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Fire Emblem?
Yeah, there are a few of us that still care, plus probably a few lurkers who aren't posting :P. It says it was removed by user though Sad
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!

Upload failed the first time but this one should work Smiley
Fire Emblem?
Yeah, that was good :). Quality looks fine, too, but if you improve it then give us the new video too :P.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Well like I said I'll be off for a month but when I get back I can install populous and fraps on my new pc and see if that gives a better result than these movies Wink
Hi guys. I haven't checked in here in a while but I see there are still interest in finishing this. Smiley
Well done.
Regarding level 6, that might be the optimal route, but I would consider that particular recording TAS. Wink I don't think abusing the pause function like that would be approved, and it isn't that fun to watch.
And level 25, that was excellent! And except for the audio quality, I would say it is perfect. Maybe you can refine it more, I don't know, but it is good nonetheless. Smiley

I don't think I will be able to run much for the foreseeable future, but I will come back to this thread more often and check how things are going.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Anyone still interested? I have a new pc and the quality of recordings looks really awesome.
Fire Emblem?
I for one am, although my laptop is of questionable quality nowadays (I can't even use Youtube...)
Sure, why not... I'm more busy now than ever so I won't run anything, but I'll watch whatever you guys put out. Smiley
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Fragmaster01: 2011-03-10 05:26:44 pm
Wiggle wiggle
Yes, more runs would be most frabjous. Sadly, it has crashing errors on my compy, so no vidyas from me, but...
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Ugh left click move commands.... I've been playing starcraft 2 now which has it on right click. Not sure I can/want to overcome this... :/
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rjg4242: 2014-02-05 07:24:35 pm
Starting to speedrun this game! I'll stream to twitch for proof. Already have level one down to 0:48! Cheesy
Heavy Metal Powered
Very nice, looking forward to seeing more levels.
Please record them in a submittable quality, SDA is long overdue in having a Populous III run.
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rjg4242: 2014-02-11 09:42:02 pm
I thought the quality was good O.o the file was 2 GB, and compared to the other runs i have up its the best.

dont forget the game runs in 640x480 xD
Heavy Metal Powered
Quote from rjg4242:
I thought the quality was good O.o the file was 2 GB, and compared to the other runs i have up its the best.

dont forget the game runs in 640x480 xD

It's hard to tell through a youtube video sometimes. It was more of a "prayer". Sorry if that was unclear.
Also: I never played it on PC, just PlayStation.
I've been trying desperately to get all the old runners back together to do some brainstorming on the later levels so we can get some single-segment runs going.

I'd love to get pop tb on SDA.
Youtube does awful things to low resolution video. You need to upscale it to 1280x960 for youtube to encode it at a reasonable bitrate.

As an aside, I love this game and will be watching your progress eagerly.
Hi, I decided to get involved with this a little. I play a lot over at pop:re, the competitive online community for this game at
I just stream my attempts over at my twitch:
So far I have:
level 1: 0.53
level 2: 2.26
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Grubby Hour: 2014-08-15 01:59:19 pm
Grubby Hour: 2014-08-15 05:38:15 am
Hey! A few months ago I decided to install the game because I used to play it a lot as a kid. When I found out people were speedrunning it, I immediately started doing it myself. I've now speedrun (speedran?) all levels, even the longer ones where you have to build a base!

The first levels have no audio and black bars at the sides because of glitches with camtasia. However, I managed to fix these around level 15 Smiley

I didn't alter the in-game speed nor did i use the dismantle glitch, couldn't be bothered to learn how to do that Grin

Level 1 (0:45) -

Level 2 (2:17) -

Level 3 (0:44) -

Level 4 (1:09) -

Level 5 (2:08) -

Level 6 (3:12) -

Level 7 (2:23) -

Level 8 (1:41) -

Level 9 (2:54) -

Level 10 (1:42) -

Level 11 (3:19) -

Level 12 (17:55) -

Level 13 (3:10) -

Level 14 (4:56) -

Level 15 (3:30) -

Level 16 (20:38) -

Level 17 (18:28) -

Level 18 (16:39) -

Level 19 (13:44) -

Level 20 (12:40) -

Level 21 (14:38) -

Level 22 (1:57) -

Level 23 (5:27) -

Level 24 (26:36) -

Level 25 (9:24) -
Nice runs Grubby Hour!!! I haven't watched all of them, but I will! Now we finally have runs for all levels, nice work!

Your recordings are a little glitchy unfortunately. When I ran level 22, I did it in software mode just like you, that's why it looks slightly different from the other videos I've uploaded. I couldn't get Direct3D mode to work in Windows 8.1 (if anyone know how, let us know). I used HyperCam 2 which works really well and it doesn't lag while I record (unlike Fraps did when I did my other videos, that lagged a lot for me and made it very difficult to properly run).

So if anyone records new videos, it would be great if everyone can spend some time getting the video as smooth as possible.

As for the video quality, I´m really not an expert on this. I just use Camtasia and have no knowledge whatsoever on how to fix issues (it was a miracle that i managed to fix the audio xD). I might be able to use other recorders such as HyperCam 2 for potential future runs to see if that works though ^.^
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Grubby Hour: 2014-08-15 02:00:49 pm
Just tested a bunch of different recorders (Bandicam, HyperCam 2 etc.) but they all seemed to have the same issue with the flickering of the screen Sad
Fortunately, I managed to get a somewhat smoother video! I'm now going to re-record the levels on which my videos have no sound.

I started today and got the amazing time of 0.44 on level 1! Tell me what you guys think about the quality!

nice job on completing a full list grubby.
i started doing a ILs list some while ago but never finished
but i think the quality of my recordings is really good
i used dxtory to record. you might want to check that out
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Grubby Hour: 2014-08-15 02:01:40 pm
Grubby Hour: 2014-08-12 04:19:34 pm
Grubby Hour: 2014-08-12 04:19:08 pm
Hey Eidgod, good to see that people are still speedrunning this game Smiley

I checked out dxtory and the problem with the flickering is solved! Thank you so much! thumbsup

I also re-ran level 2 and somehow managed to get down to 1:39

Can't wait to see more speedruns!
Glad i could help. I am not doing much populous atm but i might start doing some ILs again soon. Glad too see you put in quite some work this game deserves the love.