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I_eat_tables: 2010-01-10 06:27:59 am
Fire Emblem?
There have been a few sporadic discussions about Populous: TB, but nothing has ever come out from it. It is a game which most people have played and enjoyed, but it's also one which very few people seem to be skilled enough at to do a speedrun of.

Right now, we're in the process of making an IL run of the game. The more people who can help, the better, because there are lots of levels left to get through. Scroll down to the bottom to see the video's and times set so far.

We've pretty much decided to not touch the speed settings. Maybe there'll be another category for Free Speed settings, but it seems more reasonable to not use it.

However, this glitch, the dismantle glitch to make opponents dismantle their own buildings, is  allowed and indeed later levels may rely on it quite a bit. In addition, I recommend checking the rest of that page (, since it has a number of useful tricks.

Perhaps the dismantle glitch won't be useful after all - it's quite slow to use and may not really help much. I'm too lazy to edit the rest of the post where it's mentioned at the moment though...

ReCover has asked me to include a link to this: - if you're struggling to get Populous working with the newest NVIDA drives, then try these. At least, I think that's what it's for (correct me if I'm wrong please ReCover)

Current Level list:

Total time: 53:01 on 17 levels (51:31 on 17 levels including LQ videos).

*20-100 has not been able to record his runs yet. As such, these times will probably be slightly different when they are recorded.

Finally, since if you've ever tried running Populous on XP (or Vista), you'll know it doesn't like it; fortunately, there is a patch for this: It lets you run Populous :).
Except, as far as I can tell, it disables the dismantle glitch. I'll test it again now I have a new copy of the game (which I think is my 5th one... ugh)

I've just added what kind of run I expect will be needed on each level.

Rush: Fast attacking, before the enemy can build
Building: A base or at least some buildings will be needed.
Dismantle Glitch: In addition to some building, use of the above mentioned Dismantle Glitch is probably needed.

This is really a guideline to anyone who wants to run a level. If you do, just say which level and I'll put your name down for it. At the moment ReCover is doing all the work but when we get onto the harder levels we're really going to need more people to do it.
And, if a few of the next posters don't make sense, it's because this post has been completely changed from the original. Smiley
Thread title:  
Currently occupying the grey area.
In The case of Game Speed, wouldn't the in game timer be used? That would even up the playing field.
I'm sure you would be allowed to change the game speed as you wish.  That's what I've seen on other runs.
Fire Emblem?
Quote from nejikun002:
In The case of Game Speed, wouldn't the in game timer be used? That would even up the playing field.

That's the problem. If you speed the timer up to 5, 1 real second is still the same as 1 in game second - so if you set the game speed up to 5 times, the game runs 5 times faster but the timer still runs in real-time speed, making your run 5 times faster (or not, unless you can play perfectly at that speed).
Fire Emblem?
Is there no interest in Pop:TB whatsoever? I mean, I can try and complete a whole set of IL runs, but if no-one is even bothered, well, there's really not much point.
I'd definitely like to see a Populous run.  Unfortunately, I haven't played it in a long time, so I won't be able to help much.
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ReCover: 2008-09-19 02:52:05 pm
This sounds awesome.
Actually, it sounded so awesome so I installed Populous and tried to get a good run on the first level Smiley
I managed to finish it in 54 seconds, video here.

Next poster posts level 2?  Grin

Edit: I found a savegame on the web which gives you access to all the levels, it could be useful.
Fire Emblem?
What file format is that? I can't seem to run it :(.

Anyway, it seems like having speed on 5 is going to be the way to go - dunno if you did that, but I would have though Level 1 could get down to at least under 30 seconds with it. You press Shift and + to increase the game speed, BTW. I'd have to watch the run to see how fast you did it, but that's still a very fast time for normal speed.

I'm going to start doing some stuff this Saturday (i.e. tomorrow), but that's assuming I can find the disk or it's already installed (I'm hoping the latter, but still fearing the former). I also have a friend whose a pretty good Populous player, so with him on board we'd probably have the manpower between the three of us to get some good runs going (of course, the more the merrier  :)).
DS Dictator
That's pretty good.
There are a few tricks that wasn't used like:
When you cast a spell out of range (if it was Blast and you clicked it from a big distance), the shaman will walk to the edge of the island even closer than normal and it's useful to go around tall & huge islands by going around the sides.
Use VLC to watch it.

I'm actually not so good at speedrunning, but I'm willing to help out as long as I have the time.
Fire Emblem?
I'm not that great, either :P. Anyway, I've been messing around on level 2 and managed to get a time of 1:01, which I reckon I can shave a few seconds off. This level was pretty awesome, actually, I accidentally found a neat trick while attacking (if you cast Tornado at the right place on the top-right enemy hut, then if you're lucky it'll fly off and hit the enemy Shaman and warriors protecting her).

Are IL runs allowed to be segmented? I'm guessing no, but my mouse is pretty dodgy, which makes speedrunning difficult and getting good segments harder than it should be :(.
The trick would be allowed.
I've run level 3 and level 4, got times 47 seconds and 1 minute 30 seconds respectively.
The game really gets sluggish when you try to record with Fraps... really annoying.
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I_eat_tables: 2008-09-21 08:16:39 am
Fire Emblem?
<i>The trick would be allowed.</i>

Great, thanks!

I'm downloading VLC right now, so I can check out your runs. I'm going to get Fraps as well, since I obviously need some way of recording.

Edit: You level 1 run was good. As I said, see if it's faster to use speed settings - like, set it to 5 but reduce it to 3 or 2 when attacking for more precision, if you need. Or perhaps we should just avoid the speed settings? I know it's legal within the site rules, but it makes the runs boring to do, difficult to watch and generally less like the game
Level 3 looked great. I doubt you could shave more than a second or two off. Maybe if you turned off swarm you might be able to use a few more blasts?
Level 4, I'm fairly certain you already know can be improved. Again, turn off swarm to get blasts quicker, and make sure that they don't sneak a brave around (you could try using the group commands to make two groups of braves, then have 1 set (only 2 or 3 braves) circle around, so the other brave doesn't get out of their base. You press (IIRC) ctrl and 1-5 to make a group (it might be shift... experiment), and then press the number again to select that group.
On level 4, sometimes the guys who are building the tower (or whatever it's called) line up in a very nice fashion after they've finished it, and if you're lucky you can get a blast off throwing all of them in the water. It's kinda hard but it could work.
I don't know if I will be messing around so much with the speed.
I didn't know you could rush in this game. But I can't wiat to see the strats in the last levels where you can't do this.  Cheesy So far it looks good. I love this game but I don't think I could ever speedrun it. I'm the kind of turtling and slowly attacking with the shaman.
Ok, I've run level 5 and level 10 now.
Got 2:19 on level 5, guess it can be improved with a few seconds.
Got 2:12 on level 10, not much room for improvements here...

On another note, I'm getting low on space, I can't host that many videos on my google pages site. The longer the levels, the larger the filesize. Because of that I've reduced the quality on these files a bit. To be honest, I will need another place to put these unless you want me to put them on filefront...
I got all the files in their raw quality, so if I reupload them anywhere I can make them in better quality.
Fire Emblem?
Could you make a Youtube account and upload them there?

RealityO, the later levels will probably be a case of abusing the dismantle building glitch, then rushing in and killing them. Also, of the later levels (16+), 17, 19, 21, 22 and 23 can be just rushed (pretty much) anyway, so they won't be too bad.
Yea, I can put them on youtube...

My next level is probably going to be level 15, "Incarcerated". I managed to get the time 4:06, but didn't record that try.
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ReCover: 2008-09-24 08:57:49 am
Okay, double posting now since I think this is worthy of a bump.

I've finished level 15 now, got the time 3:40 Cheesy
I was really scared there for a while that I wouldn't beat my original time of 4:06.
This try came very close to fail several times as well, my shaman almost died, almost got all my preachers killed way early, but somehow it all held together.
The problem with this level is that usually many guys survive the volcano, maybe there's a better place to put it to ensure that everyone die or something, but that was a really difficult part.

I'm currently uploading the video to youtube, will update this post when that's done, until then, you can download it as usual.
If I'm satisfied with the youtube video, I'll upload my other levels as well.

Sooo... what do you think?

Edit: Okay, it's done uploading.
Fire Emblem?
That was pretty good, but I think it could be cut down a little - turn off spells at the start, it doubles training time (and once training is done, you can turn it back on with little time lost - you'll definitely end up with 1 lightning, possibly two). Where are you thinking of going next? 22 seems like a good level to try.
It's probably possible to get a better time, but it was a pretty hard level, most of the times more than one guy survived the volcano, and that was pretty annoying. You are probably right about the spells though.
Anyway, I've finished uploading the rest of the levels to youtube: level 1, level 3, level 4, level 5, level 10.
Level 22 looks cool, but I don't know if I'll try that one. Wouldn't you want to try it?
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I_eat_tables: 2008-09-24 03:54:07 pm
Fire Emblem?
Sure, yeah. I'll need to find a good path of spells, but asides from that it doesn't seem to bad. (what I normally do is cool, but hardly an optimum strategy (AoD swarm with the bonus mana :D)).

I'm going to get Fraps and (hopefully) record a level 2 section at the weekend. School is really a bit too much at the moment to do too many segments (and Guitar Hero... ::)), but I'll hopefully get that and also find a route on 22.

Also, currently tiding up the first post...

Uhh, there was one other thing I had to bring up. Due to my... haphazard use of the World Editor (and script editor), I've lost a number of levels. I don't know all of them, but a number of them have been edited. Level 1 has been completely deleted and replaced with a brand new, but pretty cool level, level 16... maybe I'll make a video, it'll explain it better :P. Level 15 is now in a hard mode version (it's quite tough, you get less time to break a more difficult defence. And there's FoW.) And level 25... well, the enemies die instantly, in humous ways (The max things that can be attached to one trigger is 10... I had about 20 triggers... every 'thing' was either an Earthquake, Volcano or Firestorm... you work out what happened). So, in short there are a number of levels which I won't be able to do. And just to clarify, all of my other levels are untouched and therefore have no reason not to be accepted in the Speedrun.
If you have lost your populous cd you can download a copy from this website.
I don't think I'll be able to run any level for at least a few days.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
This game has a little spore feeling.