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Pokémon Black (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

A/V good, no cheating detected.

Initially I harbored some doubts that a -SpAtk nature would be ideal, but attacks that use SpAtk are used very infrequently and the Tepig line isn't exactly beefy, so Adamant is a good choice.  Up until the first N fight things are nearly ideal, but the N fight is pretty bad - not so egregiously bad to be an instant reset, apparently, but certainly not good.  Yay using backup strats and an excess of money to persevere.  From there everything goes reasonably well until Driftveil Drawbridge and the Duck(lett) hunt... the dog is laughing at you, runner!  Most of the bad stuff in the remainder of the run is hitting spinners, oh yeah, and being a missed Fire Blast away from losing a big chunk of time because the runner used Brick Break against a ghost type...  Lucky.  Freaking.  Bum.

All in all though this is definitely a good run.  It's improvable, but definitely good enough to be on SDA.  Accept.

A/V is good quality, found no instances of cheating.

Pros: The route is well thought out. Only needing to heal once at a pokemon center saves tons of healing time at the cost of needing to carefully plan item and PP usage. Luckwise, getting so few encounters helps allay the bad luck in the run. The runner also was activating buttons quickly, even at the end of an over three hour run.

Cons: The terrible N fight early in the run might have been cause for a reset, but after the good luck early, I can see continuing the run. Getting the flier looks terrible, and costs 1:30, but is pure luck. Hitting 3 spinners wastes time and forces a detour.

Overall, this run could be improved by several minutes, but the play quality is great and the luck is good for most of it. Accept.

A/V: crispy clean. Cheating: none.

As with all Pokémon runs, RNG gonna RNG. Apart from what's mentioned above the trolly Emolga stood out to me, because I can relate. Very impressive execution throughout the entire run keeping me thoroughly entertained.

Not really relevant to the run, but cannot unhear ALttP Light World Dungeon theme during Celestial and Dragonspiral Tower.


A/V is good, no cheating.

Basically what the other guys have said, this is a solid introductory run that deserves 2 things: a spot on SDA and an attempt somewhere down the line at an improvement Wink

Why does Gen V have such diabolically dull music for most of it Sad


Overall the run was great. Some minor movement errors and hitting a couple of stupid spinners, but that is the RNG luck of Pokémon games for ya.

Also, can't unhear "DENNIS" for the final battle.

Wish this would have been a E4R2 run. Alder is pathetic for a champion fight and would have been awesome to see the runner crush him. Oh well.

Accept, hoping to see that E4R2 run sometime in the future.

Good run here, especially for the first 5th gen effort on the site. The battle plans are quick and efficient, while both luck and navigation present only a few dark spots. I'm sketchy on some of the use of Pansage, which isn't made clear purely by the video... why not switch it to the first slot before Lenora/Driftveil Bianca? Or switch to it only to lose it for seemingly no gain vs Ghetsis? ...but again, these are minor oversights, if that's what they are. Everything else is fine too, accept.

A/V: Great
No Cheating, I have managed to pull off RNG abuse myself and what you see here is legit.

That's the nicest thing about B/W 1, there is a low% of resets of getting a good starter because the execution of RNGing a starter is trivial.

B/W 2, isn't as nice as B/W 1 for 2 reasons:

1) Timer0 - a mechanic you can't control. There's only 2 values on B/W1 (50%).  B/W 2 has ~6 values (16%).
Then you got to factor the moving NPCs you'll encounter before obtaining your starter as any extra/less NPC Turns and/or Steps will tweak the nature of the starter, in other words: Inconsistent

The run itself is very good. As mentioned from the previous comments, the only sour spots were N's first fight, Ducklett hunt, Double Team evasion hax Emolga and 3 spinners. 

why not switch it to the first slot before Lenora/Driftveil Bianca? Or switch to it only to lose it for seemingly no gain vs Ghetsis?

Less manual switching before the actual battle. There's times where your team gets fully healed by NPCs, you wouldn't want to start a double battle with Cheren by sending out Pansage as your lead before Driftveil Drawbridge.

The Reshiram -> Pansage switch used during Ghetsis is probably a safe switch in for Emboar right afterwards so that Toxic damage doesn't stack up 1 extra turn.

The run itself deserves a spot on SDA as Generation V is about to end very soon.


A/V is good and no signs of using speedups or palette swaps :3

This is a very solid run from a game that isn't as popular to run like Red/Blue and Yellow.  It's a shame current Gen (gen IV and up) doesn't have much representation but now they get a Gen V representative. 


The thing that stood out in this route was the lack of pokemon center usage.  I've been around a few runners of gen 1 trying to limit the usage of centers but this game.....ONLY 1 TIME?????
No reason to talk about the negatives as they're outweighted by the fact this is a pokemon run and not everything will go as planned and I'm sure the runner has future plans of getting a much better run for SDA but runner adapted well and I see no reason to not accept this run.

Decision:  BACON (accept)

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Vulajin!'
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Awesome. Smiley Thanks a ton to all the verifiers. I have every intention to go back to this run, for three reasons:

1) If I don't get screwed by N and Ducklett, and don't hit three spinners, I save 4 minutes right off the bat.
2) It turns out just playing on an original DS (instead of 3DS) could save around 4 more minutes due to loading time differences.
3) I'm still working on the route and already have around 30 seconds of time-savers which might push me down by another game-time minute.

I'll respond to a few of the verifier comments:

Honestly, the terrible N fight should have been a reset. At the time, it was my last attempt on a night when I was super frustrated about not playing well on previous attempts. At this point I'll have to reset on that sort of trolling. (I also have some ideas to improve this fight anyway.) Ducklett probably also will be a reset if he takes that long again.

Whoever said gen 5 music was dull: >:o

E4R2 is not really in the cards for me. I don't find it a very compelling category for this game, since R2 opens up right after beating the game, requiring no extra objectives or story events. Essentially it would just add something like 30-40 minutes (maybe less, I dunno) to catch Reshiram with slow strats, go catch Volcarona with the Master Ball, and then re-fight the entire Elite Four again, and finally Alder. I don't really see myself doing this category.

Pansage sacrifices are done in-combat because, as the second-to-last verifier noted, switching outside of battle wastes time. A pre-battle switch requires one menu access to switch, and you have to waste an in-battle turn using a move, and then a second menu access later to switch back. (NB: accessing your team menu is slow even if you otherwise visit the menu, since you have to back out to the main menu and select it separately.) An in-battle switch requires one in-battle menu access to switch (instead of using a move) and one more [faster] in-battle menu to switch back. It's much faster overall.

Pansage sacrifice on Ghetsis is actually old strats. The idea of switching to Pansage was to get to Emboar as quickly as possible, but not have Emboar take extra damage. This is dumb, though, because roughly 50% of the time Cofagrigus won't even use a damaging move anyway. And, even if I were trying to avoid Toxic, he used it a second time to tag Emboar anyway, necessitating a Full Restore. Switching directly to Emboar is perfectly safe, so I'm not doing the Pansage sacrifice on him anymore.
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congrats on this! gen 5 deserves the love!
looking forward to seeing your improved run too.