 08:10:27 pm
By the way..
On level 5 you should try to take three warriors with you on boat and send them to kill red shaman.. That way, when you pray, you get instant victory..
On others is just a matter of followers coordination.. But on level 5 you can get like + 20 seconds better..
Didn't know that was possible, but I don't really feel like re-running it right now... Might do it later though Smiley

Take a look to see what I mean.. This is very easy to do actually..
Looks great, I´m just really busy with other things in my life right now... Again, I´ll see what I can do. :> <-- great site, find everything about online and all other infos, whos online and weekly posts!

I know there's a lot of pop fans, maybe just a little lack of motivation to play it again.. Smiley