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Pokémon Fire Red (Any %) (Single Segment) [Elite 4 Round 1]

Verifier Responses

A/V is not great but acceptable, no cheating detected.

I'm afraid this has to be an instant reject, the runner knows the basic route but fights several unnecessary trainers, has relatively sloppy menuing and even gets lost once or twice during the run (looking at you Sylph Co). Also the final time is 2:41:xx when there are several runs (including my own) under 2:25 and MBM has a 2:09:01.

I recommend to the runner to check out said run on MBM's youtube/twitch and endeavor to use some of the strats and routes it presents.

Audio seems exceedingly loud and also has a bit of a desync at points. Video seems alright for the most part but a little on the grainy side. No cheating detected.

I too am going to reject this. While is it faster than the current run on the site, there are a lot of errors in the run, including the above mentioned Sylph Co section. The run overall is very sloppy. Plus the previous verifier mentions faster times for this category. I would say that the runner should take the previous recommendation and work on strats/routes.

A/V: Video is good, audio could be better, but far worse has been accepted in the past.
No cheating detected.

Chalk up another reject vote.  I can understand not renaming the rival, but it still saves time to do so, and the potion from the PC at the very beginning of the game is unnecessary.  It goes on from there, but ultimately the main reason for the reject is that this run does not reflect the current state of FR/LG speedrunning.  As much as I would like to have a faster run on the site, I can't justify this run being the replacement.  I also recommend that the runner check out MexiricanBassMonkey's run, because if he has the patience to run with this route, he probably has the patience to run MBM's route.

Didn't notice any glaring problems with A/V while watching.

I'll be the first to admit I feel like I've been spoiled by watching the other Pokémon speedrunners. (At least the main series runners, I suppose I count as a Pokémon speedrunner) Compared to those runs this is just an ugly run, not taking into account all of them I feel this shows what an "average" pokémon run would look like. In most other games (especially over 2 hours long) I'd accept a few little mistakes here and there. The mistakes in this run though just don't feel right and one really big thing that makes me dislike this run is it feels like a first speedrun attempt.

I'm not sure if anyone else agrees but I feel like the runner just took route ideas for improvement and didn't work out backup plans or try to investigate this category. I honestly hope the runner tries to improve this run, but needs to go to werster or MBM I know they both have LOW 2 hour runs, not 2:41.

Decision: Reject
Reason: Not Werster Kappa

I have no choice but to reject this run myself. This has nothing to do with "defending" my title or anything of the sort. To reiterate another verifier's primary comment: "this run does not reflect the current state of FR/LG speedrunning."

Things I've noticed:

The potion in the PC should be avoided, as it's very slow to pick up and unnecessary.

The runner should have utilized torrent in Brock's Gym through Mt. Moon to expedite battles. 15 extra turns were spent, plus healing and antidote time! With better planning, Misty's gym should take 4 turns total. This run took 21 over 5 times longer than it should have.

The runner should have ended the run with the Staryu trolling. 14 turns were spent on this ONE Pokemon! Literally over 2 minutes on ONE SINGLE POKEMON!

The runner should have known that Bulbasaur's Vine Whip would KO him at with only 19 HP remaining. I understand picking up that revive in Mt. Moon and saving it for a critical hit as insurance, but this was not the place to use it.

Timing was off for teaching Water Pulse, as torrent Water Gun would have done in the Nidorans. This problem is compounded upon, considering a potion was used (taking Wartortle out of torrent range, and preventing the Mankey from being a OHKO) right after that fight.

Not maintaining torrent range again costs a turn against Camper Jeff, then later causes turns to be lost in the S.S. Anne Rival fight (Pidgeotto and Raticate can both be OHKO with a torrent Water Pulse, and if done properly, you can heal Wartortle when Ivysaur is sent out). The bed would not have needed to be used with better PP management from the runner, whether via the hidden ether in front of Bill's house or utilizing other attacks.

Less critical, but still to be noted: biting the geodudes you have to fight still results in a OHKO, without displaying "It's super effective!" after each.

I'm watching outside of Rock Tunnel now, and getting seriously annoyed with him using virtually EVERY PokeCenter rather than effectively managing PP and HP.

Vitamins are not needed, this is part of the current strategy anyhow so I'm not sure why he picked any up. I would have been ok with this if he had sold it at the department store, but this was not the case.

Giovanni's Kangaskhan should have been fought in torrent range to save 2 turns, and Blastoise can tank the hits.

Celedon Shopping was painful to watch.

Koga's Gym: Great example of why torrent mode should be in use, for both the trainer and Koga himself.

Blaine: See Koga's Gym comment.

Silph Co.: Not only does the runner get lost, but he takes an older route, when the new route calls for zero trainer battles up until the Rival. Once again, he potions himself out of torrent range and botches the Giovanni fight.

-Zapdos- My personal thoughts are that Zapdos is not worth the detour of 3 minutes, but since that is the current strategy, I will base the remaining comments on the use of it rather than my thoughts of how it doesn't belong in the run.

Giovanni's gym marks another instance of poor PP utilization, and the fact that he had to leave the gym to heal is stupid, considering the number of PP restoration items available en route.

The Loreli fight shows the runner is very inexperienced using Zapdos. Zapdos should never faint, unless it's due to a critical hit. After the first time, and all the setup that had been done ruined, I would have scrapped the run completely for the second time at this point. As an aside, the Cloyster should have been hit with Surf rather than switching out. The AI will nearly always use Dive against a very low HP Blastoise, and this doubles the power of Surf. Combined with Torrent and Cloyster's terrible special defense, results in a OHKO. In total, Loreli lasted almost 7 minutes, or 26 optimal Loreli fight with Zapdos should take 12.

Final time: 2:41:26

Throughout the run: Better menu navigation and execution, PP and HP management, better attention to detail, and better understanding of the route is needed. Also noticed audio desynchronization.  More practice and I think this runner could really produce something great.

tl;dr: Rejected, runner needs to improve several areas to produce a up to date quality run.

Decision: Reject

Reason: This run has costly errors and the lack of planning shows

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
Wow this was a shocker.  I thought werster sent in this run but a 2:4x:xx??????? This is very shocking to see.  Definitely a few people to ask about ideas of route are Werster and MBM.
Not a walrus
Yeah, the E4R2 run from earlier was werster, but not this one.
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Heidrage: 2013-04-28 09:32:46 pm
Willing to teach you the impossible
What is torrent/torrenting/torrent mode in this game?
Squirtle family ability, they get stronger with water attacks at below 1/3 hp.
Make it so.
Quote from Heidrage:
What is torrent/torrenting/torrent mode in this game?

What RaikerZ said, if you're at or below 1/3 health then water moves get an extra 1.5x on top of the 1.5x they get from STAB, so 2.25x overall. Saves so much time and is highly abusable.
Back in the game!
Quote from zewing:
Wow this was a shocker.  I thought werster sent in this run but a 2:4x:xx??????? This is very shocking to see.  Definitely a few people to ask about ideas of route are Werster and MBM.

I was left out of this comment. My feelings are hurt Sad
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
sorry they were only 2 i knew that ran this game.