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Hey there, im one of the "pros" on pop:re
I love SDA and always thought a populous run would be great.
Ill try setting up my fraps and seeing what times I can manage.
Fire Emblem?

I should probably point out this topic at Populous:Reincarnated for everyone else's benefit at this point. Hopefully we'll get a few more skilled players along and get this speedrun finished sometime
Good day. We had a speedrun contest in my clan (TDM) a few months ago and made some great times on most of the maps. I will inform my clanmates about this project and see if they're willing to help. Personally I've got some neat times at Unlikely Allies, Inferno and Attacked From All Sides. I haven't got anything recorded, though (we all took screenshots instead), but I'd be more than willing to work on strategies that the ones who wanna record it can use. I just need to recall how I actually did it...

Anyway, the times I got that should be aimed for as maximum are:

14: Attacked From All Sides - 09:33
19: Unlikely Allies - 11:11
23: Inferno - 06:05
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Storm: 2009-01-25 07:44:21 am
Raven n Fury sux btw

Did Night Falls in 3:27, ridiculously frustrating level to speed run because of how many warriors Green gets at the start. I'll upload that

Edit - here it is:


I accidently put lvl 3 in the link, obviously it's level 2.
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DAroo: 2009-01-25 05:36:46 pm
Quote from Storm:
Raven n Fury sux btw

i've added lvl1 - 0:49 -
game has little graphic problems becouse of the custom high resolution - 1440 x 900, it's almost invisible in the real game, no idea why program has recorded it like this
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Quote from ReCover:
Okay, I finally played some Populous today. I picked level 13 and got the time 3:41.
My best time on that map is actually 3:40, but I didn't record that try. Meh.
You have a lot of mana leftover it seems, can't you charge a lightning (or two) while your fireballs are full? Or is it too slow to bother?
Fire Emblem?
Unfortunately, there's no way that's going to pass the quality check - and I'm not sure where custom resolution stands in terms of rules. I'm guessing it's probably okay, but because of the graphics glitch I'm gonna say it's probably best to stick to what the game gives you (800*600 IIRC)
Looks like we got a lot of people excited for this Smiley Good job tables.
Btw, I just now noticed that you list my lvl 1 run as 0:58, but it is 0:54 Tongue
I'm also a little curious about your run DAroo, how did you get to that psuedo world view?

20-100: I tried that a few times. I guess it can be used when the second tribe groups together.
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Storm: 2009-01-26 09:03:38 am
He press '+' I think

I'll try Journey Ends next, if I get any less than 20 minutes I'll be impressed with myself ;p
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DAroo: 2009-01-27 07:31:00 am - sometimes i'm wondering how can be so much written about 10 years old game
- lvl2 - Storm schouldn't got so good time, unfortunately can't break his record atm  Sad
- lvl3 (0:46) - lucky 1 sec  Tongue
- lvl4 (1:16) - if i would kill all braves building the tower time might be around 0:55 - 1:00
- lvl7 (2:30) - without a tower times with lucky convert are round 2:45 - 2:50
Fire Emblem?
DAroo, those video's are great, but as I already said, the quality is too poor for them to be submitted. Please, just stick to the in-game default resolutions, and hopefully there won't be any problems.
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DAroo: 2009-01-28 10:42:33 am
bah i've also tried standard resolution but with same result (reseted to the default), also tried close all programs on the background and recording with 2 other programs - i tried CamStudio, Hypercam and 3rd one which name i don't remember... I've realy no idea why buildings in the game are blinking on the video  Huh?
Fire Emblem?
Oops, yeah, I meant to post another part of that post about that - I meant stick to the normal resolution unless you know it's allowed by SDA rules (and I'm not sure about that, really).

Have you got another computer you could run Pop on? Or failing that try compatibility settings or different versions of Windows or whatever you're actually able to. I guess you probably can't do most of those except compatibility, and I'm not expert in this kind of this, so I don't really know what to suggest. Sorry.
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DAroo: 2009-01-30 03:01:56 am
I checked rules and changing game quality doesn't seem to be against the rules, at least it's only higher resolution (very popular among populous players community), nothing more. What exactly should i fix in my videos ? i don't want to beat all records and none of them will passed quality test  Undecided
Quote from DAroo:
I checked rules and changing game quality doesn't seem to be against the rules, at least it's only higher resolution (very popular among populous players community), nothing more. What exactly should i fix in my videos ? i don't want to beat all records and none of them will passed quality test  Undecided

I wouldn't say that changing the resolution is against the rules, but using a third part program to do it (I assume you use popres), is most likely against the rules.
Also, it would be nice to have some sound, maybe it is even required by the rules...

I myself use Fraps to record, it works pretty good except for the lag. Set the priority of the Fraps process to "Low", so Populous gets more cpu, which should ease the lag a bit.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Hey is there any video or record for the level "Solo"? (level 22). I got 2:51 which seemed decent but beatable.

Any interest in a video for this level?
No one has run that level yet, so you are welcome to do that Cheesy

On another note, I have coded an upload section on my site, if anyone needs to upload a run you can do it there.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
2:44 that had very few mistakes, I think I'll start recording a run this weekend. Pretty funny level to speedrun and I got a much shorter time than I originally thought I was going to get Smiley
Fire Emblem?
I've posted on the technical forum to check whether custom resolutions are valid.

Good to hear you've good a good run, 20-100.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!

The last tribe (matak) is by far the hardest with the strategy I'm using, and I keep losing time there. That 2:28 was very smooth though.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Trying the last level now. My 2:28 looks pretty solid on level 22 (have gotten low 2:30s a couple of times on smooth runs). Last level at 13:29 but I can still push it down much further (try before the 13:29 was over 20 minutes so I'm only just getting the hang of it). I think it can probably be mowed down to 8:30 or something, which sounds like a pretty amazing time for killing 3 totally built up tribes Cheesy

Recording is a big problem though, neither fraps nor camtasia works in software mode and in D3D mode the lag is completely unplayable...
I forgot to mention, I think the reason the lag is "acceptable" for me is because I have two cpu cores. Since Populous hogs one core, it only grabs 50% cpu for me instead of 100% cpu.
If you have access to a better computer, I suggest you try to borrow it when you need to record.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Hmm I have a dualcore processor as well (some AMD dualcore) which is relatively new, but populous is already pretty laggy in 3D mode without recording while I can go absolutely apeshit with all spells at once and 200 braves in 1 screen and hardly experience lag in software mode Undecided

Oh well I'll see, if I can get good times on several levels I'll figure something out, because I have picked out some really entertaining levels to watch Smiley
Hmm, I now came to think of another problem that I have had with Populous.
When I was "home home" (i.e. at my parents house) over christmas, I couldn't play populous on any of the computer there, the lag was just unbearable. I know that it should work alright because I have played it on them before. I never tried to play in software mode though.
I now suspect that the problem might be with the latest NVIDIA drivers. All the computers at "home home" have NVIDIA graphic cards, while my computer at home (i.e. my small student apartment) have an ATI card.
Do you have an NVIDIA card? It might work better if you try an old driver. This is only a hunch so I can't promise it's even related to the driver.

And yea, my previous home recently became "home home", I moved to study a couple of months ago. Still have a habit of calling my parents house as home.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I indeed have an Nvidia card and it has frozen on me in a few newer games and I have some unfixed issues with it but was unable to find older drivers etc.

Older games never had any problems though... guess that might be why then :X