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SDAVerification: 2012-11-23 10:56:06 am
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Pokémon Snap (100 %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

There's not much to say about this run. This game's purpose is entertainment first, then points - speed is one of the last points on the list for what this game was made for. One of the main things when speedrunning this game is that the speed of your vehicle is most of the times not variable, you always drive the same route in the same speed until you get the speed booster (which itself also has a fixed speed, but is faster than the normal movement). So the runner must aim to achieve this item as fast as possible - not an easy task, since it's the last item you get in the game - and has to end every level as soon as possible, which involves snapping every single pokémon in every level as early as possible. As far as I can see the runner did all this. The last thing is to perfect the menu movements, there were 2 or three mistakes here but that doesn't even make a whole second.
There was only one speed-thing that may be important only for speedrunners and is a bit impressive: That the runner managed to drive through the both chasing pokémon in the beginning of the second level (I don't know their english names since I'm german) and didn't have to wait for them to pass through. This is one thing I tried for years for myself but never managed to do; it seems there is only a small window where it is possible to pass through, so good work.
All in all it may be possible to improve this run by maybe up to 3 seconds, except a new route or any glitches are found; as far as I can see there is no single glitch or bug in this game, at least none that could get abused to speed things up or even sequence break. I don't see a better route than this one and no other things to improve greatly, either. The runner had great luck with those things that need luck, knew the movement patterns of the pokémon good enough to know where and when he has to snap them and in a game this linear and repetative, that's all you need to make a run that's as fast as possible. It's sad that it's not possible to be very impressive, except for the timings of the photos which were, honestly, pretty impressive sometimes, but that's the game's fault, not the runner's. It may be possible to discuss if SDA even wants to host runs of games that just weren't made for speed, but since I'm sure that's not a real question I see no reason to not say

He sure snapped them all.

Previous verifier said most of it. I was fairly impressed nontheless. Was a good showing of one of the best Nintendo 64 games ever.

So Kenny says accept.

either one of those metapods used harden on my penis or this run is awesome

Ohh boy, this takes me back to my days of spamming Pester Balls in meagre hope that the right thing would pop out at the right time... The route here is ideally planned and predominantly well-executed, getting just enough points to get the necessary items and report pictures without spending excess time in the levels. There are a couple of small missteps, the biggest being a ~20 second loss due to failing to knock the Weepinbell in first cycle; a bit of bad luck, but seeing as score didn't matter at that point the runner could've planned to knock it in immediately and taken its photo earlier, or as it was falling in. It may also have been slightly more efficient to knock the Scyther out of the second, much smaller patch of grass, instead of feeling for it for a while and losing out on dash time. Lastly, I think the runner could have been better served by aiming the reticule preemptively a little more often rather than always waiting until the last moment. That miss on Mew near the end was a bit lazy. Still, the luck for all the random appearances is perfect, and the video and sound quality are good. Azzept.

Sorry for the slow response, I was having trouble with the video the first few times I tried to watch it.

The runner does an excellent job facing forwards (facing the other way makes the car go even slower) and reducing lag while getting all of the shots he needs.  He efficiently meets all of the deadlines (although I'm not sure if time could be saved on the first river visit) A very solid run indeed, and a definite accept from me.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Zach 'RaikerZ' Waggoner!
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Congrats RaikerZ! Cheesy
Smiley Thanks doicm.

And for Verifier 3: I only lost about 7-8 seconds to Weepinbell and 7-8 to Mew. Although I could've tried to hit Weepinbell earlier, it can be obnoxious and miss anyway, chances are I would've just spent forever missing.
There's a word for that
Quote from Raiker Z:
And for Verifier 3:
That'd be me. I counted at least 15 seconds waiting for Weepinbell to come back around between your first shot at it and actually knocking it in. Is there something else to consider there?
I remember counting like 7 or so, but that might have been the any% I got the same day as this, after awhile they all blur together.

I don't remember it being too bad, I remember comparing the runs and feeling that the any% had the worse mistakes, but maybe this one was bad. 100% is fairly irritating because of all the luck after execution...
Yes, you mean the any% run Raiker Z. You lost like 7 seconds there because you failed to hit it a few times, but you didn't let it do a complete other round (unlike the 100% run).
Ah, well I'm working on improvements to both of these, the any% that has been submitted, and this 100%.

I don't know when I'll get runs that I like any% has a very frustrating problem that I'd like to clear up, and although 100% doesn't have this problem it has even worse ones.

Even with all the time loss I'm happy with this 100% until I can fix it, as far as I know it is still something like a minute faster then any other time I know about. With the Cloyster, Arcanine and Mew luck involved, along with Weepinbell/Charmeleon liking to dodge, I'm not sure when I'll get a 100% I like again... even if this is sub-par because of Weepinbell and Mew I still really liked it.