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Pokémon Snap (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

I don't see more than two or three minor errors / improvement possibilities here. He may not have cut all the edges as perfect as possible (which is supposedly impossible), but good enough for a speedrun, not more than two seconds of possible improvement here. He didn't shoot all signs as early as possible - but not more than 0,5-1 second of improvement possible here. He had no mistakes in the menus and even got the fastest way to choose the photos which he wants to show Oak. I am not sure if the runner chose/follows the fastest route to get all the upgrades until he can shoot the signs, but I have no doubt he has since this run is really fast and the rest extremely flawless. The biggest mistake he made was shooting Weepinbell in the cave; he lost 7-8 seconds there (regarding his own statement in this thread. Accept.

A/V is great, no cheating.

The most important thing for speed in this game is to be looking forward as much as you can, so the only room to optimise at this point would be due to not facing forward all the time. As mentioned, he missed a few shots on Weepinbell, but that's the only mistake you can pinpoint that would have cost more than two seconds. Other than that you're splitting hairs, saying he spent too long looking backwards on Dragonite or something like that.

Clear accept.

PS. What are the start and end points for timing for this run? I have a few different ideas but some of them stretch the definition of "player control" to breaking point, haha.

Yeah, not much to say here. Was a bit more boring to watch than the 100% run for obvious reasons, but it was executed very well and there weren't much time lost.

Kenny says accept.

This run improves the current run mostly though taking fewer pictures and faster menu work, as well as a neat trick at the end of Tunnel. Good video and sound, no cheating I can detect (what's the exact threshold for getting Pester Balls?), and only a couple of minor mistakes. I accept, knowing that now I'll never have a chance to make a "You were close" joke Sad

This run made me use Growth, Harden, Quick Attack and String Shot.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Zach 'RaikerZ' Waggoner!
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Fucking Weeaboo
Dear Verifier #5: This is a video, not a woman. Tongue
Grats on the accept, RaikerZ! Cheesy
Verifier 1: A lot of my methods are the fastest, at least in terms of Oak scenes and pictures taken, I've been working on 130k score after Cave, but a few 1-2 second time savers means less points on certain Pokemon, so that's becoming harder and harder.

Verifier 2: Looking forward is important, but reducing lag is just as important, probably more so when the camera locks the last set movement. So you can "lock" the forward momentum and look in other directions without losing speed. A much more important problem is score. The Valley is just a giant level of lag so ideally you take only the sign picture and that can save up to a FULL MINUTE on the Valley.

Verifier 4: I believe you need 72,500 points for Pester Balls, personally I'd rather be at 80k by this point, but anything 75k+ is fine. I forget what the total was for this run though.

@Doicm, thanks Smiley

Side note: Timing was from the name confirmation to saving with Oak after Mew's picture. Using this the any% on the site is 24:20. I'm not sure what form of timing that one uses, but the way I timed it just seemed to make more sense. You can lose time by being slow on Oak (I Swear GG mashes faster then me and gains a second in text) and this game doesn't really cinematics that you can't skip. I don't like the "from reset" that the JP RTA Wiki uses either, because you lose time just naming yourself...

The ending time speaks for itself, last input and all that.