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Pocky & Rocky (ntscus) (snes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Normal] [Character: Rocky]

Verifier Responses

Quote from Sonikkustar:
A/V Quality - Good
No cheating here

The run looks fine here. I don't know the game all too well, but from what I saw, I didn't see any glaring flaws.


I knew from TASing attempts at this game that whether or not you get a bomb is determined on the frame you press start during the stage transition cutscenes.  I've seen talk of it being done in realtime, but I'm a bit out of the loop on how feasible it is.  Anyway, the runner got bombs in every level except stage 2 and that's quite a feat.

One thing the runner didn't mention in the comments, but did do in the run is that fully upgraded fire disperses when it's hit and you can use this mechanic to hit enemies with large hitboxes in such a way that the dispersal hits which basically guarantees you're damaging enemies every four frames.  You can see this on the cyclops and the first boss quite clearly.

Stage 1
Not sure what was going on with sliding near that present trap.  The stage is decent enough.

Stage 2
Losing the second fire upgrade for the cyclops fight was a bit unfortunate and cost a slight detour.  Leaving the harpies alive after the bamboo boss lags the game like crazy on the cyclops, I'd have to see if it's faster than engaging them.

Stage 3
The bomb is a significant detour in this stage.  It's a net time gain if you get a bomb, but not being able to collect it in the run costs a significant amount of time.

Botching the quick kill also causes a huge time loss.  It's safer to wait for the boss to do one attack and go for the finish.  I kind of feel like if you're going to go for it and you don't get it then you ought to reset.

Stage 4
Getting the dog here was very fortunate and it lets the runner get through the bridge with minimal delay.

Stage 5
I'd have switched to upgraded fire here (you can fully upgrade blue/spread and collect the two reds to be fully upgraded at the first door) as it's possible with good routing to get through significant parts of this section with little delay.  It's a bit of a struggle in routing this stage to decide to kill things or tank damage and risk dying/detouring for health.  I've been able to get through with upgraded fire with precision and it ought to be a little faster.  Dying at the spot the runner does is not the best place, it's better to die at the door as that actually damages it.

The roller spike section was nothing special.  It's random.  The runner only got one slide through the spiked balls and made a bad dash early on.  After the sage, why the detour for the extra shield?  Also you lose it instantly when getting crushed anyway.  Boss fight is fine, two bombs is warranted on this guy for sure.  One bomb can be done, but only if you have fully upgraded fire.

Stage 6
The route through here is bad.  You have so much health by this stage that you can tank hits, but going sideways for the bomb, getting hit by the dog even after faking it out and stopping to collect the blue spread is unnecessary.  A lot of unnecessary hits were taken.

You can get away with only two bombs on Mantle with precise timing and positioning and the extra bomb is better served on the armor boss.  If you stand in the center you can get him to retreat from you for a little bit to get in some extra damage.

I'm going to say accept, but I've got my reservations.  This is faster than the run I did with PJ for a lot of reasons, and just like that run, this run can also be pushed harder.  This is a decent first run for the category and I'd like to see the category get pushed lower.  What happened in stage 3 is ugly, but the rest of the run is pretty good and the luck was strong so I'll give it an accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Akisto'!
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Shit, I totally forgot about this.  Arrrrrgh.  So yea, I meant to verify but I am a colossal slacker and ran out of time/forget.  Anyways, my decision would not have changed anything.  I definitely accept this run.  Akisto put in a TON of time on this game and has done some really incredible work.  He has pushed the time significantly lower than this submission too, IIRC, so we can probably expect an improvement in the near future (in glorious RGB!).

Sorry, Akisto!  Great job.  ^_^
Ciento Dos Huevos
Congrats, great game!
thank you!